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Statesboro Market2Go:  The market is open!

Be sure to order your plants for fall planting season this week, because Southern Native Plantings will be taking some time off after this week until early December.

Lots of great local food available, so take a few minutes to browse!

Thank you for shopping with Statesboro Market2Go.

Jbo Farmers Market:  Specials at Boone Street Market Saturday Nov 1st

Hello Market friends,

We’ve had a great first few days at Boone Street Market, and the finale of our opening week will be ‘Grand Opening Saturday’ tomorrow! If you’re not snowed in, come to the store!

Live music and samples are planned for the whole day (including the Old Timers Band, Joseph Sobol and Trae McCracken, the Bidgoods, and more), and all members will get a double discount—10% off! If you’ve been thinking about a membership, tomorrow’s a great day to sign up!

New items are arriving every day! The latest arrival was fresh Sunburst trout (this is what Alex served at the Farm to Table Dinner).

We also have:
many varieties of winter squash
sweet potatoes
sweet and hot peppers
goat cheeses
and all kinds of baked goods, including some gluten free!

And coffee (samples tomorrow), granola, jams, honey, sorghum, chocolates, corn meal, grits….

Hope you can join us!


Northeast GA Locally Grown:  Northeast Locallygrown Availability list for Oct. 31

Good Evening Locavores
We hope you are all having a nice evening with more treats than tricks.
Now you can treat yourself to some healthy, locally grown foods to recover from all those halloween sweets.
This cold weather begs for a hearty stew. Amy and I especially like a stew pot on the woodstove for a long, slow, simmer. Now to choose between grass fed beef or free range chicken to add to the pot with fresh herbs and vegetables.
Stay warm and have a great weekend.

Carolina Foothills, SC:  MARKET IS OPEN!!!!!!

Hello all,

I hope you all have had a good week so far. I still can’t believe there is snow expected this weekend. Last I heard for the mountains it said 3-8 inches…… 8 inches!

This is a perfect time to order some hot chocolate and seasonal flavored coffee.

Don’t know about you but I love this time of year where it is cool out and I can sit and relax with a big steaming cup of tea and enjoy the quiet coolness in the morning.

I’m an Erie PA girl….. It’s what we do.

Anyway, happy shopping.





Enormous hugs to everyone who made Closing Days at both the Veggie Truck Farmers Market and the Evans Towne Farmers Market such lovely occasions. Special thanks goes to Chef Charleen Tinley for doing cooking demos at both, and to JandL Farm & Stables for hosting a bake sale that successfully raised $150 for the national “No Kid Hungry” campaign.

Here’s what’s going on this coming week:

The Junior League of Augusta will host their annual “Kids in the Kitchen” free family event at the Kroc Center this Saturday morning, starting at 9am. ALG student interns will teach elementary school-age children to make Pumpkin Ravioli from scratch from 11am-12noon. And we’ll use pumpkins from Clyde’s Fresh Produce in our recipe! The Center is located at 1833 Broad St.

SUN, NOV 2 – CROP MOB AT CLYDE’S FRESH PRODUCE FARM IN GROVETOWN. We’ve got 40 volunteers signed up for Sunday afternoon’s Crop Mob! So excited, and so grateful to our hosts for working so hard to get things ready.

At the Georgia Master Gardeners luncheon this Monday, we’ll be speaking our about the local foods movement and encouraging backyard growers to get involved by volunteering with our raised bed educational programs. Looking forward to it!

This year’s TedxAugusta theme is “Connections.” ALG has been invited to help make the connection between local food, local farmers and local eaters at their pre-event reception this Monday evening, in Augusta, and again at the big TEDx event in late January. We could use a couple extra hands to serve up some tasty tidbits and drinks made from the gorgeous bounty of the season. The volunteer slot is 2:30pm-7pm. Text Kim at 706-288-7895 if you can help.

Fermdamental’s Danielle Shelton will join us again, this time on a Saturday afternoon, November 8, to teach a mead, cider & ciser making workshop at the West End Market & Bakery in Augusta. The workshop will be demo style, given the multi-step nature of the processes. Participants will see many different stages of the mead, cider & ciser in its creation. Of course, sampling is all part of the fun. The educational & tasting component of the class costs $15. Start-up brewing equipment kits will also be available for an additional $50, upon request.


Savannah, GA:  Happy Halloween

Market Open
Extra, but very limited
Local fresh produce:
Large Sweet Carrots
Shiitake Mushrooms(fresh&dehydrated)
Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Tumeric Root – coming soon
If you want some veggies not listed her let us know and we can try to find them.
Seasoned Oak-$100 about 200 pieces.
Body lotion
Moisturizing cream
Soap (all hand made in Guyton Ga)

Local Events:

The 2014 Savannah Food Day Festival is coming soon-Sunday November 2nd from
11am-6pm at Daffin Park

South Georgia Growing Local & Sustainable Conference
Farmers and friends near Reidsville, GA, are having a one day local & sustainable food conference on November 8, with registration ending on November 4th. Full day of workshops and a local organic lunch. $20-30
Location: Tatnall County High School
This weeks tips on Biodynamic Gardening and planting by the moon cycles. Thursday 30 and Friday 31st are Root Times. Saturday November 1st is Flower Time. Sunday 2nd is Unfavorable Time. Monday 3rd through Wednesdayl 5th are Leaf Times. Thursday 6th and Friday 7th are Fruit Times.
Hay, should be cut at Flower Times.
Begin queen bee rearing at Flower Times.
Happy planting and harvesting.

Root Times, Root crops such as radish, beet, celery, potatoes, onions etc. Planting and harvesting at this time produce good yields and have very good storage value.
Flower Times, All types of flowering plants. According to the North American Biodynamic Calendar 2014 "cut flowers have the strongest scent and remain fresh for longer if cut at flower times, and the mother plant will provide many new side shoots. If flowers for drying are harvested at flower times they retain the most vivid colors .
Leaf Times, Leaf plants such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, parsley, herbs, and agricultural food stuff such as hay, straw, amaranth, alfalfa, sorghum, oats etc.
Thier are days which are called Unfavorable Times and may cause negative iinfluence on growth, taste and storage value. It is recommended that no planting take place on these days.
Fruit times: plants include beans, peas, corn, tomatoe, cucumber, pumpkin.

Posted by: Rob Liakos at Thursday October 23, 2014 09:43 PM EDT Edit Entry (Expires October 24, 2024)

Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  The market is open for ordering.

Good morning and happy Friday! The fire is going in the fireplace and I am putting off going outside. It is rather chilly this morning. Don’t forget to get your plants in tonight as I think we are supposed to have colder weather.
The on-line market is open for ordering. Amestoy Farms has a variety of squash and Yukon Gold potatoes available, both store very well.
We have a fresh shipment of butter, salted and unsalted. It is in the freezer.
Joyful Noise Acres Farm will have plenty of pork on Wednesday including smoked pork chops and regular chops. Smoked bacon and uncured bacon. They will not be here in time to get added to the market listings but will be available for purchase on Wednesday.
The farm will be open Saturday from 11-2 if anyone wants to come out. We would love to see you.

Mary Beth

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is OPEN for orders!

The market is now open for ordering!

If you do NOT receive a confirmation email immediately after you placed your order, then your items are still in your cart and your order is not complete. All orders must be placed by 5pm on Sunday.

Pick up is on Tuesday at 4942 Austin Park Avenue, Buford 30518 from 1pm to 6:45 pm.

We take checks, cash, credit card and Dwolla

If you are planning to pay using Dwolla please make sure your deposit includes the 25 cents fee. For example, if your order total is $22.50 make your deposit for $22.75.

Please make sure you understand our pick up policy before you order.

Have a blessed weekend!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  News: Pick Time Change!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op

How to contact us:
Our Website:
Pick Up Location: 4942 Austin Park Avenue, Buford GA 30518 on Tuesdays
Facebook: Suwanee Whole Life Co-op

Market News

Pickup Time on Tuesdays is now back to 1pm to 6:45pm!!

Thank you everyone for supporting me during the time change. I know it was a stretch for some of you. Starting this Tuesday we will revert back to our normal pick up time ending promptly at 6:45pm.

Volunteers Needed!

THANK YOU Marie, Diana, and Pam for helping out on Tuesday!!! We couldn’t have a co-op without volunteers and we appreciate you all so much!

I need a volunteer this Tuesday for the 6pm to 6:45pm time slot due to the pick up time change!

If you are interested in volunteering, I have created a volunteer sign up on Signup Genius. I am asking for volunteers to sign up for 1 hour shifts from 2p to 6:45 pm. No packing is involved just need someone to be there to assist other members. You are welcome to bring your kids as long as they are supervised. Here is the link to the sign up

The link is also posted on the About page on our website.

Thank you in advance for your support!

New Items

Sweet Potatoes
Onions – Spring Onions

Water Buffalo – Tender – The Petite Tender is the second most tender cut, second only to the tenderloin. It is actually cut from the chuck and is also know as the Teres Major.

Water Buffalo – Petite Tenderloin – Our 100% grass fed water buffalo tenderloin filet mignon is absolutely wonderful. They’re not available often so get ’em while you can! Be careful not to overcook.

Water Buffalo – Hanger Steak

Spices – Turmeric Ground …

Upcoming Group Buys

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Saltworks – Unrefined Sea Salts – 11/7/14 – 11/9/14

Wilderness Family Naturals – Organic Coconut Oils/Pantry Items – 11/7/14 – 11/9/14

Green Pasture – Fermented Cod Liver Oils – 11/21/14 – 11/23/14

Grass Fed Cheeses – TBD December

Raw Mixed Nuts – Bulk – TBD December

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Moving In Stereo

Life’s the same, I’m moving in stereo…
Life’s the same, except for my shoes…
Life’s the same, you’re shakin’ like tremolo…
Life’s the same, it’s all inside you…
(The Cars – Moving In Stereo)

Well, you know there’s nothing I love more than a good memory song. I don’t think the backdrop of teenage life, in the late 70s, could have been complete without the beat of The Cars.

Driving cool cars, while listening to The Cars, doing cool things. Some of my deepest friendships and bonds were made back in those days. It’s fun to think back to a carefree time when you were first getting a taste of freedom, forming the teen friendships that, unknowing then, would form some of the strongest friendships you would carry with you.

After high school, my whole core friendship circle, plus my West End gang, well, we all went in different directions, different colleges, different choices in life, different paths to walk. Who knew that later in life, we would all be able to rekindle and reconnect via a little thing like Facebook.

I still meet up with so many of them, some are far some are near, but when we are all together, it just takes one beat of a song, an opening lyric, a familiar tune to make us all look at each other, flash a smile, and then just know…just remember. We don’t even need words. The song just moves us in stereo. The backdrop to our friendships.

The same with this little local market of love…it has been the backdrop to so many paths. It has become an umbrella to all things local in our community. It has become our friend, and our step to a better way of eating, of keeping it local, of forming the bonds between vendors and customers. The process has been very moving to watch.

We just keep right on rocking and rolling with the market. We keep forming those local bonds. We just keep moving in stereo…from one week to the next, we make the path an easy and fun one. Give us a try or continue with us, as you have been…life is never the same once you become part of our little local market of love…

We open the market, tonight, and urge you to take advantage of some items that will be leaving, quickly, due to the seasonal changes, weather, and temperatures. Look at new items, look at old favorites…think about what you want or need to stock your pantry with. We can do it all for you…we can move you in stereo…

Peace and Love,
Cosmic Pam