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What Muscles Do Push Ups Work in the human beings?

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<p>Push ups are the type of exercise which are known to be done in a very prone kind of position of the human beings with the hands palms and toes of the food kept down on the floor under the shoulder along with the straight back which push is the human body up in the air and let it go down again in the alternative straightening as well as bending of the human arms. So, <b><a href=''>What Muscles Do Push Ups Work</a></b> in the human beings?</p> <p>This is known to be a very easy and also a very difficult kind of exercise in the human beings were all the people who do exercise on a regular basis because this requires a lot of strength and a lot of power in the human body as in this particular exercise whole of your body should be in the air except the palms of your hand and foot toes on the floor rest all the body should be in the air.</p> <p><b>So, What Muscles Do Push Ups Work in the human beings?</b></p> <p>As per the gym experts it has been said that the push up exercise is known to be very beneficial for the human being and specially for the upper part of the human body. As the same provides a lot of strength to the same. Because the human being works by doing the push ups with the help of the triceps, pectoral muscles, as well as the shoulders of the human body.</p> <p>Along with the upper body parts of the human being if the push up exercise is being done properly then the same exercise can also help a human being in benefiting and also strengthening the lower part of the human body also such as lower back and the abdominal part. Because this is only been done by creating the lower back to get engaged with the abdominal muscles of the human body in order to do the push ups effectively. So, What Muscles Do Push Ups Work in the human beings?</p> <p>Majorly the push up exercise is known to be the building strength exercise in the human beings. This particular exercise can be done anywhere and anytime because it does not require any kind of equipment or even a specific place to do so.</p> <p><b>So, What Muscles Do Push Ups Work in the human beings? Here are some of them.</b></p> <p>1. The agonist which is also very commonly known as well as referred as the prime mover muscle of the human being pectoralis major is known to be involved while doing the push up exercise. Because when you push the whole body up in the air this particular muscle helps a lot in doing so.</p> <p>2. Then comes the antagonist which is the muscle that helps in opposing the agonist. The main muscles of the middle fibres of the trapezius muscle of the human body along with the posterior deltoids as well as also the rhomboids.</p> <p>3. Then synergists come into the picture as the helper muscles used in the exercise of the push ups in human beings. These are the muscles, which are considered to be helpful in doing the triceps in the person.</p> <p>4. Then comes the fixators, which are also known to be the core muscles of the human body, which helps in keeping the spine of the human being straight up in the air. These are also known to be very helpful in keeping the shoulders at place. It also keeps the legs straight and rigid.</p>
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What Muscles Do Push Ups Work

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