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V.I Prime Produce locally Grown:  Upcoming events

Good Day to all our prime produce friends and family ,
It’s a busy week here at Ra’s Sonrise farm , we have fresh beans of many varieties , squash and tasty cucmbers are on the way!Don’t forget our thursday lunch , this week is Pumpkin soup with Banana Fritters,Yum! Dont’ miss it!

Heirloom Living Market Lawrenceville :  Market News - Please Read

Market Closes at 8:00pm Monday!

Thank you to those who have already placed orders!

Crossfit / Lawrenceville Market Pickup Hours

You may pick up the items you ordered starting at 2:30pm. Market will end at 5:30pm; however, you may pickup later if you have contacted me and you make payment prior to pickup. We now have other payments options available. Please call me on Monday and I will discuss the other options with you and answer any questions. You can reach me at 404-432-4337.

Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to provide you with what you want from the local Farmers/Growers and Producers; but, please understand that Buying Local means supporting those who are committed to providing ‘Local’!

Thanks go out to Bethe Munn who, once again stepped up to help with Market pickup this past week! I cannot run this Market without the help of Volunteers – please consider working at Market pickup once a month! Contact me at 404-432-4337.

Offerings you may want to check out…

Greg Hutchins of Heritage Farm has outstanding grass-fed Meats! On Special this week: Smoked Pork Shank! I have ordered this item a couple of times and am always pleased with the meatiness and taste!

Some Chicken cuts are available! Chicken Sausage, Chicken Backs, Chicken Legs, Chicken Wings! Greg has other Chickens that are on Pasture and growing. Whole Chickens and other cuts will be available next month!

Turkeys are available for Pre-Order and average about 15#‘s. In addition to whole birds, Heritage Farm will also be offering Turkey Carcasses and Ground Turkey soon! There is definitely Turkey Bone Broth in my future!

Don’t forget to check out Alpaca and Water Buffalo offerings from Carrell Farms. I am partial to the Sage and Cranberry Alpaca Sausage!

Burnell Farms is going strong bringing us some great veggies! Several weeks ago they added Hibiscus Flowers, (great for drying and making Hibiscus Tea), Fennel, Kohlrabi,‘Cheddar’ Cauliflower, ‘Violet Queen’ Cauliflower, Baby Spinach, 5 Lettuce varieties. Burnell Farms also offers: Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Kale, Carrots, Beets and those wonderful little Cream Petite Potatoes!

Vicky of Fry Farm has added some new offerings this week! Asparagus, Lettuce Mix, ‘Cherry Belle’ Radishes, ‘French Breakfast’ Radishes, Hakurei Turnips and ‘Red Kitten’ Spinach! So glad that Vicky, Steve and Matt are back and I look forward to them adding additional offerings as Mother Nature allows. Our very own Sarah Rockey is helping out at Fry Farm this year!

I have spoken with Doug of Doug’s Garden who is busy, busy, busy training new helpers and getting seedlings planted! This week he has: Green Garlic, Leaf Lettuce Mix, ‘Lancer’ Parsnips and Young and Tender Spinach!

The Veggie Patch is offering: Fruit Seedlings, Herb Seedlings, Veggie Seedlings, Fresh Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Sauces, Pickles and lots of fresh Veggies. Be sure and check out all of their items!

Ricky of Back River Farm will be back soon!

George and Krista Jones of Cedar Seeder also known as High Garden Center have moved to a new location. Actually the move took place a while back and George has had his hands full, building and re-vamping the property! These changes will ensure that we all will be getting their fresh Microgreens very soon. Can’t wait to enjoy their Wraps again!

I am really enjoying the Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls offered by Marie Wheeler of Bakery on Brooks! (Actually, I enjoy all of Marie’s creations, but these rolls are such a decadent Breakfast Treat I just had to give them a special ‘two thumbs up’! Marie started baking Gluten Free items for the Market last Summer. She started out with Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies and they were so popular and delicious, Marie became inspired! Nothing is offered at the Market until it passes muster with her husband, Chuck! (Chuck does not have to eat Gluten Free, but because Marie does, he joins her! What a sweetheart he is!) It’s no wonder they recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary! Try Marie;s Breads, Cookies, Paleo Treats, new Butter Cake, Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Raisin Bread – you will wonder why you waited to go Gluten Free!

While Marie is keeping us supplied with Organic Gluten Free Baked Goods, Dabrielle of My Daily Bread provides us with traditional wheat based Organic Baked Goods! From Challah, Sourdough, Ezekiel and other yummy Breads to Sweet Breads, Cookies, Jams and Jellies, Cheese Dips and Pasta Salads, Dabrielle is passionate about quality! Check out her Gluten Free Pasta Salad which is on Special this week! Be sure and get your order in before close of Market!

Check your Grocery List and get your orders in before 8:00pm Monday for delivery on Thursday!

Burnell Farms
Doug’s Garden
Fry Farm
The Veggie Patch
Cedar Rock Dairy (Cow)
Little Tots Estate (Goat)
Rocky Acres
Golden Farms
Little Tots Estate (Organic, Soy Free, pastured chickens) on Farmers’ Sale Table only
Bakery on Brooks (Gluten Free/Organic)
My Daily Bread (Organic)
Grass Fed Meats
Carrell Farms
Heritage Farm
Cedar Seeder
Natural Products
Carrell Farms
Dances With Bees
Low Low Knows Bones
Handmade Items
Carrell Farms
Dances With Bees
Peacefield Farm
My Daily Bread

Markets close at 8:00pm Monday. Please remember that minimums must be met for each Market to ensure delivery by our Farmers! Be sure and get your order in and thank you for supporting our LOCAL Farmers!

Hop on over to Crossfit/Lawrenceville Market and place your order…

Crossfit Members
Pickup at Crossfit Market
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 2:30pm – 5:30pm (later by appt only!)
Pickup Location: Crossfit O-Zone
519 Hurricane Shoals Road NE
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Click Here for Map

Hop on over to the Hamilton Mill Market

Hamilton Mill Members
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 2:30 – 4:30pm
Pickup Location:
Hamilton Mill Community Clubhouse
1669 Hamilton Mill Parkway
Dacula, GA 30019
Click Here for Map

Hop on over to the Lilburn Market

Lilburn Members
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Pickup Location: All Saints Lutheran Church
722 Rockbridge Road, SW
Lilburn, GA 30047
Click Here for Map

Azure Standard

Azure Standard Order Deadline: Tuesday, April 21st 6:00pm
Azure Standard Pickup Date: Monday, April 27th at 11:45am
Pickup Location: 963 Buford Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Drop #: 796431 Route: Q5
Drop Name: Heirloom Living Market Lawrenceville
Drop Coordinator: Maryanne Vaeth
Contact Information: Email Drop Coordinator
Phone: 404-432-4337

This Group on Facebook will keep you up to date on the “happenings” with this service!

Azure Standard Lawrenceville Drop Information: My Azure Standard Drop Lawrenceville

Check out Azure Standard.

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BUY LOCAL ~ Know your Farmer!

V.I Prime Produce locally Grown:  Weblog Entry

Good Day!
Wanted to give thanks to all who helped and joined Ra’s Sonrise Farm ,as we participated in our first year at THE TASTE OF ST. CROIX. We had a great time , as well as learning a lot.I have so many ideas for next year! Let us know what you would like to see.Special thanks to our friends at National Geographic,St.croix , The source and avis and many others who interviewed us about life at Ra’s Sonrise farm.Bless.

V.I Prime Produce locally Grown:  Weblog Entry

Good evening ,
Due to much intrest and inquires , we at Ra’s Sonrise farm are joining the weblog community , to give customers ,friends and community a birds-eye view of life on the farm.We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us!Bless.

Cumberland, TN:  CSFM Open - First Week of the Season!

The Cumberland Sustainable Farmers Market is now open for this weeks ordering.

Thanks for supporting your local area farmers!

Madison GA:  The Market is Open!!!!!!!!

All growers and customers drop off and pick up at Auto1 across from Ingles. Thanks,hopefully all this rain will be gone!!!!!

United States Virgin Islands:  This week in VI Locally Grown!

Dear VI Locally Grown members,

There is a lot to choose from the market this week, including many greens, lettuce, kale, eggs, and mango pasture-raised pork cuts (chops, ham, ribs, stew) and there will be a lot more in the coming weeks as Ridge to Reef’s CSA program draws to a close for the winter season and many crops normally sent to the CSA will become available, so please help us eat some of the great organic food we are growing! Also, our CSA has just opened up for registrations for the 2015 Summer season, starting the first week of June. Sign up for regular access to R2R’s organic produce! The market at Little La Grange has been so pleasant lately under the large saman trees. With easy breezes and filtered light coming from above. Last week we all dreamed up having a lawn concert on the site, we will see what comes out of it! Thanks for shopping with us this week and supporting our organic food growing habits. Your food is currently being tended and watered with loving care.

Have a great week and we hope to see you Wednesday,

Nate & the VI Locally Grown producers

Green Fork Farmers Market:  Weekly Product List

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market Customers,

The market is now open, and we have a great variety of spring products available for pre-order!

NEW this week:

Bee Well Gardens has some amazing additions this week to their beautiful line of culinary, herbal, and flowering plants. Some of the new selections are offered in pots made of rice hulls, which is a great alternative to plastic pots!

Figgieville has a new shipment of olive oil, a very flavorful blend direct from the organic olive grower in California.

Beyond Organics has kale and swiss chard to add to their offerings of delicious greens.

Green Fork Farm has lovage available, a culinary herb used for its celery flavor.

Also this week:

Vegetables—Green onions, lettuce, spinach, kale, swiss chard, and gourmet salad mix.

Herbs—Chives, sage, mint, cilantro, lovage, and mixed herb bunches.

Eggs—Pastured chicken and duck eggs.

Meat—Pastured chicken and lamb are available this week. (Diamond T Meats will be back in a couple of weeks with beef and pork)

Fermented foods—Sauerkraut and jalapenos.

Baked goods—Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.

Salsa—Made with locally grown and organic ingredients.

Jam—Blueberry, made with organic, locally grown blueberries sweetened with fruit juice.

Olives and olive oil—organic and directly from the grower in California.

Place your order from now until Tuesday at noon. We’ll be at Nightbird Books in Fayetteville on Wednesday from 4-7 pm for order pickup.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Green Fork Farmers Market

Russellville Community Market:  RCM Opening Bell

Welcome to another RCM Market Week!

Be sure to check out the newly listed items this week! Lots of great, local products to be had!

Happy shopping! Eat Local!

Check out the “Featured Items” section as well as the “What’s New” section at the top of the market page for all the latest products available.

Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page for updates and food-related events in your community!

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. Remember, you have until 10:00pm Tuesday evening to place your orders.

Happy Shopping! See you on Thursday!

Russellville Community Market


V.I Prime Produce locally Grown:  Weblog Entry

Good morning Prime Produce Market is now open and accepting orders.