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What’s the tea about Doja cat weight loss?

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<p>The American Rapper and Singer who is widely popular because of her unique discography, she rose to fame with her single Mooo! In 2018. The song got viral on social media as a meme but it helped Doja cat to get the attention of everyone and now she is one of the most talented and famous singers aka rapper. Since she is popular, she started to work on her vocals and personality and here we will talk about <b><a href=''>Doja cat weight loss</a></b> journey.</p> <p>Her fans love her wholesome personality and music, she surprised them at her live performance, and it started to trend on Twitter and Instagram. While working on her music, she began to work on her body too as she had body dysmorphia and it made her really insecure.</p> <p>Her song “Juicy” perfectly describes her feelings. During her teen years, like any person she too started to feel changes in her body both internally and externally. She thought her body didn&#8217;t look good with any kind of dress she used to wear. Now that she is mature enough to know herself and her problems. She finds joy in little things and eating a good meal while working on her body. She admits about still feeling insecure because of body dysmorphia since she is a celebrity and the media constantly captures her body movement from every angle. <br /> What was the process of Doja cat weight loss?<br /> Doja cat aka Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamine opted for a natural and healthy way of reducing her</p> <p><b>weight and achieving an attractive figure.</b></p> <p>Media even tried to put false allegations on the process of Doja cat weight loss, there were many rumours about her going for surgery and extreme diet while reducing the consumption of basic meals. She faced criticism from haters but every rumour proved to be false.</p> <p>On May 24, 2021 Doja cat tweeted : “I lost some weight and there’s absolutely nothing y&#8217;all can do about it.” With this she put an end to the discussion.</p> <p><b>Diet meal of Doja cat</b></p> <p>Doja cat lost around 20 pounds in a short time and it was not easy. <br /> She started with eating plant based meals and high protein intake which <br /> included the following :<br /> Spinach<br /> Green veggies<br /> Salmon fish<br /> Egg wraps<br /> Beef<br /> Chicken steak<br /> Seaweed chips<br /> Fruit and vegetable juice<br /> Low carbs weight loss keto diet<br /> Tuna<br /> Kale<br /> Quinoa<br /> Plentiful of water<br /> Her customized diet consisted of Two eggs and spinach tortilla with caramalized onions pepper jack cheese and hot sauce, then she would roll everything in seaweed chip.</p> <p><b>Workout routine of Doja cat </b></p> <p>She started to work on her body under the guidance of her personal gym trainer.</p> <p>She started with Cardio and weight training exercises to strengthen her muscles.<br /> Cardio helped her in burning a lot of calories.<br /> Running, cycling and dancing was her everyday routine.<br /> Deadlifts<br /> Squats<br /> She used kettlebells as a full body exercise for flexibility, fat burning and endurance.<br /> Jump squats helped her in athletic activity and dancing at her live shows.</p> <p><b>Body shaming on Social Media</b></p> <p>Doja cat was body shamed on social media, whenever she would upload photos or videos on her media handle or paparazzi would post her pics on their platforms. Her haters would criticize her in every way possible. She was body shamed both times before and after taking control of her body fitness.</p> <p>Her journey was truly inspirational, she worked hard for it and still received a backlash from haters and media. Despite all the struggle, she continued to make her health progress and music.</p>
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