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Augusta Locally Grown:  Donate your old Smart Phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Today, I spent the afternoon in Athens observing how Athens Locally Grown uses technology to run their market. I learned so much and want to take our markets to this level. Before we can do that, we need your help by donating your old/unused iPads, iPod Touches, iPhones or any other smart phone.

By using this technology we will be able to go completely paperless, reduce errors and save a LOT of time. So bring them with you next Tuesday!


Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  News: Bulk Seafood this weekend

Sustainably Caught Wild Seafood Bulk Order this Weekend

This weekend we will be having our group bulk order for Wild Caught Seafood from Vital Choice.

In order for us to get discount pricing we have to reach certain minimums, if we do not reach the minimums on all the items I will let you know and you will have the option to purchase at the non-discounted price and still take advantage of our FREE shipping. The last order we had in August, we hit all our minimums. Below is the co-op discounted pricing and links to detailed descriptions from Vital Choice’s website. These items will be on tomorrow’s price list for ordering. Our minimums will be the “Available(estimated)” amounts and we can go over that number since it’s just a minimum to get the discount.

You’ll enjoy several advantages when you choose Vital Choice seafood:
•Certified Purity – By nature, their wild fish and shellfish are free of hazardous levels of contaminants (see in their revealing mercury chart on their website).
•Top Quality – Their seafood will always be the very best quality available … a promise supported by their many testimonials, and backed by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
•Stellar Nutrition – In addition to ample protein, their fish are rich in two vital nutrients scarce in modern diets: omega-3s and vitamin D.
•Sustainable Sustenance – All of their seafood comes from well-managed, sustainable wild fisheries, certified as such by the State of Alaska, the Marine Stewardship Council, and independent organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, which advises consumers to avoid farmed Salmon.

Bulk Seafood Co-op Pricing
(These prices will be on the market website tomorrow and you will be able to place your order via the website on Friday)

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon- Whole Fillet, Boneless approx. 24oz. each $23.00 (Co-op Savings $9.00)
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon- 6oz Portions $8.50 each (Co-op Savings $4.67)
Wild Oregon Pink Shrimp (Shelled/Cooked/) 2lbs bag-250-300 count/lb – $23.00/bag (Co-op Savings $5.00)
Alaskan Weathervane Scallops – 25 to 35 scallops per re-sealable 1-lb bag $27.00 (Co-op Savings $2.00)
Pacific Blue Mussels – Avg 16-18 mussels per 1-lb bag $9.00 (Co-op Savings $3.00)
Canned Albacore Tuna Natural Pack, No Salt or Oil Added- 6 oz $6.00 (Co-op Savings $2.17)
Wild Pacific Calamari – 8 oz $6.25 (Co-op Savings $1.50)
Manila Clams- 1 lb. bag $10.00 (Co-op Savings $5.00)

Seafood Descriptions: (Click Link)
Salmon- Whole Fillet
Salmon- 6oz Portions
Canned Tuna Natural Pack

See these items tomorrow on the co-op website to order!

GFM :  Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing all of our customers and Vendors alike a very Happy Valentine’s Day. This just means we are that much closer to Spring, warm weather, and more fresh fruits and veggies. Until there, enjoy what our vendors have to offer, and we look forward to seeing you!

Statesboro Market2Go:  Happy Valentine's Day! If you placed an order...

If you placed an order this week, please pick it up today between 4:30 and 6:30 at the location you selected (GSU RAC or Sugar Magnolia).

Happy Valentine’s Day from Statesboro Market2Go!!

Clemson SC:  Market Open for ordering: Drop-off Tuesday

Clemson Locally Grown Market

Hello Folks.
Each week, we are so happy to see old friends at the drop-off, and excited to welcome new ones. Your love of local, sustainable foods from some of the Upstate’s finest growers is what keeps us going!
Soon it will be time to put in our gardens, in fact, some of us have already had garlic and onions in for a while, and have seeds started inside. Some of the first veggies that aren’t greens will be snow and snap peas; CAN"T WAIT!
We have started some micro and baby greens and soon will be sharing some of them with you.
Seedlings and plant starts will be ready for you when you are ready for them, so please let us know what you would like to plant in your garden.
We are seeking writers, photos, tidbits to include in our newsletter. If you have an item of interest, or an article to share with us, please let me know via email, and we may just publish you in our weblog.
What’s good this week?
Chives are looking good right now; the skinny kind that gives your dish a garlic/onion taste when snipped into it. You can also freeze these after snipping into small pieces for use later on in the season when things get a little too warm for these delicious condiments.
Well I am so sory for all the “centering”….I’m having troubles when I put our LOGO at the top; have to admit that I need to study up on HTML.
Happy ordering!
864-901-2692 Text me any time you have a question, comment or suggestion.

Ottawa, ON:  Don't plant anything but love.... Happy Valentines Day!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY… Don’t plant anything but love!

Wulf Engel, one of the best chefs on this globe, always asked everyone in his kitchens, eh, are you cooking with this? and he pointed to his heart…. He was right, growing things & cooking straight from the heart evolved the food tremendously…

Swainsboro, GA:  pickup reminder

Just a reminder, orders will be available for pickup today between 4-5pm in the parking lot of Crossroads Cafe.
See you all then!

The Cumming Harvest - Closed:  Eggs

Just a quick note…Phoenix Gardens posted eggs late yesterday so if you missed ordering eggs, they have plenty.

Happy Valentines Day!

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  Happy Valentine's Day!

The Market is Now Open…Go on and Shop Now!

Be sure to place your order by Monday at 9:00 AM.
Pick-up your order on Tuesday between 4:30-6:30PM at Rancho Alegre Farm at 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019

New to The Market? Learn about how it works here.

February 14th, 2013 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear market customer,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this special day, we’d like to express how much we love all our customers, staff, growers, vendors, and everyone that makes this market the very special place that it is.

Thank you for being part of this amazing movement to consume nutrient-dense foods, support our local farmers and sustainable agriculture, and come together as a team to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

The Market This Week

The Market keeps growing week by week, and this time there is a lot of excitement about the Organic Produce Boxes and the coconut oils that will be available for pickup next week.

Despite the colder weather and rain, our customers were very happy to come over and get their products, and this week we have many yummy products for sale too. If you order Orobianco’s cheeses, please note we will process the order when we have a minimum of 20 orders.

Last Chance to Get Your Organic Produce Box

The Certified Organic Produce Boxes continue to be a bestseller at the market every week. Remember that, due to the logistics of the ordering process, payment on pick-up is not available for this first order of produce boxes. We must receive your payment for the boxes ASAP either online, when you place the order, or via snail mail with a check.

Your order must be in by February 18th, so this is your last chance to get in on the first order of Organic Produce Boxes. Click here to order your box now.

Containing all Certified Organic fresh fruits and vegetables, the produce boxes are filled with goodness. Choose from two sizes: Small or Large.

Some of the variety produce you will get:

onions * potatoes * tomatoes * garlic * two or three varieties of greens (kale, chard, spinach) * berries * potatoes * broccoli * cabbage * lettuce * apples * carrots * bananas * pears * mushrooms * beets * celery * plums

Please pay for your produce boxes as soon as you order them online or mail a check ASAP to Rancho Alegre Farm at 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019. We must have payment in by Feb. 18th in order to secure your box.You will absolutely love the variety and quality you will get!

Click here and order you produce box now!

* Although our normal pick-up day for the market is Tuesday, PICK-UP for this order of produce boxes will be Friday, February 22nd. Produce boxes will be picked up bi-weekly, and as it grows to weekly, we will add the option to pick up on Tuesday.

Johnston Family Farm Dairy Products

Johnston Family Farm continues to delight us every week with their high quality homemade cheeses and raw milk labeled for pet consumption. Also, enjoy their exquisite buttermilk, cream, and chocolate milk. Get Johnston’s dairy products at the market here.


Help Us Improve – Survey Still Open

Thanks to all of you who filled out our short 3-minute survey to help us improve The Market.

Here at Gwinnett Locally Grown we continue to be committed to providing you with the absolutely best customer experience and fairly priced, top quality products. We want to bring you the products that you want, at the best available prices, while supporting our local farmers, encouraging sustainable agriculture, and abiding by the principles of nutrient-dense foods as taught by Dr. Weston A. Price.

If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes and fill out this short 3-minute survey. We promise to read every single reply and work diligently to make necessary improvements.

After you take the survey, be sure to come back to The Market and place your order!

Birthday Parties at Rancho Alegre Farm

Remember that we do birthday parties!

Your kids will have the time of their lives with our pony rides, petting zoo, and hayrides. For more information about our birthday party packages, click here.



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Suncoast Co-op:  Fresh Organic Local Strawberries! Make your order of local food on the Suncoast Co-op today!

To Contact Us

How to contact us:
Our Website: Suncoast Co-op Ordering
On Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Facebook Group: Facebook Group.
Suncoast Co-op Meet-up: Meet-up
Suncoast Co-op Youtube: Youtube Videos


Membership is Ownership

For $25 a year you can become a member as well as part owner of the Suncoast Co-op. We are a worker owned cooperative and will give special perks for our member/owners. Patronize from the market and reap the rewards years to come with a vibrant local food economy.

  • Receive 10% discount with no market surcharge.
  • Half off on any upcoming workshops or events our co-op may host.
  • Preferred Patron- If there are 5 apples on the market and 6 are sold, members get preference first on their order being fulfilled.
  • Discount Membership to the Tampa Bay Time Bank of $10 will also give Time bank hours to members who volunteer.
  • You own the business Democratic election of board of directors. Each member gets one vote.
  • Hiring Opportunity- we are worker owned cooperative we only hire from within. “With us, for us, we hire ourselves”

Become a member this week with a $25 investment!

Suncoast Co-op Market News

*Contact us if you want to learn how to garden!


Please remember to get your orders placed by Thursday noon.

In the News
Our Co-op was mentioned in both the Suncoast News and the New Port Richey Patch. Check out the articles and share with your friends and family. Get inspired by positive things happening in your community and come participate in its creation this co-op is brought to us by our community of members.

Patch article: Locals want Co-op to Grow

Suncoast News: Co-op brings locally grown food to Pasco

Great new Products
Strawberries, Black bean burgers, Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised chicken, Kale, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Lettuce and so much more are on the market! Make sure you browse all the categories on the left hand side of the market to see all we have to offer from our over 45+ local growers.

Simply Fresh Customer Pick-up
Customers can now pick-up their orders from Simply Fresh 1pm-2pm in Tarpon Springs on Saturdays. Make sure you specify what customer pick up location you want to pick-up at on the second page when you place your order. Simply Fresh Produce & Peanuts is located at 1942 S. Pinellas Ave. Tarpon Springs, FL.

Growing in Kinship Garden
Learn how to garden for FREE!
We are having frequent work days on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Kinship Garden behind the West Pasco Habitat for Humanity at 4131 Madison street. If you are apart of the Tampa bay Time Bank you can receive Time bank hours for your volunteering.

Partnership with Tampa Bay Time Bank
Starting in February we will be rolling out our partnership with the Tampa Bay Time bank where for every volunteer hour you give to the co-op you can get time bank hours back to trade/barter with others in the community using their website. We will have more information about this Time bank as the weeks go on ask us more in person or check out the website at

Now accepting all Major credit cards
We are now accepting all major credit cards for a 3.0% additional convenience fee we will use credit cards for your orders.

Please take our Survey
We appreciate you taking 5 minutes to fill out a Survey about the co-op, your feedback helps us do a better job: Survey for the Suncoast Co-op

Eat 10% Local
We are launching a campaign advertising our co-op and for local citizens to start shifting their food budget 10% local. We hope to encourage a food Renaissance and share this vision to people of the Suncoast area becoming an edible cornucopia. We hope to engage and educate people into the local food movement via movies, book studies, and Permablitzes social activities to enhance the development of the movement.

Looking for Volunteers and Board of Directors
We are always looking for new help in growing the cooperative. Becoming a board of director is taking on a leadership position and requires membership/ownership, while volunteering is for short term opportunities to assist the co-op and requires no membership. For inquire into assisting the growth of the co-op and local food movement please email the co-op with what your most interested in assisting the co-op with at Put Subject: Board of Director or Volunteer to receive more information

Coming Events

You can RSVP for these events either on our On Facebook: Facebook Fanpage or Suncoast Co-op Meet-up: Meet-up

Suncoast Cafe
Every Saturday join us for talks about local food movement. $1.50 cup of organic locally roasted coffee and conversations about growing our own food. 10am-2pm at the West Pasco Habitat for Humanity Restore 4131 Madison Street.

Free Film Showing: Edible City
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 6:00pm
New Port Richey Public Library

Join us for a free film showing of Edible City! Edible City: Grow the Revolution is a fun, fast-paced, feature-length documentary journey through the local Good Food movement that’s taking root in the San Francisco Bay Area, across the nation and around the world.

Documenting a broad spectrum of activists, organizations and inspired citizens, Edible City shows how everyone can get involved in transforming our food system.

Edible City introduces a diverse cast of extraordinary and eccentric characters who are challenging the paradigm of our broken food system. The movie digs deep into their unique perspectives and transformative work– from edible education to grassroots activism to building local economies— finding hopeful solutions to monumental problems.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!