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Martin's Farmstand:  U-pick strawberries this evening starting a@ 5 PM(Monday June 10)

We are opening for the second u-pick picking of the season this evening (Monday June 10, 2024) starting at 5 pm. Picking conditions in the early kinds look really good for tonight.

Hours for u-pick are Monday starting at 5 PM; Wednesday, starting 2 PM (no morning picking on Monday’s and Wednesdays); Saturday, starting 7 AM. This repeats through out the whole season. The patch closes when the berries are all picked or at 8 pm on Monday and 6 PM on Wednesday and Saturday.
When you arrive you do not need to stop at the stand to weigh your containers if you know the empty weight already. Also you do not need to stop if you are picking into standard Quart containers.
You have the option of bringing your own containers or buying empties from us. Quart boxes 25 cents each. If you are buying empty containers from us please pay when you get them rather than after you are done picking to minimize confusion as to what is going on.
NO DOGS in the field or stand areas. We will be using the same random picking pattern that we did last year. This means that you may start anyplace you wish in the patches that are open as long as you are not cutting in front of someone. It is mandatory that when you are picking that all the ripe berries are picked as you move No roaming or grazing type picking. A section of row must either be picked or not picked when you leave. We will be scouting the patch and keep suggesting where you will find good picking.
Pricing u-pick: $5 per Quart if less than 8 quarts and $3.40 per quart if more than 8 quarts; $27.20 for an 8 quart tray. All containers are expected to well filled but not heaped. We will adjust prices up or down as needed for over or under-filled containers. By the pound price is $2.30/# (limited to bigger containers or larger amounts). If you pay by credit card there is a 3% surcharge added to the above prices and you will need to use the inside checkout station rather than outside express options. Daniel

Siloam Springs, AR:  The Online Market is Open!

Check out all of the great products we have available on the online market! We have plenty of meat, produce, and other local items to choose from. Susi’s Kitchen has lots of yummy baked goods to satisfy your sweet tooth! You can order from now until Thursday at 5pm, with pick up happening at the concession stand next to the promenade on Saturday morning. We look forward to seeing you!

Lathemtown Farm Fresh Market:  This Week at the Market

Good morning! We have a slew if cucumbers coming in so this week into the canner they go! We’ll have quarts of Garlic Dill Chips available, and if time allows we may get some more varieties done as well. The rest of the onions wil be harvested this week. Some will be for sale fresh and the rest will go into the barn for curing.
Peaches are winding down and berries are up next! Don’t worry, tomatoes will be around the corner, too!
Have a great week!

Farmher Chef Amy

Grumpy Goat:  Weblog Entry

This is just a reminder to get your Kreppel orders in today if you’d like to pick them up tomorrow in the farm store! Order with Jenn directly at

And this is just another reminder that the store will be closed this coming Friday 6/14 and next Tuesday 6/18 . So pick up your weekly veggies tomorrow too!

Cumberland County, TN:  Hello from CSFM

Hello, hope you all are doing well!
I just came in from the garden and considering how much rain we have had things are coming along, small tomatoes and lots of blooms! Hope to have produce soon! The market is open, mostly eggs which could end up being a scarce product with all the egg places getting burned down and all the hype of the so-called bird flu. Our good quality eggs beat the store brands hands down!

Have a blessed week!

Fayetteville Farmers' Market:  Online Orders NOW OPEN

Online ordering is now open!
Closing is at 6am on Wed morning.


PICKUP at the library will be Thursday June 13 from 4:30-5:30 pm.

SUNNY ACRES, LEE FAMILY AND CHICKADEE FARM are back and so we have more produce options this week.

BLUEBERRIES! pints, quarts and gallons.

FLOWERS! If you can’t make it to Saturday market there are snapdragons and sunflowers to pick up on Thursday this week.

LIVE PLANTS AND STARTS: lots to see, including peppers and tomato plants, strawberry plants, blueberries, elderberry, raspberries, herbs and more

GRILLING TIME IS HERE! LOCAL MEAT: Consider local meat for your grill or your table—chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and more available online now.

Ozark Natural Breads and Dirty Apron have a variety of bakery items. Celi Bakes has delicious gluten free items. Bartleby’s has locally made seitan products. We can say from our experience that ALL of these products are yummy!

OTHER GOOD THINGS AVAILABLE: local honey, local jams and juices, locally made food products including salsa and hot sauce, locally handcrafted items and more.

Reply to this email or 479-935-5111 if you have questions.


Delivery service by Seeds that Feed is added as an item with a small charge, to help their volunteers cover the expenses of delivery to Fayetteville addresses.

Delivery will still be FREE for the following Fayetteville customers:
-SNAP customers
-customers 70 or older
-customers who are not able to drive to pickup location on Thursday
-customers who already donate each time they receive a delivery

If you are a customer in any of the above categories, please put “Free Delivery” in the comments as you finish ordering.

If you request Fayetteville delivery and you are NOT in the above categories, please choose delivery service as one of your items when you order. You can find this item under Delivery and the cost is $7 total for each delivery date. This service will be charged to your order. We make sure that Seeds that Feed receives all of those fees.



DRIVEBY PICKUP TIME AT THE LIBRARY OUTDOOR PARKING LOT is THURSDAY afternoon from 4:30-5:30. Note: if you already know that you cannot make it by 5:30 pm Thursday and you want to order this week, just reply to this email or text 479-935-5111 and we will work with you on a plan.

SEARCHING TIP: On large categories such as baked goods or meats click on the category to get a drop down of specific items in that category.

HOW TO CHECK ITEMS FROM A PARTICULAR SELLER: Scroll down on left side until you see “show specific growers”. If all the boxes are checked, you can click on “reverse all” then click the boxes on or off of those sellers you want to see. Then click “show specific growers” again.

BUYING TIP: If you see items that you want but not much available, order and pay and then log back in and continue shopping. Your orders will be combined and you will only be charged once.

SNAP CUSTOMERS ONLY: you may choose pay at pickup and bring your EBT card on Thursday. We will swipe your card and match up to $100 of your order. NOTE: please do not bring tokens or match cards to pickup at the online market.

NOTE: New customers and new orders are always welcome—no minimum order required, no weekly order required.


1) Sellers sometimes add more products later in the ordering period, so be sure to check back. The product list changes each week, even from the same seller, so it’s worth exploring the categories you are interested in.

2) Multiple orders from you at different times will be automatically combined into one order before pickup and you will only be charged once.

The OUTDOOR parking area at the south end of the new part of the Fayetteville Public Library. Follow the line of cars towards the building and stay in your car in line while we get your order.

Thank you for your continued support of the online market.

Foothills Market:  The Market is Open! With a Customer Appreciation Raffle!

Foothills Market is proud to be part of the network of farmers who provide fresh, local food to people in our communities. As part of the celebration of Arkansas Farmers Market Week June 9-15, we are offering a “thank-you” gift for one of our customers. Place an order on the market this week, and we’ll enter your name in a raffle to win a gift basket put together by our growers.

Shop the market between now and Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Click the button to place your order, and we’ll have your items ready for pickup on Thursday afternoon. We’ll draw the winner of the raffle Thursday before the pickup time and will announce the winner in the email reminder.

Eat something fresh this week, and good luck in the raffle!

Berea Gardens:  Market open

Hi Friends,

Ordering is now enabled for Wednesday pick-up. Still a little slim on selection, but we did add some nice new lettuce varieties this week. The blueberries are starting to ripen and we should have pints available next week for ordering.

Bob & Lynnita

Russellville Community Market:  6/9/24 closing

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. You will receive a confirmation email.

Don’t forget to shop the extras when you pick up your order from 4-7 PM this Tuesday at the depot!

Treat the special dads in your life to their favorite foods and unique gifts from RCM! Shop the one-of-a-kind handmade greeting cards from Hoof Hollow Hobbies, check out seasoning and snack stick gift sets from Lanty Cattle Company or plan a special dinner with Top Sirloin steaks from Bluff Top! C3 Beef also has a great new combo special featuring New York Strip steaks and brisket! If you don’t have freezer space for the combo deal, R&D has brisket, roasts and more! I bet some of Lanty’s seasonings would be amazing with Dunrovin chicken, as well! This might be the last week that blackberries are available; stock up and freeze or can what you can’t enjoy fresh! There are plenty of fresh herbs available, kale from Hoof Hollow, cucumbers from Drewry and healthy soybeans from B&B Legacy. If dad has a sweet tooth, you can get him some candied fruit from Sweetbirds Candy Kitchen, fudge from Kaitlyn’s Sweets and Treats, a brownie pie from Weatherford or chunky Oreo cookies from Yum Yum Sweets by K! I can imagine some tasty sandwiches with Maple Brook’s sourdough herb bread or Weatherford’s Italian herb and cheese loaf and some Porch Swing Farms sliced ham! Get some great granola from McAnulty Mercantile, cinnamon rolls from Isn’t She Sweet, peanut butter banana bread from Lucky Star or fresh bagels from Maple Brook for breakfast along with some farm fresh eggs from your favorite vendor! The Fortunate Mushroom has dried oyster mushrooms, fresh mushroom medleys, and fresh oyster mushrooms available this week! There are lots of beautiful flowers available and Backwoods Plants has some unique specimens to help you fight the bugs. After flavoring your fantastic cuts of meat with seasonings from McAnulty Mercantile or Lanty Cattle Company, you can serve them with homemade BBQ sauce from Meadowlark or a side of handmade pasta from Wild Hare! Don’t overlook the pet treats category. Treat Street Pet Bakery has special homemade goodies for dogs and cats! Lost Eden has dried catnip for your kitties and Porch Swing farms has Meaty Treaty dog treats! Find something special for everyone in your household and enjoy the delicious benefits of eating fresh and local!
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

RCM accepts cash, checks, credit and debit cards and SNAP/EBT transactions.

Check back frequently as our farmers regularly update what they have available. Multiple orders are encouraged. :)

Russellville Community Market


Stones River Market:  Market is OPEN -- See you Wednesday

Welcome to the June 9th and 10th and Market is OPEN,
closes Monday evening at 9PM.

Pickup Orders on Wednesday June 12th 5:00 – 6:15pm,
if you are unable to pickup,
please contact me so other arrangements can be made.

Always check back when market is open, some Growers add or update their inventories during the week.

Growers with available products this week:

Backyard Tailz
C&M Valley Farm
Calico Farms
Dogwood Valley Greenhouse
East Fork Farm/ Worm Castings & Luffa
Flying S Farms
Foster Bakery
Heath Homespun
Hollow Springs Farm
Jay’s Bakes LLC
Kumaika Coffee
Lavendar Cottage
Linwood Lamb
Oakview Farm
Periwinkle and Pine Co
Pinky’s Micros
Quarter Spring Farm
Quinn’s Mercantile
RC Farms TN
Safe & Sound Soap Co.
Sow’s Ear Piggery
Sunshine Farms
Sweet Beets Farm
Tailwynds Farm
The Natural Nook
Triple LLL Farm

Growers News:

Welcome New to the Market …. Jay’s Bake LLC….At Jay’s Bakes, every batch of cookies, muffins and pies is made with care. Jay’s Bakes offers artisan baked goods made with homemade vanilla extracts and modern ingredient substitutions to ensure everyone can enjoy dessert. Vegan and/or gluten friendly options are available on 99% of our products.

Oakview Farm:

We have PEACHES from Morning Glory Orchard this week on the MARKET! They are clingstone peaches, first of the season, and beautifully sweet. We also have our pies, sourdough breads, jams, and peppermint patties for sale this week as well!

Calico Farms:

Back this week are our organic strawberry thumbprint cookies. Delightfully simple, yet bursting with summer flavor, these cookies are rich & buttery (yet dairy-free!), with a generous dollop of strawberry jam as your prize in the middle.

Also available, for gluten-free & non-gluten-free fans alike, our organic peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. These are delicious on their own, with coffee or tea, or crumbled on top of your favorite ice cream at the end of a hot day (don’t ask how I know lol).

Both cookies are sold in convenient 6-packs.

If you’ve never tried our homemade vanilla extract before, let me tempt you here. Our customers swear once you try it, you’ll never go back to store bought! We use a vodka base and infuse it with organic Madagascar vanilla beans for a MINAMUM of 2 months then strain & bottle in 4 oz extract bottles. Our current batch actually steeped 4 months and the longer the time…the better the flavor. Pick some up today for you or your favorite baker!

Our salsa has been FLYING at our in-person markets lately, so grab a jar of our 16 oz mild salsa & see what the fuss is all about. We only have 3 left so get ‘em before they’re gone!

Pink’s Micros:

New Spring blend of power packed microgreens…Romaine, Golden Leeks, Lemon Basil and Red Panda Sorrell.
Also check out our other Micro’s – Basic Salad Mix, Broccoli, Cilantro, Pea, Radish, Red Amaranth, Sunflower and Wheat Grass Shots.

Quarter Spring Farm:

We have all the affordable luxury that you need this spring. From our moisturizing soaps to our delicious meats and eggs, we have all the goodies to pamper you. You work hard, so treat yourself to an incredible dining experience with our lamb or chicken. It’s healthier and tastier than conventionally grown meats, and better for the planet, too. Our amazing goat milk soaps and lotions will leave your skin feeling like you just dropped 2 grand at a high end spa. You deserve nice things, so let us provide them to you.

Kumaika Coffee:

If you have not started your morning with our Coffee, you are missing out! We have Dark, Medium and Light Roasted Beans. We are a Certified USDA Organic Product provider. We have a small coffee roaster business. We specialize in roasting and crafting small batches of organic, high altitude single origin and fair trade coffee beans. We bring the coffee beans directly from Nicaragua and roast small batches in our home located in Lascassas TN. We have Beans and/or Ground Coffee available or can’t decide order our Sampler of all 3.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse:

Several items ready to plant in cooler weather. Herbs, Ferns, Hosta and Shrubs.

Flying S Farms: We’ve added several items of Spring/Summer Produce: Broccoli, Cauliflower – Purple, Orange and White, Green Cabbage heads, Red Cross Lettuce, Napa Cabbage, Mixed Kale Bundles, Hakurei Turnips, Garlic Scrape, Kohlrabi, Romaine Lettuce, Long Colorful Carrots, Medium size Bulb Onions, French Breakfast Radishes, Straight Neck Yellow Squash, Zephyr Squash (my favorite!) Swiss Chard and Zucchini Squash. We have several baked item our delicious Sour Dough Breads, along with Brownies, Biscuits, Various Friendship Breads. Strawberry Jam is back in stock and more jams soon to be on the market again.

Look forward seeing you Wednesday, June 12th when you pickup your orders.
We will always try and reach you as a reminder about your order, we can make arrangements for you to get your order to you. “If we do not hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount of your order”. We still need to pay our Growers for their products.
We will be looking forward seeing you “On the Porch or At the Curb" of Quinn’s Mercantile WEDNESDAY, June 12th from 5:00 – 6:15 pm.

IF YOU THINK YOU’LL BE LATER PLEASE CONTACT ME. Please note time change, but we still like getting off the porch earlier, please contact the Manager if you are unable to pick up your order or are running late, by phone, email or text the Manager (615.542.1078) so we can make arrangements to get your order to you.
We will always try and reach you as a reminder about your order, we can make arrangements for you to get your order to you. “If we do not hear from you, your order will be donated and you will be invoiced for the amount of your order”. We still need to pay our Growers for their products.
We have Delivery Service again, if your new to our Delivery Service, please put direction to your address in the comments when you place your order.
How to contact us:
locations: Quinn’s Mercantile on the corner of Spring and Lytle.