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CLG:  Weblog Entry

Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

I was reading some Wendell Berry recently, and something he said stuck with me. He describes how one of the great cultural erosions in America is that people no longer “live while they work.” In other words people spend all their time working and living thoughtlessly so they can save enough time and money to take a weekend or vacation and live how they want to live. Most of us have fallen prey to this trap. We work and work and work so we can live when we’re not working. It is a goal of mine to “live while I work.” Working at Falling Sky Farm and working with CLG both are fulfilling jobs that mostly allow me to do so. I guess I’m lucky to have such an opportunity. I hope that the services of CLG and its farmers improve your lives as much as they do mine.

The market is now open. Go to to place your order, single click the checkout button when you’re finished, and you will receive a confirmation email when your order has been placed.

Have a wonderful week,
Gabe Levin

Swainsboro, GA:  MARKET IS OPEN

The market is open. Look below to see what the farmers have to offer.

Don’t forget, pickup is now on Friday afternoon starting this week. Pickup is still from 4-5pm.

Rivervalley.locallygrown:  Easter will be here soon!

For those of you who wish to order from Stutzman’s Pantry I wish to remind you that Good Friday may be a “Holiday” for them. We may need to get our orders in early for pick-up during that week. Will inform you when I am told of their plans.

I know that the pick-up time listed on the site is 4:30 – 5:30 but the closer to the 4:30 hour you can be at the Farmers Co-op the better it will be. Your promptness is appreciated.

Have a great browsing day.

Citrus County Locally Grown:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello, Hello, Hello and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! Yes, it’s St. Patrick’s Day which means it’s time to plant your garden beans!

Speaking of planting, Saturday’s 6th Annual Green Thumb Plant Show & Sale was smaller than last year but was still a success for some of your local growers! Shoebox Herb Gardens still has a few vegetable and herb plants available. You’ll want to check the Live Plants tab throughout the week as they are able to take stock of what they have left and what has matured while they were busy preparing for Saturday’s show.

Here’s something to wet your appetite for week, Coffey Break Farm is planning to send some sample cups of a few different flavors of their lovely flavored Chevre in to the Market this week for everyone to try! How great is that?! YUM! I can hardly wait!

Now don’t forget, Easter is coming fast and I’m sure many of you have big plans with the family for a feast and possibly some Easter Egg hunting with the kids and grandkids. Fox Hollow Farm’s got you covered if your family is like ours and LOVES their Deviled Eggs after the hunt is done!

Florida Fresh Meat Co. and Gaia’s Creamery have your grass fed organic meats. Coffey Break and Gaia’s Creamery have fantastic milk and dairy products. While Register Cracker Farm has lots and lots of vegetables this week to choose from!

With so many items to choose from it’s hard to pick a favorite from Rise and Shine Bread, SaraFay Farm, and 3 Rock Farm! Baked goods, jams & jellies, vegetables… it’s all SO GOOD!

What a mess cooking a feast can be, dishes, laundry, hand washing; Soap Nuts has several products that help you get clean naturally!

For new customers, WELCOME to the CCLG Market! Ordering ends overnight Tuesday to Wednesday. So make sure you get your orders in soon!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening to all!


Jonesborough Locally Grown:  Mkt open for Mar 20th pick up

Really, it’s spring…REALLY!… because if you buy stuff this week, you get to pick up on the SOLSTICE! What could be better than THAT!?
Farmers deliver 4:30 to 5:15; Customer pick up 4:30 to 5;00

See you there, The MKT Managers

Stone County, AR:  Market's Open!

Hey, Everyone!

The Market’s now open! Come on in!

ALFN Local Food Club:  The Market Opens with a Vengeance!

Wow oh Wow Community,
So much good stuff to report…
The Market has opened with a vengeance. But if this is vengeance, than I’ll take a second serving.
Crimmins Family Farm is back up with loads of organics greens, lettuces, and root veggies. We’re always so happy when Crimmins shows back up.
Ratchford Farms just brought goat meat back to our market. Take it from me, folks: give goat a chance. It is a deliciously complex and rich meat. Between that and McSwain Ranch’s lamb, we’re sitting in the fabled catbird seat. Or cloven-hoofed seat.
Plants n’ Seedlings. I was at Home Depot yesterday, in the garden section. Everyone in line, taking home those sad garden variety seedlings. A depressing sight, in comparison to us buying beautiful, healthy plants from local growers.
Don’t forget about Kent Walker’s Artisan Cheese: the stuff is amazing and provides a happy companion to lettuces!
Happy shopping.

Sam Hedges

ALFN Local Food Club:  ALFN Totes, T-shirts, & non GMO chicken feed

Good Morning!

As part of our continuing initiative to Spread the Word, we are ordering canvas totes and organic cotton t-shirts with our logo.

The totes will be a long handled heavy canvas large tote and will cost only $10.00.

T-shirts are organic cotton and available in Adult sizes (S, M, L, XL) in natural, pale yellow, light blue, pink, green, and red. Check out the Adult sizes & colors here. If you preorder, we can also order Ladies sizes (S, M, L, XL) in the same colors. Check out the Ladies sizes here.

We will be selling these organic cotton shirts for only $15.00!

Please respond to this email to preorder with the size and color preference. I will assume Adult unless you specify Ladies. This will help determine how many of each size and color to get and there is no need to prepay. We’ll be ordering 36 to start unless lots of folks respond. Also XXL and larger are available although there is an extra cost.

Got chickens? Are you interested in non GMO chicken feed? We are working to get GMO free chicken feed (layer, starter, grower, scratch) in 50 lb bags. Please email Dwayne if you are interested!

Thanks and have an awesome week!

Russellville Community Market:  The Market is Open!

Hey everyone!

We certainly hope you were able to enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday! Unfortunately, Sunday isn’t treating us quite as nicely, but that’s how it goes! I know I was definitely out grilling and working in the garden yesterday! How about you?

On the market this week are plenty of greens, everything from arugula and collard to kale and spinach. Be sure to get your hands on these ASAP!

Also, I know I’m gearing up for grilling season, and RCM has no shortage of meat! Every cut you could think of, and all kinds of ground meats like beef, buffalo, and elk! I think those bratwursts would look amazing on top of your grill! :)

Bluff Top is back this week after being off last week. Be sure to welcome her back with orders!

Also, a quick survey question: Would you be interested in being able to use a credit/debit card to pay for your order, even if it meant a small processing fee?
We want YOUR feedback on this possible addition to RCM, and whether you think it is a good idea or not. If you have an opinion or want to let us know what you think, please respond to this email, or drop us a line at our Facebook page (link below). Thanks everyone!

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook for up to date news and exciting RCM announcements. Check out our page for great info on local foods issues and upcoming events too! RCM Facebook

Check out the “Featured Items” section as well as the “What’s New” section at the top of the market page for all the latest products available.

To ensure your order is placed, make sure you click the “Place My Order” button once you have completed your shopping. Remember, you have until 10:00pm Tuesday evening to place your orders.

Happy Shopping! See you on Thursday!

Russellville Community Market

Homegrown Co-op:  Market is OPEN for Wednesday!

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