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Dawson Local Harvest:  Gluten-free Tastes Great!

Dawson Local Harvest for Feb. 24th

Gluten-free Tastes Great!


The Dawson Local Harvest is very fortunate to have a fantastic Gluten-free Baker in MY DAILY BREAD! For those of you who have a gluten intolerance this is wonderful news, but it’s not necessary to have that intolerance to be able to enjoy what are some truly excellent (and tasty) products like their Gluten-free Glorious Morning Muffins (order this only if you love organic apples, carrots, coconut and walnuts in a breakfast muffin!).

And you don’t even have to be human to enjoy DAILY BREAD. Your dog will absolutely love their Cheeseburger Dog Treats!


REMEMBER! You can now order until Tuesday night at 9pm. Pick up your order at Leilani’s Gardens Friday afternoons from 4 to 7pm.

You’ll find the DAWSON LOCAL HARVEST at

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible! We guarantee your satisfaction with all products in the DAWSON LOCAL HARVEST.

Have a happy and healthy week!

Alan Vining
Market Manager

Greener Acres Farm:  Weblog Entry


Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is still offering their Grass Fed Ground Beef in Bulk. Ten one pound packages for $62.15

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar’s Raw Milk is currently unavailable, as their cows are taking a much needed break and their milk will not be available again until mid-March.

And don’t forget, we still have our own pork products available.

Miami County Locally Grown:  Only a few hours left!!

Order by 8pm, and you’ll be picking up your order on Tuesday February 21st -
National Sticky Bun Day!!
(I could not make this up)

You can’t go wrong with Sugar Pie Bakery’s sticky buns… cinnamon and sugar glaze,
loaded with pecans… yum!

But we’re only open until 8pm tonight, so get those last orders in!!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Order today by 6 pm!

Click Here to Place Your Order

Thank you for placing your order and supporting local farms and businesses!

Click Here to Place Your Order

Cumberland, TN:  CSFM open - Please Read

The Cumberland Sustainable Farmers Market is now open for this weeks ordering.
Please look over the available items and consider placing an order – we would really appreciate your involvement in our market.

We will be at the Depot at 3:30 this Thursday for you to pick up your online order.
Please make arrangements to pick up your online order between 3:30 and 4:30.
Also be aware of the fact that during stormy weather, we will NOT be setting up out in the front parking lot, but will instead be under the covered pavilion at the end of the Depot.
And, as always, Thank you for supporting your local area farmers.
Steve Colvin
CSFM Market Manager

The Wednesday Market:  Happy Sunday! Place Your Orders Now

Good afternoon.

The Wednesday Market is open for orders. Please place your order by 10 p.m. Monday. Orders are ready for pick up between 3 and 6 p.m. Wednesday. See the website for details on this week’s product offerings. Here is the link:

This week we welcome Terrace Micro Farms to the Market. Bob and Kelli Hurd describe themselves as “two young people who raise chickens right outside of the Zebulon city limits.” They have about 250 chickens in their flock. The fowl have a nice home where they have full access to grass all day and a safe coop to sleep in at night. The types of chickens at Terrace Micro Farms include Marans, Buff Orpingtons, Araucanas, and White Rocks. Currently they have a variety of medium and large sized brown and green/blue eggs for sale to the community.

Warm weather, indeed Springlike weather, is forecast for this week. Are you enjoying the mild winter we are having? A lack of cold weather is not necessarily good news to Georgia’s farmers. If you are interested in learning more, here is a link to an article by Clint Thompson of the University of Georgia, published by AGFAX:

Is this warm weather making you anxious to start planting a summer garden? In the same article cited above, UGA Agricultural Climatologist Pam Knox provides this caution: "One thing we do know from this kind of weather pattern is that the chance of a late frost goes up since the atmosphere often swings more wildly than usual between cold and warm episodes. So don’t get too anxious to start planting if we have a warm spell because a cold wave could be just down the pike.”

To everything, there is a season. I am looking forward to the REAL spring! Until then, thank you for your support of locally grown agriculture and for choosing to purchase locally.

We’ll see you at the Market!



ALFN Local Food Club:  Market Is Open!

Good morning!

The market is open. L.C. Ratchford from Ratchford Farms has one more T-shirt giveaway this month. He is fully restocked on all his buffalo products, so be sure to check them out!

We are very happy to announce that Christ Episcopal Church was named Best Market Partner of the year by the Arkansas Farmer’s Market Association. Read more about the award here!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Claire Hodgson
Program & Market Manager

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Russellville Community Market:  RCM is open for orders!

Hey RCM’ers,

Welcome to another great market week!

Look for newly added products each week!

We also have your staples like eggs, breads, and honey.

There are lots of great RCM products to be had. Order away!

Like us on Facebook for up to date news and exciting RCM announcements. Check out our page for great info on local foods issues and upcoming events too! RCM Facebook

Peruse the “Featured Items” section as well as the “What’s New” section at the top of the market page for all the latest products available.

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the *“Place My Order” *button once you have completed your shopping. *Remember, you have until 10:00pm Tuesday evening to place your orders.*

Happy Shopping! See you on Thursday!

Russellville Community Market

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Reminder: Place your order by 6pm today

Just a friendly reminder that market orders are due online by 6 pm TODAY. Place your order now so you don’t forget.

Please remember that we need to hit certain minimums in order for our farmers and vendors to deliver to us.

Thank you for placing your order and supporting local farms and businesses!

Click Here to Place Your Order

Stones River Market:  SPRING is here!...? Time to order some great local goods!

Stones River Market

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Facebook:
On Wednesdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

Beautiful, hazy, Spring morning to you all!

Thank you so much to Don and Beverly with Alfresco Pasta for coming in with samples last week! Look for their items under Noodles, Pasta, and Sauce

Wild Flours is back with bread this week. Stock up enough for 2 weeks as they are on a bi-monthly schedule right now.

Marcy James returns and you don’t want to miss her Strawberry or Strawberry Peach or well, any of them:0.

Double Star Bar Farms is off the market for 2 weeks and we look forward to their return.

White City Produce &Greenhouse is with us this week

Rocky Glade Farm is as well with :

Swiss chard, radishes, spinach, lacinato kale, yukina savoy greens, Braising Mix (mix of purple pop, rosy rapa mustard greens), and kale

The Krafty Kupboard has restocked hummus! It’s incredible taste and convenience is one we cannot do without for a quick meal addition or snack on the go!

Don’t forget Dogwood Valley has those awesome begonia planters and daffodil vases to perk up any winter home!

There is a LOT to browse this week! Plenty of milk, meat, eggs, soaps, skincare, prepared yummies and more! We are a well-stocked market! Enjoy!

Don’t forget that we can deliver to your door! Select delivery and add to your cart just as you would any product check that your address is correct in the system, set a cooler out and we will deliver during the normal pickup hours on Wednesday.

See you Wednesday!

Tracey & Ashleigh


Please, share your recipes with us on the Recipes tab. We’d all love to know how you use your Stones River Market products, so we can try it too!

I am taking a break from recipes. Look for them to return soon.

See the complete list of products at