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Dothan, Alabama:  Sept. 16, 2023 M@D is *FINALLY* OpEn fOr OrDeRs

Market at Dothan is open to accept orders. Orders close Tuesday at 5pm
We use the word “Sustainable” over “Organic”.
You can grow organic without being sustainable, but you cannot be sustainable without utilizing organic practices.
Thank you for your continued support of our local farmers. We count it a privilege to serve you!
Our Website:
Order prepayment link:


Upcoming Schedule

After talking with our growers we’ve made the hard decision to continue with a bi-weekly schedule for the foreseeable future. As much as we love hanging out and visiting with everyone in the Market Shed on beautiful fall days, some of the setbacks our growers have experienced kind of kill the purpose for being there at all. It’s no fault of anything or any person – just the ups and downs of farming.

So . . . this is what things look like through the end of 2023:

Order September 16-19 for pickup Friday, September 22
Skip a Week
Order Sept. 30 – October 3 for pickup Friday, October 6

Saturday, October 7 – Dothan Nurseries Fall Festival!

Order October 14 – 17 for pickup Friday, October 20
Skip a Week
Order October 28 – 31 for pickup Friday, November 3
Skip a Week
Order November 11 – 14 for pickup Friday, November 17
Skip a Week
Order November 25 – 28 for pickup Friday, December 1

Saturday, December 2 – Tentative date for Dothan Nurseries Christmas Open House

Order December 11 – 14 for pickup Friday, December17
We will resume orders on January 2, 2024


Katherine’s Kitchen: We have relisted the following favorites . . ,.

Einkorn Sourdough Bread
Basil, Genovese (for pesto)
Basil, Sweet

JBW FARM FRESH:It is crazy to think that fall is right around the corner! We are counting down the days to September 23, the first official day of Fall. We are excited for several reasons.

First, any chance of cooler weather makes us very happy and our animals!

Second, we will be planning several days where we are going to invite the community to come on out and visit the farm! Cooler weather=more enjoyable experience.
Third, we will be launching a Fall Collection of soaps and lotions! This is something we have been working towards for a while, and we promise, these scents will not disappoint! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

Retro picnic

MOUNT MORIAH FARMS:  The last two weeks have been pretty busy around here. We just expanded our chicken coop to add 33 more hens into the poultry family. They are all getting along well. We also added four more rabbits, they are silver Foxes. So we now have Silver Fox rabbits and rex rabbits! The goal is to be as self-sustaining as we can be. It is so easy to rely on the grocery stores for our food but the more aware I become of what is actually in the food sold, the more I want to dedicate time towards teaching myself to really rely on the land. While i was milking the goats this morning i couldn’t help but to be jealous of my goats, they really don’t have much to do. I feel like I have a never ending to-do list. Then the thought hit me, I don’t believe God ever intended us to be as busy as we are. So i am purposing to be less busy and really look at my priorities. Do I have them out of order? I challenge y’all to be as purposeful in your day as you can, enjoy your life. It is a beautiful Gift from God.

Retro picnic

We look forward to seeing you next Friday at one of our pickup locations. Thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Happy Thursday!

And, thank you for all the love and chats, tonight!

I loved seeing all of your smiling faces!

The market is open, again, and ready to take your orders!

Cosmic Pam

Russellville Community Market:  9/15/23 opening

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. You will receive a confirmation email.

Don’t forget to check out the extras when you pick up your order from 4-7 PM on Tuesday at the Downtown Russellville Train Depot.

Does the beautiful weather have you feeling like fall? Get in the fall mood with one-stop shopping at RCM! We have an amazing selection of scented candles from Meadowlark and Drewry, some really cute crocheted pumpkins and a wreath from The Thomas Family and a wide selection of baked goods! Cecelia is back this week if you have been missing her bread! Welcome back to Isn’t She Sweet, as well! She has pumpkin gingerbread, molasses cookies, snickerdoodles and her cinnamon rolls! Stock up on pumpkins and winter squash from Drewry Farm and Orchard to make your house festive and serve them for dinner too!! They have a beautiful selection of colors, shapes, and flavors! From now until November Christal Fields chicken should be on the market every week!! Bluff Top is back this week with their eggs, beef and pork. Enjoy Pawpaws Pecans and fudge, Lucky Star’s pickles, McAnulty Mercantile’s Pumpkin Spice granola and Porch Swing Farms sliced ham! So many great choices to fill your fall menu!
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

REMINDER- We can no longer accept credit or debit cards. We will still be able to process cash, checks and SNAP/EBT transactions.

Check back frequently as our farmers regularly update what they have available. Multiple orders are encouraged. :)

Russellville Community Market



Hello! Just a quick note that starting with today’s market pick up, we have decided to begin new time frames for pick up!

You can now begin picking up at 3pm!

You will have until 5:30, and then the market will close, BUT, if you let me know you will be later, your order will be waiting for you, in the greenhouse!

You also still have the option of a Friday morning pick up or a Saturday pick up!

Cosmic Pam


Fall is in the air!

Foothills Market:  Market Reminder

Foothills Market is open for orders until 5:00 p.m. today. We have some salad mix added this morning, along with the other offerings.

Connie's Cornucopia:  Just In Ice Cream and Sausage from Rock House Farm

Rock House has Ice Cream in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee & Bird Dog Becky.

Rock House has also added: Mild Italian, Chorizo, Andouille, and German Sausage.

Rock House Farm raises 100% grassfed, grass-finished Berkshire pork.

Check it out. Get your order in before Midnight tonight so you can enjoy these items this weekend with your family.


Connie's Cornucopia:  New Milk Supplier

We are happy to add Mountain Fresh Creamery to our Website. Check out their milk.

Here is a little about them:

At Mountain Fresh Creamery and Glo-Crest Dairy, we are dedicated to our cows’ comfort and health 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We milk around 210 Holstein cows, twice a day, every day on our 100 acre farm. Our cows are never given any growth hormones or rBST. We also believe in healthy cows, so if a cow does happen to get sick and needs antibiotics, we will give them. However, the treated cow’s milk will be dumped until after her withdraw time period and until her milk no longer has any trace of antibiotics. Approximately 60% of our herd is registered, and we have plans to be 100% registered by 2020.

Our cows spend part of each day grazing in our lush pastures. What goes into the cow affects what comes out, so we make sure our cows have fresh water at all times and a balanced, healthy diet. Although the cows love grazing outside in the pasture, Nutritionist Ron Arp carefully balances the cows’ vitamin and mineral needs to ensure they receive the highest quality feed as well. During the hot Georgia summers, the cows enjoy hanging out by the fans to keep cool. They’re treated like family because they are!

Milk quality is our #1 priority at Glo-Crest Dairy, and the practices we have in place to care for our cows has captured our farm the “Cream of the Crop” award each year since 2004!


Brassell’s Sprouts Market:  09/13/23

The market is OPEN!

Thank you for shopping local!

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, week of Sept 10 2023

Here’s what the harvest table looked like last week:

Here’s a customer’s CSA basket.

We’ve got some super fennel bulbs this week. Haven’t cooked with fennel? You can slice like an onion and eat it raw. You can steam it whole or sliced as a vegetable. The fronds make a nice garnish or topping on a salad.

The new season crops are going in, some already to the harvestable size, like young kale, lettuce and arugula.

The subscription plan “Let Me Be Your Farmer” is up and running. Pay in advance for 3 months purchases of veg, fruit, eggs, meats and ___, and get 10% off. The farm benefits from a more secure customer commitment and has cashflow to buy inputs like seed and nutrient. You get the choicest items for your basket, a la carte. Typically I’d expect $1500 to $2000 per quarter.
Sign up with an email to me.

Summer Harvest Baskets: Some of you paid by installment so we’re at the mid-point, next time please plan on paying the second half, 10 weeks at $32. Thank you.

What we have now: arugula, apples, blackberries, celery, frilly kale, Nero kale, Rainbow chard, Tokyo Bekana, chinese cabbage, beets, bell peppers, sweet bulb onions, fennel, garlic, baby lettuce mix, baby buttercrunch lettuce, rhubarb, carrots, collards, cabbage collards, leeks, basil and herbs.

Surf to the online store " to place your order. Store pick up Thurs 4 to 6 or by arrangement. *

Healthy eating,
Ian, Cami and Adam