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Champaign, OH:  Box Of Rain

Look out of any window
Any morning, any evening, any day
Maybe the sun is shining
Birds are winging or rain is falling from a heavy sky
What do you want me to do
To do for you to see you through?
For this is all a dream we dreamed
One afternoon long ago
Walk out of any doorway
Feel your way, feel your way like the day before
Maybe you’ll find direction
Around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you
What do you want me to do
To watch for you while you were sleeping?
Then please don’t be surprised
When you find me dreaming too
Look into any eyes, you find by you
You can see clear to another day
Maybe been seen before
Through other eyes on other days while going home
What do you want me to do
To do for you to see you through?
It’s all a dream we dreamed
One afternoon long ago
Walk into splintered sunlight
Inch your way through dead dreams to another land
Maybe you’re tired and broken
Your tongue is twisted with words half spoken
And thoughts unclear
What do you want me to do
To do for you to see you through
A box of rain will ease the pain
And love will see you through
Just a box of rain
Wind and water
Believe it if you need it
If you don’t, just pass it on
Sun and shower
Wind and rain
In and out the window like a moth before a flame
And it’s just a box of rain
I don’t know who put it there
Believe it if you need it
Or leave it if you dare
And it’s just a box of rain
Or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long long time to be gone
And a short time to be there

(Box Of Rain-Grateful Dead)

Just filling your world with a bit of Grateful Dead…with a song that I find myself humming or singing when I am looking to be encouraged, or in times of stress or upset…

It calms, it reaches out, and it assures us that no matter what, we deal with it, we take what we need from that situation, and then you pass the love along…because someone always needs the love vibe.

As do we all in these days…just simple reminders that we are all in this, together, fighting the good fight.

Let our market continue on that path…let us keep the love flowing, by bringing our products, our vendors, and our commitment to you.

The market closes tomorrow evening, at 10pm…let us by your Box Of Rain…

Cosmic Pam

Atlanta Locally Grown:  Online produce, eggs and meat ordering

Please refer to my for ordering eggs, meat and seasonal produce.

Thank you,

Conyers Locally Grown:  On line produce, eggs and meat ordering.

Please refer to my for ordering our products.

My Own Metro Market:  Open for deliveries on Saturday March 28

I hope all is well. The market is open for orders. You can make you selections till Wednesday. Orders will be delivered on Saturday.

You will get a square invoice for your total Friday. Please pay invoice so we just have to transfer your stuff to you Saturday.

Thank you,

Athens Locally Grown:  ALG Market Open for March 26

Athens Locally Grown

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Twitter: @athlocallygrown
On Facebook:
On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

Things worked well enough last week that we’re going to try to have order pickups at Ben’s Bikes again this Thursday. Incase you just woke up from a month-long nap, we’ve had to make a few changes to keep everyone as safe as possible. We know that now more than ever it’s important for you to have fresh, locally grown food direct from our area farmers, and we’re here to facilitate that as best as we possibly can.

First, we will be working to gather all of your non-refrigerated items together before you get there, ready to pick up in paper grocery sacks. We’ll be working as quickly as possible, but we do need a little bit more time than usual. We’d love it if you wait until 5pm to arrive. The coolers will be full of cold and frozen things that we have to dig through, so if you all arrive right at five, not only will you have to socially distance yourselves across the parking lot, but you’ll also have to wait as we try to find everyone’s things in the coolers. We’ll be there until 8pm as usual, so feel free to come any time between five and eight.

We also want to minimize the amount of things that get handled. That’s why we’ll be pre-bagging your items instead of using your baskets or our bins. Also, please hold on to your recyclables for the foreseeable future. Even better, recycle them yourself at the various ACC locations about town.

We’d also rather not handle cash, checks, or cards in person. We understand if you really need to pay in person with paper money, but if at all possible, there are two better options for payment:

First, you can add a credit or debit card to your account, on the “Your Account” page of the website. It’s secure, powered by Stripe, and ALG never possesses your number ourselves. The downside is they charge us 3% for processing, and we have to pass that along to you.

Second, you can pay via Venmo on your phone. This is totally free to you, saving you from that 3% surcharge, and we treat it same as cash. You can find us there as @athenslocallygrown. You can pay via your phone right when you pick up your order, so you have the amount exactly right. If you want to add me as a contact first, go for it! If it asks you for my phone number as confirmation you actually know me, use 706-567-8954. Don’t try calling us, though — that’s the hotspot we use for our tablets.

Finally, we went to minimize the crowd waiting for food. To that end, please only send one person, and leave the kids in the car. We’ll be as quick as we can handing out orders, but if you want to text me to let me know you’re on the way, send me a message to 706-248-1860. Be sure to say who you are! Last week I got so many messages from people not in my contacts that my phone decided I was being spammed, and I didn’t actually see most of your messages until I got home. It turns out we did manage to pre-bag most everything so it didn’t really matter, but if you still want to text me to say you’re on the way, go for it. I added everyone from last week to my contacts, so not only will my phone know who you are, it also looks like I have lots of friends.

On our end, we’re minimizing our contact with the items, will wear gloves, and be washing our hands and using all the hand sanitizer we can have available. Speaking of which, I know that stuff is the most valuable substance on earth right now, but if you happen to have a bottle in your bunker that you can spare, could you please donate it to us? Thank you!

Like for everyone else, this is new territory for us, and we’re having to adjust on the fly. Last week saw three times the normal amount of sales for our growers, which would be logistically challenging for us in normal circumstances. Please be patient with us on Thursday if things don’t go the most smoothly, and if you see something we could be doing better, please tell us. We don’t know how long we’ll be able to do this, but we’ll keep it going as long as we possibly, and safely, can.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Dawson Local Harvest:  It's Sunday night, the Dawson Market OPENS at 8 pm!

Notes for The Harvest:

Items to be aware of this week:

Some Chicken and Beef still on The Market

Some Produce available; more in the pipeline

Still some Eggs available

My Daily Bread is baking Breads and Baked Goods daily

PORK joins The Market next week!

Organic Herb plants and Tomato plants available now to plant in your garden

Several new Products from Cultured Traditions

The Market is Open and we expect it to continue weekly through this crisis.

Russellville Community Market:  Ordering Ends at 10 PM Tonight!

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. You will receive a confirmation email.

Orders will be ready for pick-up from 4PM – 6:30PM this Tuesday outside the Russellville Train Depot! Please remain in your car during pick-up, as your order will be brought to you in full-service fashion!

Ordering on the market will end at 10 PM tonight!
There’s never been a better time to support your local farmers’ market. Your health and safety are priorities to us. We will be taking every precaution to reduce the chances of any possible virus transmission. Check your email in the near future for more details, and thank you for your continued support of local farms and farmers!

Russellville Community Market


Foothills Market:  Foothills Market is (Still) Open!

Wow – how much has changed in a week! With social distancing and depleted grocery store shelves, we’re all more aware of our personal food supply. Foothills Market is still open, although we are making some changes to our pick-up process to comply with the procedures recommended by the CDC.
Beginning this week, we will be having pick-up on the west side of the courthouse square in downtown Clarksville. Having an open-air market will allow people to keep the six-foot spacing the CDC recommends. We will also be extending the pick-up time to be from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on Friday, giving people a better chance to spread out their pick-ups.
We still have plenty of beef on the market, although quantities of eggs and produce are limited (especially since the Food for Thought Garden, as part of the University campus, is closed). Be sure to check our listings on Mondays; some of our growers sell on other markets and will be updating their listings to adjust for sales on those markets.
We are still committed to providing you with high-quality, locally-grown food. Stay well, and eat something fresh this week!

RAF Buying Clubs :  Our Online Store is Now Open!

Good afternoon!

Our inventory has been updated and our online store is now open.

A few notes for this week:

1. On Wednesday morning we will email a Square Invoice to everyone who has placed an order. You will be able to pay this invoice online before coming to pickup your order. This will help us avoid having to exchange cash as much as possible. If you would still like to pay cash please bring exact change. You may also bring a check for payment.

2. We have added a third pickup location starting this week. It will be on Long Meadows Drive in Lynchburg from 6:30 – 7:00pm on Wednesday. Exact address will be sent to you via email once you have placed your order.

Please be sure to read your order confirmation email for information about the precautionary steps we are taking in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you all for your support and we’ll see you soon!

Restoration Acres Farm

Restoration Acres Farm Logo

Wedge Oak Farm:  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Sunday March 22, 2020 03:18 PM. It should be open for business soon!