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Blair-Moore House Scrambled Eggs

From Jonesborough Locally Grown

<p>Tami Moore prepared one of her tried-and-true breakfast dishes at the market on September 24, 2011. Tami has owned the Blair-Moore House B&amp;B in Jonesborough since 1997.</p> Vegetarian!
Source: Tami Moore, Blair-Moore House
Servings: 6-8
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Blaubeer Kuchen mit Streusel

From Statesboro Market2Go

<p>This is a delicious and <span class="caps">NUTRITIOUS</span> recipe for blueberry cake submitted by a Georgia Southern University Meal Nutrition class.</p>
Source: Becky Larson and the GSU Department of Health and Kinesiology
Servings: 18
Ingredient keywords: blueberries, flour, honey, butter, egg
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Blender Bread

From Athens Locally Grown

<p>This recipe enables people without grain mills to grind wheat and make their own bread at home by using a blender to wet-mill the grain. It does require some store-bought flour but you can&#8217;t tell the difference in the taste. Enjoy!</p>
Source: Mom's kitchen
Servings: Makes 2 loaves
Ingredient keywords: wheat, milk, flour, yeast, salt, oil, honey, gluten
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Blender Pesto Sauce to Use Now or Freeze

From Athens Locally Grown

<p>This is delicious on pasta or on baked Irish potatoes. Pesto also can be made ahead and frozen for convenience. (Note that the Parmesan cheese is added later, when the pesto is used, not when it is going to be frozen.)</p> Vegetarian!
Source: Based on p. 99, "Flavors of the Gardens: A Collection of Recipes and Stories from Callaway Gardens," Memphis: Wimmer Co., 2000.
Servings: Twelve tablespoon-sized frozen cubes, or enough for 1.5 pounds of pasta.
Ingredient keywords: basil, olive, nuts, garlic, cheese
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Blueberry Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

From Dothan, Alabama

<p>Blueberrries, cacao powder, coconut milk and chia seed.</p> Vegetarian!
Source: Patty Donovabn
Servings: 8
Ingredient keywords: blueberry, Coconut, water, cacao, chia, stevia
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Blueberry Crisp

From Citrus County Locally Grown

<p>For the Blueberry lover in all of us!</p> <p>When Blueberries are out of season try substituting 1 16oz package of frozen, unsweetened blueberries for a tasty treat anytime of the year!</p> <p>*If desired, Double these ingredients for topping.</p> Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: Coffee News, Dunnellon Edition
Servings: Serves 6-8
Ingredient keywords: Blueberries, Lemon, Sugar, Flour, Oatmeal, Butter, Cinnamon, Salt
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Blueberry Jam

From Monroe, GA

<p>One thing we love more than homemade biscuits, is homemade biscuits with fresh jam. This simple recipe is quick and easy and we love to make it here on Deer Creek Farm. This recipe makes about a pint of jam.</p>
Servings: 8
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Blueberry ketchup

From Madison GA

<p>Here&#8217;s an exceptionally easy condiment, perfect for a summer barbecue. Not only great on burgers, it&#8217;s terrific as a glaze on grilled salmon or served alongside barbecued chicken.</p>
Servings: Carbohydrate Servings: 1/2
Ingredient keywords: blueberry, shallot, red, fresh, lime, salt, pepper
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Blueberry Muffins!

From Statesboro Market2Go

<p>Blueberry Muffins are a great snack and breakfast food that we have enjoyed because of this recipe. We hope you do the same, enjoy!</p>
Source: Jacobs' Produce's Monthly Newsletter
Servings: ~12 muffins
Ingredient keywords: Flour, Sugar, Baking, Salt, Eggs, Buttermilk, Butter, Vanilla, Blueberries, Sugar
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Blueberry Salsa

From McMinnville Locally Grown

<p>Here&#8217;s a quick and easy salsa recipe using those fresh, summer blueberries!</p>
Source: Southern Living, July 2010
Servings: 3 cups
Ingredient keywords: blueberries, blueberries, jalapenos, bell
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Blueberry Tarts

From Dothan, Alabama

<p>I <span class="caps">HAVE</span> <span class="caps">ALWAYS</span> <span class="caps">MADE</span> <span class="caps">THESE</span> <span class="caps">FOR</span> AS <span class="caps">LONG</span> AS I <span class="caps">HAVE</span> <span class="caps">COOKED</span>, <span class="caps">THEY</span> <span class="caps">ARE</span> <span class="caps">ONE</span> OF <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">QUICKEST</span> <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">WONDERFUL</span> OF <span class="caps">QUICK</span> <span class="caps">DESSERTS</span>. <span class="caps">TAKE</span> A <span class="caps">CAN</span> OF <span class="caps">REFRIGERATOR</span> <span class="caps">BISCUITS</span>, <span class="caps">ANY</span> <span class="caps">KIND</span>, <span class="caps">LIGHTLY</span> <span class="caps">FLOUR</span> <span class="caps">YOUR</span> <span class="caps">AREA</span> TO <span class="caps">ROLL</span> <span class="caps">OUT</span> <span class="caps">BISCUIT</span> <span class="caps">DOUGH</span> IF <span class="caps">YOU</span> <span class="caps">HAVE</span> A <span class="caps">ROLLING</span> <span class="caps">PIN</span> OR <span class="caps">JUST</span> <span class="caps">USE</span> A <span class="caps">GLASS</span>, <span class="caps">ROUND</span> <span class="caps">SHAPE</span>, <span class="caps">PUT</span> A <span class="caps">SPOONFULL</span> OF <span class="caps">BLUEBERRY</span> <span class="caps">PIE</span> <span class="caps">FILLING</span> IN <span class="caps">HALF</span> OF <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">ROUND</span> <span class="caps">DISC</span> <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">FLIP</span> <span class="caps">DOUGH</span> <span class="caps">OVER</span> <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">DAMPEN</span> <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">EDGES</span> <span class="caps">SLIGHTLY</span> <span class="caps">THEN</span> <span class="caps">PRESS</span> <span class="caps">CLOSED</span> <span class="caps">WITH</span> A <span class="caps">FORK</span>. <span class="caps">PUT</span> ON A <span class="caps">COOKIE</span> <span class="caps">SHEET</span> <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">BAKE</span> IN <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">OVEN</span> 10 TO 12 <span class="caps">MINUTES</span> AT 300* <span class="caps">WHEN</span> <span class="caps">BROWN</span> <span class="caps">TAKE</span> <span class="caps">OUT</span> <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">SPRINKLE</span> A <span class="caps">LITTLE</span> <span class="caps">CONFECTIONERS</span> <span class="caps">SUGAR</span> <span class="caps">OVER</span> <span class="caps">HOT</span> <span class="caps">TARTS</span>, <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">ADD</span> A <span class="caps">LITTLE</span> <span class="caps">SPOON</span> OF <span class="caps">VANILLA</span> <span class="caps">ICE</span> <span class="caps">CREAM</span> <span class="caps">AND</span> <span class="caps">NOW</span> <span class="caps">YOU</span> <span class="caps">HAVE</span> A <span class="caps">YUMMY</span> <span class="caps">QUICK</span> <span class="caps">DESSERT</span>. <span class="caps">YOU</span> <span class="caps">CAN</span> <span class="caps">SUBSITUTE</span> <span class="caps">APPLE</span> <span class="caps">PIE</span>, <span class="caps">PEACH</span> OR <span class="caps">CHERRY</span>. <span class="caps">ANY</span> <span class="caps">WOULD</span> BE <span class="caps">GREAT</span>.</p>
Ingredient keywords: BLUEBERRYS, 1/8, OPTIONAL
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Boc Choi Apple Slaw

From Farm Where Life is Good

<p>Crunchy slaw with creamy dressing and tangy apple surprise in each bite.</p> Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: website
Servings: 2-4
Ingredient keywords: boc, carrot, green
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Boc choi in Peanut Sauce over Rice Noodles

From Farm Where Life is Good

<p>Can&#8217;t get enough of the peanut sauce. The sweetness goes well with the tart/mustard flavor of boc choi. And rice noodles are just the best!</p>
Source: An amalgamation
Servings: 2-4
Ingredient keywords: garlic, boc, carrots, onion, peanut, garlic
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Boc Choi Slaw

From Farm Where Life is Good

<p>Wonderful, crunch, flavorful slaw.</p> Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: website
Servings: 2-4
Ingredient keywords: greens, carrot, onion
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Bok Choy Salad

From Athens Locally Grown

<p>This simple recipe has gotten 4 and 5 star reviews from 150+ cooks on the popular web site, As one reviewer notes, &#8220;This is hands down the best salad that I&#8217;ve ever had&#8230; I urge you to just give this one a try. You would think that raw baby bok choy would give this salad a bitter taste, but the dressing makes all the difference.&#8221;</p> Vegan!
Source: "Yummy Bok Choy Salad,"
Servings: Serves 4
Ingredient keywords: olive, vinegar, choy, onions, almonds
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Bok Choy Toss with Orange Ginger Vinaigrette

From Statesboro Market2Go

<p>This super simple seasonal salad is both flavorful and nutritious! Please consider leaving a picture or comment if you decide to try this recipe!</p> Vegetarian!
Servings: 10
Ingredient keywords: bok, tomato, squash, oil, honey, ginger, orange
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Bone Broth soup

From Stones River Market

<p>I drink this recipe daily it has helped my joint inflammation and bones!</p>
Source: This one is mine many out there Carol's Vibration
Servings: 5 people
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Bowtie Pasta with Italian Sausage

From Greener Acres Farm

<p>If you like meat in your pasta, you will definitely love this Pasta Dish. It’s great, and the Italian Sausage adds that little bit of spice that makes it super delicious!!</p>
Servings: 5 servings
Ingredient keywords: sausage, garlic, cream, basil, onion
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Braised brassicas with tofu and ginger

From Farm Where Life is Good

<p>Mind you, this is a concoction, but straight from the field, to the stove, to the table, to our bellies on this harvest day.</p>
Source: My noggin
Servings: 3-4
Ingredient keywords: tofu, chives, sriracha, maple, ginger, sesame, garlic, broccoil, kale
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Braised Brisket with Bourbon-Peach Glaze

From Farm2Work

<p>Following a quick sear on the stove top, this beef cooks low and slow in the oven to ensure fork-tender results. An earthly cinnamon-paprika rub balances the richness of the fruit glaze.</p>
Source: Country Living, May 2013
Servings: 8 - 12
Ingredient keywords: Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Cinnamon, Brisket, Oil, Onion, Garlic, Carrots, Celery, Tomato, Stout, Bourbon, Soy, Vinegar, Sugar, Beef, Peach, Seasonings
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Braised Cabbage with Parsley and Thyme

From Athens Locally Grown

<p>This dish is delicate and simple. It was the outcome of a series of cooking trials in which America&#8217;s Test Kitchen searched for the very best ways to cook cabbage. If your past experience has only been with gray, mushy &#8220;boiled cabbage&#8221;, try this &#8212; you won&#8217;t believe you&#8217;re eating the same vegetable!</p> <p><span class="caps">VEGAN</span>/<span class="caps">VEGETARIAN</span> <span class="caps">ALTERNATIVE</span>: Substitute white wine or apple juice for the chicken broth, and it will still be tasty. Canola oil works as a substitute for the butter, but olive oil has too strong a taste for this delicate dish. (Don&#8217;t try making this fat-free. America&#8217;s Test Kitchen found that the combination of a bit of fat and a water-based liquid is key to preserving the cabbage&#8217;s texture and developing a more complex flavor.)</p> Vegetarian! Vegan!
Source: "Perfect Vegetables" by the editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine
Servings: 4
Ingredient keywords: butter, cabbage, thyme, parsley
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Braised Goat Chops

From Monroe Farm Market

<p>This is probably our favorite way to prepare goat loin and rib chops. We started with our favorite asian salad dressing, use it as the marinade and braise liquid. Please keep in mind, with any goat meat, as it is naturally very lean, you must be careful not to overcook it. The meat is ready when it still shows just a touch of pink.</p>
Source: Cedar Dawn Farm
Servings: 4
Ingredient keywords: goat, garlic
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Braised green lentils

From Farm Where Life is Good

<p>I&#8217;ve adapted this recipe a bit, but it remains full-flavored, healthy and somewhat spicy! Pretty simple too.</p>
Servings: Large pot, multiple servings and leftovers
Ingredient keywords: kielbasa, onion, garlic, cumin, oregano, peppers, lentils, tomato, rice, lime, parsley
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Braised Greens

From Shoestring Acres

<p>A yummy way to serve greens</p>
Source: Helen's Kitchen
Servings: 4 servings
Ingredient keywords: braising, garlic, onion, feta
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Braised Kale with Bacon and Cider

From Statesboro Market2Go

<p>Here you go! A big healthy vitamin on your plate &#8230;.dark green leafy vegetable kale&#8230;about6,200 micrograms in a cup of beta carotene&#8230; also rich in antioxidants such as lutenin and zeaxanthin which are associated with eye health. Only 22 calories per cup in raw kale. Also provides you with a laundry list of nutrients such as potassium to prevent hypertension, vitamin C, fiber and calcium for bone health <span class="caps">AND</span> two grams of protein per serving&#8230;now <span class="caps">THAT</span> is an all purpose vegetable for your family and your <span class="caps">NEW</span> YEAR&#8217;S resolution to eat healthier. Or farmers make it easy for you and delicious by growing it locally and having it available on line. Try this recipe.</p>
Source: Cooks Country Magazine
Servings: 6 servings
Ingredient keywords: bacon, onion, kale, apple, salt, pepper, apple, apple
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