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Yalaha, FL:  Who Wants more Payment Options?

Please let me know if anyone would like me to add online payment options to the online market? There will be a small convenience fee for online payment but it would allow for prepaying orders and allow for ding dong drop deliveries.
The additional fee would be just 3% of the order. We will still be able to do the cash or checks the way we always have for in person pick ups so if you like the way it is now, don’t worry, that won’t change.

Please let me know.
Market is OPEN and we are working on expanding availability to more people.

Conway, AR:  New Grower! Opening Bell: Mushrooms, Cheese, Coffee.

Hello friends!

We will be meeting in the lobby at Saint Peter’s again this Friday. You can enter through the courtyard or the south parking area.

Pork, chicken or jalapeño & cheese.
Five for $7.
At market this Friday, April 3rd.
Text me your order.

New Grower! Take a look at the exciting mushrooms offered by Wye Mountain Mushroom Farm. Jess Wilkins has been growing up to 8 varieties of mushrooms for the last few years. He’s been featured in local magazines and stays busy supplying local restaurants. Take a look at the mushrooms he has available this week and do some research online on how to prepare them for the best uses. Very impressive. Welcome to CLG, Jess!

White River Creamery has listed more delicious cheeses.

On the extra table this Friday we will have about 50 plants that were started from seed by some local grade school students. We will have basil, tomatoes, peppers, and others for only one dollar each. Proceeds go to the school’s gardening program. #Tomorrow’sFarmers!

Many restaurants and businesses are closed, but still operating the drive thru. Take a look at the great items being baked fresh for you at Julie’s Sweet Shoppe. Let’s support our hometown bakery during this crisis. #GlazedDonuts!

Mark your calendar: the 3rd annual plant sale at Bell Urban Farm on Tyler street. It will be held on Saturday, April 18, from 9 AM until 3 PM. Hundreds of varieties of flowers, herbs, and vegetable plants will be available. Kim has decided to have the plant sale online to prevent large crowds. Stay tuned for details.

We are normally ready for customers to start arriving around 3 PM if you happen to be out and in the area. Just text me to see if we’re ready.

Be sure to SEARCH for your favorite items using the search field. Four instance, type in the word “sale” and see what pops up. We have almost 500 items available now!

Most items are listed by 6pm Sunday, but check back again before the market closes Tuesday night to see if any other items are ready to be harvested for you! Eat fresh! Eat local! Eat for better health!

And save your eggshells throughout the week for the laying hens! :-)

In accordance with the current guidelines, we will not have more than 10 people in the lobby at any time. We have four volunteers who can bring your order to your car if you prefer. Just call or text when you are parked and your order will be brought to you.

Come early on Friday for the best selection from the Extras table. See you Friday!

The market is now OPEN for orders. Click here to start shopping:*

How to contact us:


Phone or text: Steve – 501-339-1039

Email: Steve –

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown:  New From CS3 Farm

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown market

is open for your orders till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

From CS3 Farms in Several Categories:

CS3 Farms new overnight oatmeal (with or without fruit and nuts) will give you a healthy option for breakfast (or anytime) meals packed with protein, dietary fiber, healthy fat, and a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals.

A bit stressed by the world events? Try our Revitalizing Bath Salt, with Dead Sea Salt, Epson Salt, and Himalayan Salt.

In the culinary department, our Black Hawaiian Salt adds a delicious, light smokiness to any food, and is good for you, too (in moderation).

Top (L to R) Overnight Oats (under Bakers – Gluten Free); and Bath salt – Revitalizing (Under Candlestick Makers – Bath & Beauty).
Bottom: Salt – Black Hawaiian (Under a new category – Culinary Artists).

Click here for the complete list of available fresh local farm products for this week.

Due to the Corona virus restrictions, if you would prefer home delivery of your order, please just ask. No charge during this time.

However, please remember that our market is much safer than any grocery store. All our products are direct from grower/producer to consumer, with no middle men handling.

Please share this information with your friends and help them to understand how safe our open-air markets are.

To Contact Us

Our Website:
Middle Tennessee Locally Grown
On Facebook:
Middle Tennessee Locally Grown Online Farmers’ Market
By e-mail:
By phone:
(931) 273-9708

Our Manchester pickup location is across the street from the Manchester City Schools administration building, at
216 East Fort Street, Manchester, TN

Our Tullahoma pickup location is inside “Nature’s Elite”, in the Cherokee Square Shopping Center next to Dunham’s Sports, at
1802 N Jackson St, Ste 800, Tullahoma TN

For a map, click on the address link.

AND We deliver!!!

Only the best fresh flavorful farm products for your family! No more week-old produce trucked across the country before you get it at the supermarket. All the fresh local farm products listed come from your grower and maker neighbors in Middle Tennessee. The freshest produce is picked the day you receive it!

Year-round weekly market is open for ordering from Sunday morning at 8 am till Tuesday evening at 10 pm.

Receiving options (please note changes in day and time for Tullahoma):
Thursday afternoon pickup (4:00 – 4:30 p.m.) – Fort Street, Manchester, pavilion.
Thursday afternoon pickup (5:00 – 5:30 p.m.) inside “Nature’s Elite”, Tullahoma.
Delivery on THURSDAY evening for a small fee.

See the “About” page for details.

Please help us grow:
spread the word about our market.
share this newsletter with someone.
make my day and ask to hand out some fliers.
And if you are hungry for something special, just let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you.


Your Awesome Farmers!

Morgan County/Decatur Farmers Market:  This market is preparing to open!

This market was added to the system on Saturday March 28, 2020 10:42 PM. It should be open for business soon!

Stones River Market:  Market is OPEN -- See you on the 'CURB' Wednesday

Welcome to this weeks Stones River Locally Grown Online Farmers Market. The Market is open from 8:00 am on Sunday Morning and closes 10:00 pm Monday evening. Order early before quantities available run out!

The Market is OPEN…..hope everyone is ready for some wonderful, delicious and helpful items on the market this week.

SPECIAL NEWS: The Market is offering DELIVERY service for Murfreesboro and Woodbury.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to last weeks Customers for your patience during our first ‘Curb Service’ in front of Quinn’s Mercantile. A suggestion: would you put your name on your side window that the ‘Porch’ Assistance can see when you drive up. (Sort of like picking up your child at school!) It will help them assemble your order with less waiting.

News from Some of Growers:

Welcome ‘Mama D’s Bakery:’
We are sisters who make baked goods from organic, non-gmo ingredients that taste really good and are good for you. We make donuts, cookies, breads, rolls, pies, cakes, muffins, danishes, scones and more. We use healthy fats such as avocado, coconut and olive oil and butter, and we sweeten with organic raw sugars, honey, and maple syrup. We have spent years perfecting our recipes and continue to do so. We love what we do, and we enjoy making food that tastes good and is good for you.

Oakview Farm: has turkey eggs! These large and delicious eggs are great for baking or for a hearty breakfast. Top a sunny side up turkey egg with our wonderful spring microgreens mix (mustard, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi and beets). We also have multicolored chicken and duck eggs, dried rosemary and fresh kale available.

Quarter Spring Farm: wants to say thank you to all of our customers for their support. We have sold out of chicken cuts for the time being, but we still have delicious whole birds available. We also have tons of goat milk soap, so wash your hands like the CDC recommends. Our goat milk soaps are made to be great for your skin, so you can pamper while you protect.
Thanks again, and stay healthy JB

Carole’s Herbs (CS3 Farm): Our new overnight oatmeal (with or without nuts) will give you a healthy option for breakfast (or anytime) meals packed with protein, dietary fiber, healthy fat, and a whole bunch of vitamins and minerals.

A bit stressed by the world events? Try our Revitalizing Bath Salt, with Dead Sea Salt, Epson Salt, and Himalayan Salt.

In the culinary department, our Black Hawaiian Salt adds a delicious, light smokiness to any food, and is good for you, too (in moderation).

We have a few servings of forage greens, miner’s lettuce, and arugula left to harvest. If you see it’s not available on Sunday, check back on Monday as we reevaluate our growth.

Sow’s Ear Piggery: We still has excellent small batch of pork cuts. Chops, cutlets, ground pork. Don’t be afraid of shoulder steaks or fresh ham steaks. These are thin slices from the front or back leg but not cured, great for a slow cooker meal. As always, all our pork is non-GMO, non corn, non soy.

BB’s Gourmet Pretzels: Take a break, sit back with a bag of our delicious and could be addictive flavors of our pretzels. Also have Gluten Free Pretzels and Gluten Free Peanut butter cookies. (Comment: the Smudges are over the top delicious! by Catherine, Market Manager)

Flying S Farms: Our Squadron of Chickens have been eggcitingly producing eggs for the market this week. Several Breads available; Sour Dough, Artisan style and Friendship Breads, most all these breads make delicious as ‘French Toast’! Brownies and Lemon Bars, Cinnamon Cake Bars, I will be adding Jams as I prepare them and Salad Onions are available.

Short Mountain Cultures: Support you immune system with our fermented beverages and products, does a body good! Offering a range of Hatcher Dairy Milk on SRM!! Includes cream top whole milk, chocolate milk, half and half and heavy cream. Support local milk! It is some of the BEST milk around!… Also be sure to check out our Tempeh (pronounced TEM-pay)it is a cultured, fermented plant based protein native to Indonesia. Delicious, versatile and quick to prepare tempeh readily accepts your favorite sauces, marinades and dry rub seasonings. Several selections of dried bulk products, fruits, nuts, gummies delicious as a snack, salads, baking and much more.

Mo’Scrubs by Toya: Treat yourself or love one with our products. From head to toe, relaxing and beneficial. Your body will thank you.

Caney Fork Farms: Unfortunately we will not be able to open on the Market this week. Planning to return to Market starting in April.

Look forward seeing you “At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile Wednesday April 1st from 5:00 – 6:30pm, please contact me if you are unable to make delivery or are running late, please phone, email or text me so we can make arrangements to get your order to you.

How to contact us:
Locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on Wednesdays: 301 North Spring Street, Murfreesboro

Dothan, Alabama:  MArch 28, 2020 M@D Newsletter

Market at Dothan is open to accept orders.
Orders close Tuesday at 5pm
We use the word “Sustainable” over “Organic” because you can grow organic without being sustainable, but you cannot be sustainable without utilizing organic practices.

Roslyn’s Ramblings
Market Chitchat
Grower Notes

Only one photo today. Little did we know when we gave this cup to Wendy . . . hope it makes you smile too.

Unprecedented Times

“The Governors coming on in 15 minutes!”

That was the word we got from JD during Market Pickup yesterday. After Gov. Ivey’s last appearance announcing the shut down of schools for the remainder of the year we had a bit of anticipation about what to expect.

As we all know now her announcement put a lot more people out of work. That hurts. And at the same time we can’t forget it’s the cost of saving this very precious thing we call life. We can come back from economic disaster but there’s no coming back from death.

It made me think of another group of people, another time in another place who had their lives turned upside down overnight.

It was a group of school children who were told to pack their things and leave together. They were separated from the home and friends they knew and marched for miles to a place where they had to sleep on the floor with very little food. After a time there they were forced to march many more miles to a fortress of sorts where they were kept at gunpoint for several years.

Many of you are familiar with this story. It is the experience of my sweet mother in law who grew into a lovely young woman after WWII was over, married, raised a beautiful family and has spent her entire life serving others. What she lived through was traumatic and hard, but her final attitude toward it helped shape her into someone who has given back to humanity after experiencing some of humanity’s worst. Mom Horton lived through extraordinary times that went down in history just as the event we’re experiencing will go down in history.

A wise woman once told me, “You only have today.”

She was right. TODAY we each have a choice. We can choose love. We can choose faith. We can choose to do the right thing. And we can choose to make the most of this precious thing we still enjoy called LIFE.



I have to hand it to our customers – GENIUS! Yesterday several of you had your ziploc payment baggies in the truck so there was no need to approach the driver at curbside pickup. Just goes to show there’s always room for improvement and you guys knew just what to do!


I may get in trouble for this, but one person who needs to be recognized is our customer Stephanie Dellafiora. Early on she stepped up to keep all of us SAFE by donating a respectable amount of Melaluca disinfectants, hand sanitizer, etc. Our new early Friday protocol starts with spraying everything in the Market Shed down. Stephanie is a Melaluca consultant and if anyone would like to know more about these great GREEN products we’ll be glad to put you in contact with her. For what it’s worth these are the products your Market Manager uses at home.


We get to tweak pickup protocols every week as we learn what works in our current situation.

1. Order Payment:
a. Voluntarily prepay by 6 pm Thursday if possible. This eliminates passing paper currency back and forth or handling of debit/credit cards on site. Your invoice will be marked PAID and pickup is fast and easy.
b. curbside. Not quite as efficient as we have to verify receipt but it does work.
c. Debit/Credit – yes, we still take cards. We just have to get within 6 feet for you to put your card in the chip reader.
d. Cash and Checks – please put them in a plastic baggie or bank bag. If you want to put them in your trunk/tailgate that would eliminate the need to come near the drivers window.

2. Curb Service. It’s OK to pull up next to the building. In fact we recommend it as tractor trailers sometimes need to share that space. Have your trunk/ hatchback open and we’ll load you up!


We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

MAYIM FARM: Just a quick note…we have increased our seedling/transplants and are continuing to plant these in the ground daily.
Hopefully we will have some of your old favorites available again and new products ready for market in a couple weeks.
We are also planting more of our medicinal type plants, focusing on those that might be helpful in these times.
One of our core values for Carole and I is…plants over pills. This also includes our food as medicine.
We are striving to make these personal choice options to all…
Stay healthy…Greg and Carole

DANNY’S GREENS: Our green onions are just now getting big enough to pick so they are listed along with the salad greens and a bit of kale and collards.

HORTONS FARM: Spring has Sprung and with it all the less pleasant aspects that go along with it in the deep south. We have a few products that should help if any of these ail you:
Fire Ants – there are multiple home remedies that will relieve the pain, but Fire Ant First Aid is still the only product out there that can prevent pustules when used right away. It’s especially effective on children’s tender skin.
Plantain antiseptic salve. Keep this in your glovebox or purse. It will cover, protect, soothe and kill germs till you can get that injury looked at.
Allergies – Stinging nettle provides time proven respiratory support. We offer both tinctures and capsules. Makes a great vitamin supplement even if you don’t have allergies.
Cuts, Scrapes, Burns. Local Honey may be sticky but it’s a proven to kill germs, create its own natural hydrogen peroxide and promote faster healing through enzyme activity.



Oh, kale no, the veggies aren’t ready yet. ; )  

Sorry to disappoint. Things are growing but it will be a while yet. I did see the first couple asparagus stalks. So that’s exciting. Should be able to list those in a couple weeks.

Stocking up on chicken feed, especially for the meat birds. If things go sideways I want to have enough feed on hand to grow these 50 out to eating size. 


We would love to hear from you! If you have a favorite recipe, want to write a product review, have an idea or request for an article or information, let us know! You can reply to this newsletter or write

Market Schedule
Order Saturday 5pm to Tuesday 5pm weekly for Pickup the following Friday
Dothan Pickup: 10am – 12pm, Dothan Nurseries, 1300 Montgomery Highway, Dothan, AL 36303
Daleville Pickup: 11am – 11:30am, Parking area behind Daleville Chamber of Commerce
Enterprise Pickup: 12pm – 12:30pm, Grocery Advantage, 1032 Boll Weevil Circle, Enterprise

Our Website:
Our Email:

On Facebook:
Join our Online Discussions!
Be sure to use our hashtag! #marketatdothan

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Yalaha, FL:  Healthy food during the crisis.

We are still Open providing Fresh Food
Conctact me if you want to order or pick up when I don’t have the Market open, We have been staying at the farm away from public interactions. Get your Socially Distant Fresh Food Pick up Here at the farm Gate.

Standard Ordering window below.
Order now through 7 am Friday April 3rd for Sat April 4th Pickup, or tell me when you want to pick up, we usually have flexibility.

We Are Flexible, TELL ME if you want to make special arrangements for produce, I am open and willing especially now. I just like to know when to expect people to show up.

Remember to tell me when you want to pick up! (and if I don’t reply to confirm within a day, bump my e-mail or text me 407-342-8515. Though I have cleaned up my e-mail so hopefully I won’t have a problem again.)

Sign in to order.

You have to sign in to see the add to cart button. Then set the number and click the add to cart button on the items you want to buy (it is the little picture right next to the quantity box.) Remember you need to check out before your order will be placed.
Remember to let me know when you want to pick up on Sat or maybe even Friday late afternoon or on Sunday. (If I don’t send you an e-mail confirmation of your order and pick up time, please make sure you checked out and completed your order.)

Champaign, OH:  Oh, My Darling

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me…
(Knock Three Times-Dawn)

No need to knock three times because we are always here for you!! All you need to do is toss us your orders, sit back, continue your distancing, and let us get groovy with all that you need or want…

I feel like these fun little song implants are making up our Quarantine Playlist, available at the end of the quarantine, when we draw customer names!

And…may I just tell you that once again, you are showing us some record numbers for this early in the game, this weekend!!

Also…to bring loveliness into these days, we have Hickory Acres with their live plants!!! So beautiful, full of color, and will put the brightness in your days!!

Oakview Farm Meats added new cuts of meat to the market!!

We are all just waiting for you…go ahead, knock three times, and we will tell you how groovy we think you are!

And, when you pick up on Thursday, it’s an enjoyable drive to Oakview Farm Meats, we will have all of your boxes in the greenhouse, we will bring them to your car, and while you wait, take in the beautiful view…it’s so good for your soul…

Ok, my sweetness…see you, soon!

Cosmic Pam

Northeast GA Locally Grown:  Market is open for orders!

Good Evening Locavores, Northeast Georgia Locally Grown is open for orders!

Thanks for recognizing we can all do our part in operating in the safest way possible for upcoming markets. This market system may continue to be a good alternative for our community accessing food. We are and will continue to operate under CDC and federal guidelines to the best of our ability and knowledge. Be on the lookout for the order reminder email on Tuesday night with ways you can help minimize risk for our volunteers and each other. Thanks for your support!

Go to the market >>
Fresh Vegetables
Clean Meats
Baked Goods with Organic ingredients
Pastured Eggs
See all products

Market stays open from Fridays 9 p.m. until at least 9 p.m. Mondays!

Thank you for choosing Northeast Georgia Locally Grown as a way to support your local producers. This online farmers market allows you to buy directly from multiple farms committed to chemical-free and local produce all year long! CHEMICAL-FREE means produce and pastures grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides. LOCAL means within 80 miles from the market pickup locations (usually much much closer). Do you know someone who grows chemical-free food in the area? Get them in touch with us. Know someone who wants fresh food? Spread the word. Put the two together, and that’s growing organically!

PICKUP TIME is Wednesday from 5-6:30 p.m.

If you do not get an email ORDER CONFIRMATION right after you order then your order is NOT complete. Log back in and your order might still be there waiting for you to check out! If you have any trouble or questions at all, we are here to help; simply reply to this email.

Statesboro Market2Go:  Market2Go is Open!

Come shop this week at the Statesboro Market2Go! Place your order by Tuesday midnight for pickup Thursday afternoon.

We’re mindful of keeping ourselves, our vendors and our customers healthy by following sanitation guidelines and maintaining social distance. We’ve redesigned our order pickups in a drive-through process to minimize social contact. Please read about the detail here. You can also have your orders delivered to your home.

Enjoy lots of fresh, local, delicous vegetables like spinach, kale, collards, turnips and turnip greens, mustard greens, mushrooms, green garlic, and green onions, asparagus, strawberries, broccoli, and much, much more!

We offer a full line of fresh and delicious dairy – Milk, buttermilk, chocolate milk, cream, half and half, butter, and ice-cream from Southern Swiss Dairy. They are a family owned and operated dairy in Waynesboro that offers products with pasteurized, non-homogenized milk from their line of Brown Swiss cows.

In addition to fresh, local, delicous vegetables, we have plenty of items you need. You can buy locally grown pastured poultry and meat like beef and pork, and sustainable seafood.

There’s loaves of bread, already baked, or you can purchase locally milled flour and cornmeal and make your own.

Enjoy sustainable seafood! We have Doug’s Wild Caught Alaska salmon! Purchase from our annual winter stock while it lasts, or order Georgia Wild Caught shrimp or NC coast flounder from Prosser’s Seafood.

If you want a delicious meal made from market products, but don’t have time to cook, you can purchase a healthy prepared meal from Victory Garden, 4 & 20 Bakers, Caribbean Feast, or a soup stock from Ma’s Country Pantry.

Looking for more? We’ve got coffee, honey, grits and cornmeal. Plus homemade dog biscuits, candles, lotions, and soaps. Plus, there’s lots of sweets and treats from Sugar Magnolia, 4 & 20 Bakers, Cakes by Rosie, Jacob’s Produce, and Victory Garden General Store.

Thank you for your support of the market and of our dedicated local farmers and producers.