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Locally Grown STT:  The Market is open! And now there’s Honey!

Happy Sunday!

The market is open! Some of this week’s updates:

We welcome to the market, VI Honey Co and their. Local honey from St Thomas!

We offer reusable produce bags now thanks to a fundraiser by Ilana to support the Human Society! You can add it to your order for $10 in the comments section. So we recommend buying 2x! Then you can leave one with us and take one. We’ll store your 2nd one until you next order. Just remember to bring back one every time you take one.

And some of this week’s highlights:

Kombucha Starter kits!!! by Kbee Kombucha
Curly Leaf Kale by Drina’s Farm
Wormgrass (also known as Epazote) by Drina’s Farm
Local Honey
Fire Cider Seasoning Blend by the Neighborhood Apothecary
Scallions by Que Sera Farms
Farm fresh eggs
And more!!

The Wednesday Market:  The Wednesday Market Celebrates 10 Years!

Good afternoon.

On January 26, 2011, The Wednesday Market in Zebulon opened to serve Pike County and neighboring communities. From the beginning of our creation, our purpose was to provide the freshest, locally grown produce, fruit and good food available.

When we first began, we did not know whether the Market would succeed. In the beginning, we struggled to recruit farmers. We struggled to learn the software and technology that makes the Market work. We struggled to develop an accounting system that is necessary to facilitate the Market. We struggled to figure out how to market the Market. Through our early years, we kept plugging away at it all.

This last year, 2020, was remarkable in many ways – some good, some not so good. COVID shut us down for a while, but eventually, just like so many other businesses around the world, we adapted. We made new customers in the process, too. The pandemic and interruptions to global supply chains affected us all. Suddenly, many consumers realized the importance of locally sourced goods, especially food!

We believe that small, diverse, family-owned farms contribute to society’s overall health, and the reasons for buying locally are even more relevant today than they were 10 years ago. By supporting The Wednesday Market, you:

Enhance your local economy – By purchasing produce and other items from local growers you are providing stability to your local economy through the support of local businesses.

Save natural resources – Buying locally makes you an invaluable link in the process of saving resources such as fossil fuels and packaging materials. Also, we are right here in your community, so the expense of transportation and delivery is kept to a minimum.

Provide learning opportunities – Locally Grown supporters provide member growers the means to help educate our community about the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Support a way of life – The number of small farms in the United States has decreased dramatically in the last decade. Please help us preserve an honest and worthy means of making a living.

Just as we have been for 10 years, we are open for orders. Please place your order by 10 p.m. Monday. Orders are ready for pick up between 2 and 4 p.m. Wednesday. See the website for this week’s products. Here is the link:

Our managers are volunteers, as we have been from day one. Without our teamwork and dedication, the Market simply would not happen. A few of us have “retired”, but our founders’ vision persists today.

We are grateful to our Farmers and Customers for your support and look forward to continuing to serve you!

Your Sunshine Girls,
Sharon Fox, Nelda Miller, and Beverly Walter

And, our Market founders and retired volunteers:
Anna Evans and Brenda Fayard
Irma Wing and Betty Dean

Picuris Market:  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Sunday January 24, 2021 01:44 PM. It should be open for business soon!

Green Acres Atkins:  Good morning

Well it might be starting the rainy winter/early spring weather we are getting rain every 3rd day

Regardless Tom will continue to prepare and provide us with great products

Please place those orders by noon on Thursday at

Tom and kami

Stones River Market:  Market is Open — See you Wednesday on the Porch or Curb

Due to some internet challenges in Woodbury, please check back for any updates.

Welcome to the 2021 January 24th and 25th Stones River Locally Grown Online Farmers Market.

The Market opens 8:00 am on Sunday Morning and closes 10:00 pm Monday evening. Order early before quantities available run out!

We look forward seeing you on the Porch or Curb Wednesday January 27th from 5-6:30pm with deliveries following. Please comment to Manager when you checkout that you would like curb service and approximate time of arrival so we can have your order ready and watch for you.

Also be sure to check back again over the next 2 days as some of our Growers may be updating their inventories.

Reminder…Delivery Service is available within a 10 mile radius of Murfreesboro, outside areas will be considered and delivery is available to Woodbury at a host location. If this is the first time you’ve requested delivery please put your address in comments before you check out….Method of Payment is Cash, Checks or Credit/Debit Cards or we can email an Invoice including a $1.00 service fee. For Delivering and Invoicing please make sure your account information is current.

Thank you for supporting our Locally Grown Market, it means a lot to our Growers and Community by Shopping Local and Staying Local!

News from some of Our Growers:

Barefoot Acres Herbs:
Find our products in the Herbal Healing Category. Newly added: MINERAL TOOTH POWDER (Soap and Skin Care/Toothpaste) This week I’ve added ELDERBERRY SYRUP in Pint Jars. We grow the Elderberries we use, includes organic oranges, echinacea and rosehip, cloves, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon sticks, cardamom and peppercorns, local honey and filter water. Enjoy a bit everyday for good health or pour over pancakes!

Mama D’s Bakery: Hi everyone! We have added Mocha Muffins this week! With a coffee base and gooey chocolate chips they are a delicious grab and go breakfast or a yummy snack anytime.  We also have everything else available this week too. We have Chocolate Swiss Roll, Cinnamon Rolls, Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls, Blueberry Lemon Yeast Rolls, banana breads and pumpkin breads(with the option of nuts or not), bagels(plain, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, and everything), donuts(cake and yeast), cheese Danishes, pies(chocolate fudge, pecan, chocolate chip pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato), cookies, granola and protein bars, breads, and fruit scones. Thanks so much to everybody for your business! 

Quarter Spring Farm: Happy chickens ?? taste better. Pampered goats ?? make better soap. By supporting our farm, you are helping support local agriculture, keeping your dollars ???? local, and acting as an environmental steward. Plus, you will eat well and smell great…and everybody loves that.

RnR Farm:
We are happy to back with a great selection of our lettuce this week, Butterhead, Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Romaine Trio and Lettuce Blend. So you know we never use synthetic chemicals or pesticides on our property and all of our produce is grown in the ground, using the fewest inputs possible.

Sow’s Ear Piggery:
Several new cuts of pork are available this week.

Jillian Faith Art:
Having a hard time finding a gift to cheer you or someone spirts up during these cold winter days. I have several Original Water Color prints available. Prints will come inside a protective sleeve with a foam backing (which is not attached) to ensure each print stays protected and have a few already in frames

Many have asked ‘What can I do with Mushroom Powder’? Use them to help bring more flavor to soups and stews without adding texture or meat products. Sprinkle across a salad for an extra ‘wow’ factor. Mix into meatloaf or burger patties to add an extra depth of flavor without necessarily adding bulk or texture. Sprinkle in pasta sauces for added depth of flavor.

The Flour Girl:
Looking for a special gift, dessert or something that is Gluten Free, I have just what you need; Apple, Pumpkin Pie, GF Peach Cobbler, Fudge, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries, GF Bread, GF Blueberry Muffins, GF Angel Food Cake, Chocolate Cake and Cupcakes. Several cookie options Gluten Free and also Flour based and many other items.

Carole Herbs (CS3 Farm):
We will be off market for the next two weeks. We should have some artisan mustard and herbal honey ready to go in February. If there are special requests for our first week back, email us directly.

Flying S Farms:
This week produce available include; Sweet Potatoes, Turnips, Winter Squash: Red Kuri Hubbard, both delicious as a side dish or pies!, along with Carnival Squash.
Processed items: Brownies and Lemon bars, Artisan Breads…OLIVE BREADS are back! Biscuits (Sour Cream or Buttermilk, also I’m happy to freeze them for you). Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread with White or Yellow Corn. As well as our Sour Dough Breads in loaves and rolls. Need Jams? Warm up with our HOT Pepper Jams:…Ghostly Pear Jelly, Seriously HOT Strawberry, Habanero Peach, Jalapeno Cowboy Candy, these all go well with our Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread’s they are great for spicing up many things! Christmas Jam (Cranberry + Strawberry), Almost Seedless Blackberry and Black Raspberry, Blueberry Jam, Wild Fox Grape and Pomegranate. Do you have a favorite jam that is not on our list? Let us know, we can probably make it for you.

We look forward seeing you “On the Porch or At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday January 27th from 5:00 – 6:30 pm, please contact me if you are unable to make delivery or are running late, please phone, email or text me so we can make arrangements to get your order to you. if we don’t hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount since we still need to pay our Growers for their products. Remember we do have Delivery if you think you will be later than 6:30 pm.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesdays: 301 North Spring Street, Murfreesboro

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown:  Weblog Entry

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown market

will be open for your orders till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, if you would prefer home delivery of your order, please just ask. No charge during this time.

Please also remember that our market is much safer than any grocery store.
All our products are direct from grower/producer to consumer, with no middle men handling.

Please share this information with your friends and help them to understand how safe our open-air markets are.

Triple B Farms has added their Crusader Coffee to the market, as well as several herbal products:

Top (L to R): Crusader Coffee, Dried lemon balm.
Bottom (L to R): Fresh Mint, Tea bags in several flavors.

Carter Smith of CS3 Farm writes:
We will be off market again this week. We should have some artisan mustard and herbal honey ready to go in February. If there are special requests for our first week back, email us directly.

Our Manchester pickup location is across the street from the Manchester City Schools administration building, at
216 East Fort Street, Manchester, TN

Our Tullahoma pickup location is in front of “Nature’s Elite”, in the Cherokee Square Shopping Center next to Dunham’s Sports,
open air during this time, at
1802 N Jackson St, Ste 800, Tullahoma TN

For a map, click on the address link.

Only the best fresh flavorful farm products for your family! No more week-old produce trucked cross-country. All the fresh local farm products listed come from your grower and maker neighbors in Middle Tennessee. The freshest produce is picked the day you receive it!

Your year-round weekly market is open for ordering from Sunday morning at 8 am till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Receiving options:
THURSDAY afternoon pickup (4:00 – 5:00 p.m.) at the market pavilion on Fort Street, Manchester.
THURSDAY afternoon pickup (5:30 – 6:00 p.m.) outside “Nature’s Elite”, Tullahoma. Open air market during this time.
Delivery on THURSDAY evening will be free during this time, or at other hours by arrangement.

See the “About” page for details.

Please help us grow:
spread the word about our market.
share this newsletter with someone.
make my day and ask to hand out some fliers.
And if you are hungry for something special, just let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Thanks for supporting
Your Local Farmers

Dothan, Alabama:  Jan. 23, 2021 We're still M@D about Fresh, Local, Sustainable and Year Round Food!

We’re opening a bit early today!

Market at Dothan is open to accept orders. Orders close Tuesday at 5pm

We use the word “Sustainable” over “Organic”.
You can grow organic without being sustainable, but you cannot be sustainable without utilizing organic practices.

New Vendor Welcome
Grower/Market Notes

Thank you for your continued support of our local farmers. We count it a privilege to serve you!
Our Website:

Nana’s Tea Cakes

Hi! I’m Sherrie Shown, aka “NANA’S TEA CAKES”. “NANA’S TEA CAKES” are not just any run-of-the-mill Tea Cakes. They are made from an Old Family Recipe and are the most delicious Southern Tea Cakes this side of the Mississippi! Once you taste them, I am sure you will agree. They are addictive! They are all natural and made with the finest organic ingredients.


I have been baking Tea Cakes for family and friends for as long as I can remember. They have told me for years that I should sell them, so I finally decided to do just that. They come wrapped in elegant bags with matching bows. NANA’S TEA CAKES" are a special treat for you and your family. They also make very thoughtful and delicious gifts. I have been a customer of the Market since the very beginning. I love the food and all the ladies who run the show, and I am SO happy to now be an official part of the Market At Dothan!


New and Relisted Products
Persimmon Fruit Leather from Avalon Farms
Nana’s Tea Cakes
Danny’s Lettuce & Green Onions are Relisted
NEW – Tokyo Bekana Greens from Avalon Farms

We were glad to see Danny’s Greens back on the Market last week. They sold out very quickly. One northern relative reported that their family eliminated winter colds by eating fresh greens every day. While we can’t claim this works for everyone, it did bring home that fact that our bodies need cold weather crops during the cold times of the year.

Speaking of winter colds, everyone knows that Vitamin C is essential for keeping your immune system up. M@d still has a variety of clean local citrus, rich in natural Vitamin C. Both Satsumas and Kumquats are available from several of our market vendors.

Citrus slices that have been soaked in Pectinase

Taking it a step further, for those who like to preserve seasonal bounty, Richter Farms uses Pectinase to dissolve the “extra” material on her satsuma slices before canning them. This product is available on Ebay and Amazon. Bewitching Kitchen explains what it is and shows how it works.


AVALON FARMS: Sorry not to have spoken to you for awhile, it’s been an interesting month all around. Probably for you too. But we’re all still here and moving forward as best we can.

pic 1 celery

Here are a few celery growing in an aquaponics bed (above). This aquaponics system is “powered” by goldfish (below). The celery are getting all their nutrients from the fish.

pic 2 fish
pic 3/center>

If you remember, in the past I used a DIY heat table for starting spring transplants. Just upgraded to a professional grade 4 ft x 8 ft mat. (So I better up my game! ) This is in the greenhouse we built from recycled windows last year. The plants should get plenty of sunlight out here.


Most people LOVE a good hearty “stick to your bones” soup on cold days. We couldn’t resist sharing this low carb CREAMY TACO SOUP recipe that’s been a hit with everyone who has tried it. It can be made with any type ground meat (beef from Casablanca or Smith Farms or Smith Farms lamb) and Danny’s Green Onions make a great garnish.


1 lb ground meat
1 large chopped onion
3 cloves garlic, chopped

1 small green pepper, diced (optional)
1 10 oz can Rotel tomatoes with chilies
1 8 oz brick cream cheese
2 Tbs Taco Seasoning
Salt and Pepper to Taste

14 oz Beef Broth (about 1.5 cups)

1. Brown meat with onions and garlic.
2. Add peppers, tomatoes, cream cheese and seasonings. Heat on low stirring often as cream cheese softens.
3. When cream cheese is softened and mixed well add beef broth. Continue heating on low till it simmers. Do not boil and do not continue cooking or it will affect the taste of the cream cheese.
4. Serve and garnish with any combination of the following:
Avocado Slices
Chopped green onion
Sour Cream
Cheddar Cheese
Lime Juice

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  April Come She Will

April, comes she will,
When streams are ripe and swelled with rain.
May, she will stay,
Resting in my arms again.

June, she’ll change her tune.
In restless walks she’ll prowl the night.
July, she will fly,
And give no warning to her flight…
(Simon & Garfunkel)

One of my favorite songs from this duo. It’s just so beautiful, and I love the depiction of seasons from early growth to the withering of late autumn. I’ve also always claimed this as my birthday song, since I am an April birthday. And, with the growing season upon us, why not begin listening to these sounds, now? It won’t be long before colors, and fresh produce, fresh flowers, and sun drenched days of warmth will be upon us!

This song also brings in the Cosmic trivia question for the week! And, it’s also a two part question, so there could be a possible two winners, this week!

Way back, around the April/May time frame, I helped get a local restaurant, up and running! I was only there for about two months, but you all knew me there, and flooded in to see what all was happening in there. I was not the owner, just the baker, and now I need you to give me that name of that once downtown local eatery?

And…you get a bonus part of this…the owner of that place, now heads up one of our flock of vendors, on the market! If you can give me her name, you will win!

A two part market trivia question from the Life and Times of Cosmic Charlie…

And, while you are getting your thinking caps on, go ahead and get your weekly orders placed…

Cosmic Pam

Statesboro Market2Go:  Market2Go is Open!

Market2Go is Open!

Place your order by 10 pm Tuesday night for pickup on Thursday. After a couple of slow weeks, we could really use your orders this week to stay on track for a sustainable Market2Go.


4 & 20 Bakers food truck will be back on site this week, featuring WHOLE pizzas as well as their popular popup combos. Order online and select your choice: Cheese, Pepperoni, Dixie Pig or Garden Party (vegan). You can pick up your whole pizza or pizza/cupcake combo at the food truck — we recommend that you stop by and let Chad know you’re here so your pizza will be ready when you exit the drive through.

Choose your pickup location or delivery option from the drop-down menu before you check out.

  • Statesboro: Thursday afternoon drive through at SCVB 4:00 – 6:00
  • Sylvania: Thursday afternoon at the Market on Maple 4:00 – 5:00
  • Millen: Thursday afternoon at Project for Better Health 3:30 – 4:30
  • Home Delivery — must add delivery to cart and prepay

Note new location for Sylvania! Our thanks to the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to make Market2Go deliveries at the market pavilion, 117 Maple Street.

Please pay online Register your debit or credit card at Your Account and click “Pay Now” when you check out. Your card will only be charged after you have received your order, including any adjustments for missed items or other credits.

Use your EBT/SNAP card to purchase authorized EBT items through the Market2Go, and you’ll receive “bonus” fruits and vegetables through the Georgia Fresh for Less program. You must write “EBT” in the order comment field. All EBT transactions must be made at the Statesboro Convention and Visitors Bureau during the Thursday drive-through. If you want to know more about how to use an EBT card to make market purchases, email

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown:  Market is open for orders!

Good evening Locavores, Northeast Georgia Locally Grown is open for orders!

Go to the market >>
Fresh Vegetables
Clean Meats
Baked Goods with Organic ingredients
Gluten Free goodies
Pastured Eggs
See all products

Market stays open from Fridays 9 p.m. until at least 9 p.m. Mondays!

Thank you for choosing Northeast Georgia Locally Grown as a way to support your local producers. This online farmers market allows you to buy directly from multiple farms committed to chemical-free and local produce all year long! CHEMICAL-FREE means produce and pastures grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides. LOCAL means within 80 miles from the market pickup locations (usually much much closer). Do you know someone who grows chemical-free food in the area? Get them in touch with us. Know someone who wants fresh food? Spread the word. Put the two together, and that’s growing organically!

PICKUP TIME is Wednesday from 5-6:30 p.m.

If you do not get an email ORDER CONFIRMATION right after you order then your order is NOT complete. Log back in and your order might still be there waiting for you to check out! If you have any trouble or questions at all, we are here to help; simply reply to this email.

COVID19: Northeast Georgia Locally Grown will continue to help bring the best selection of local and chemical-free foods to you and your family as long as our volunteers feel comfortable and safe. Thanks for recognizing we can all do our part in operating in the safest way possible for upcoming markets. We are and will continue to operate under CDC and local guidelines to the best of our ability and knowledge. Be on the lookout for the order reminder email with any changes to pickup or ways you can help minimize risk for our volunteers and each other. Thanks for your support!

Looking to pay for your locally grown order? Pay here using Square