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Champaign, OH:  Market Time!

If you placed an order for the week, tonight’s the night for pick up!

It’s a hot one, and I will getting your orders together, quickly, for you!

Cosmic Pam

Independence,VA:  Market is OPEN for pickup June 22nd!


*The Online Market is open for orders! Support your local farmers and artisans by shopping the market.

Pickup will be Wednesday, June 22nd, at the Grayson Landcare office (104 Courthouse St.) between 4-6 pm.

If you’d like to schedule a curbside pickup to conveniently have your box awaiting upon your arrival, please feel free to schedule a time using the Calendly link below. Otherwise, You can drop by and pick up your order inside the office any time on Wednesdays between 4-6 pm.

Thanks again and happy shopping!

To shop:

Schedule Your Pickup Time (OPTIONAL): Calendly.
After you click “Confirm” on your time, be sure to enter your information and click, “Schedule an Event”. You will get a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, you are not scheduled and need to try again.

Thank you for supporting the Market!



Old99Farm Market:  Top reviewed documentary on Food

We’re losing quality soil. Here’s what that means…

Food that doesn’t taste as good An increase in diseases as our soil is stripped of vital nutrients Skyrocketing food prices And if we continue on this path, more hungry people.

But there is hope, and that’s exactly what the inspiring film, The Need To GROW, is about.

This week, for a limited time, you can watch The Need To GROW for free.

This moving documentary has won over a dozen awards at film festivals, including Winner of the Best Documentary, Audience Favorite, and Best Environmental Film.

It will touch your heart, give you hope, and inspire you to be part of the solution on planet Earth.

>> Click here to watch The Need To GROW. (Available free for a very limited time, June 13 to 19.)

P.S. If you’re concerned about climate change, this film is for you. The good news is, if we create enough healthy soil, it could pull much of the excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere! This is truly exciting, and the film shines a light on how that is possible.

Watch the whole movie now. (Free, for a limited time!)

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, week of Jun 12 2022

We have a few new items this week: carrots and radishes, even a few tomatoes! They will be on the display when you come to pick up. Early birds get the worm!

Bok choi
Carrots, bunched
Green Chard
Kale, Frilly green
Kale, Russian Red
Kale, Nero di Toscano, baby
Lettuce, Head type (Kaiser and Paonia)
Lettuce, Rouge d’Hiver
Lettuce, Romaine
Mesclun Salad Mix
Mustard, Tokyo Bekana
Onions, Green Bunching
Radish, bunched
Rhubarb stalks
Spinach, bunched
Tong Ho

Special on burger and stew beef, good option for that bbq on father’s day to make shishkebab. 25% off if you buy 2kg or more.

All of continental USA is in a heatwave right now, most major cities posting 100F plus. wow. Check here for news on climate and the economy; it’s my favourite aggregator site to stay current.

The summer harvest basket starts this week, for 20 weeks at $31.95 a week, or biweekly; select either option with a comment in the order form. Support us with your commitment to a regular basket of freshpicked organic vegetables each week. We have a flexible plan with options and substitutes. We’ll even deliver.
Still considering whether to sign up for the Harvest Basket? Here’s a sweetener: free copy of my customized 40 pg booklet on How to store vegetables from A to Z. Extending shelf life, freezing, canning, drying, etc. with recipes and pictures. Sign up via Locallygrown right here.
Please click here for brochure on Harvest Basket.

Surf to the online store here to place your order. Store pick up Thurs 4 to 6 or by arrangement.

Healthy eating
Ian and Cami

Martin's Farmstand:  U-pick strawberries Wednesday @2 pm

I am just returning from scouting the strawberry fields. As one approaches the patch the sweet aroma of ripe strawberries is floating in the evening summer air. I tasted a few. They are delicious. We are opening the fields for u-pick starting at 2 pm tomorrow (Wednesday June 15,2022) NO MORNING PICKING ON WEDNESDAYS. Picking conditions are excellent with thousands of lbs. ready to pick now. We are in the early main part of strawberry season. In the next 10-14 days 90% of the crop will come in. Come and get them. We also have picked berries at the farm stand for those of you that do not wish to pick. Daniel

Grumpy Goat:  Weblog Entry

We are open for ordering this week. Please note that I zeroed out a lot of the leafy greens. They aren’t enjoying this heat wave and I’m not sure if I will have any by the weekend or not. So come shop in person Friday to see what has made it through!

As far as new items listed : garlic scapes are coming in strong, fennel heads are just big enough, chard has recovered from the rabbit frenzy, and the fava beans are here – they are a super short season crop so get them while you can!

Keep the look out next week for the first of the kohlrabis.

Stay cool out there!

Conway, AR:  Tuesday REMINDER: tamales!


Don’t forget to put in your CLG orders. Market is open until 9pm. Also, Send in your tamales order

Pork, chicken or jalapeño & cheese.
They come in packets of 5, all same kind, for $7.


See you on Friday:)

Miami County Locally Grown:  We're open!

Shop here

Mucci’s Sweet Treats is offering a Strawberry Brookie exclusively during our local strawberry season, and she’s donating all of the profits to the Food Pantry. The Brookies come in packages of 6 and 2.

And Rosy Toes has Shiitake Mushrooms – quite the delicacy! We also have Garlic Scapes from Simple Living for just one more week.

Last but not least, slicer cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash are new produce offerings from Burns’ Green Leaf Market. Wow – this all sounds so yummy!

Champaign, OH:  Tuesday Reminder!

It’s that time, again, market customers!

Time to get your orders in!!

I know that most of us dealt with the over night storms, and if you were like me, a three hour power outage, so just like you…I am rushing to also get my market order in!

FYI…all Cosmic and Hippie and the Farmer items were on Vacation Mode, and will also be in vacation mode for next week, as I have two full weekends ahead of me that need all of my attention!

See you on the flip side!

Cosmic Pam

Statesboro Market2Go:  Corn!

Order before 10 on Tuesday night!

Open up your ears! We’ve got several varieties of Corn available on Market2Go! Great by itself as a side dish, or cooked up in one of the recipes listed below!

Welcome to our new vendors Double Branch Farms in Register and Franklin’s Goodlicious Produce in Excelsior!

Click to order at Market2Go!