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Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is open

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering!

Have a blessed weekend!

GFM :  Now Open for week of Jan 24 -27

Market is now open for ordering, come shop from the comfort of your chair. Here is this weeks list of goodies.

Clemson SC:  Market is Open for Ordering!

Hello Folks.
Ready for the rough weather predicted for us?
It should be better by the time your orders come to you on Tuesday, Jan 29th. Twenty ninth? Where in the world did the whole month go?
Did you ever fool that way? ….Like a whole month slipped past you and you don’t know how?
We have been very busy here at Putney Farm. Since I am feeling so great (Thank you Lord!) I now have to do some serious cleaning and organizing to catch us up.

“Incorporating Green Smoothies in your diet is an easy, delicious way to boost up your health and a great way to stay fueled through out the day. And because they are high in fiber, your body stays regular (if you know what I mean). Green smoothies are known to resolve a lot of digestive problems. And with a proper diet, can help you stay lean.

Note: Green Smoothies are generally a mix of 60% ripe fruit and 40% organic greens"

We have been doing those “Green Smoothies” here at the Putney house, and both of us are feeling a lot lighter, mentally, spiritually, and physically. The whole thing is based on the fact that we simply cannot pack in enough greens, nor chew them well enough to get them properly digested by just having salads, etc, so to speed things up, just put in a blender 1/3 fruit, 2/3 raw greens, like spinach, beet tops, chard, etc, and water. I use banannas, strawberries, blueberries, apples, strawberries. The drink turns out tasting like a fruit smoothie, and you turn out healthier for having “eaten” lots of fresh, raw (organic of course) greens. Just “Google” Green Smoothies OR HERE’S A LINK to get you started.
Many of the greens now being offered on are perfect for this healthy and delicious drink!
So, hop on board and get yourself some of the freshest greens available anywhere right here on Upstate Locally Grown and give em a whirl for a taste treat and a health boost!

Vista Marketplace:  Eat Healthy...Eat Local

Vista Marketplace is open every Saturday and we haven’t seen some of you come out for a visit. Good things to eat and drink, pretty things to look at, and new friends to meet…the Vista Marketplace offers your family a fun thing to do on Saturdays. Even though locally grown produce isn’t plentiful right now, we do have collards, mustards, beets, turnips, and even locally grown vine-ripened tomatoes! Our vendors offer delicious breads, pastries, prepared foods, other fruits and veggies, crafts and jewelry and so much more. New vendors join us every week, so come out and meet them.

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  Market is Open. Produce Boxes are Here!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve made some changes to the products and how they are listed on the market. We believe these changes will make the buying process easier for you. We will try to answer as many questions as possible on the products listings so you can be well informed about the great products you are buying.

In this market, we have been about supporting local, but also providing nutrient dense resources to this area of Gwinnett County and surrounding areas. The group purchases were getting too confusing to place orders and calculate, so we decided to list those products and give it a proper category under "Group Buys".

These changes are still a work in progress as we see some of the common needs people have that are not sourced in our area. We really need your feedback, as we make this market a great resource for you. We are working on adding a survey link, and would love to get your feedback.

Brand New Service: Produce Boxes!

This week we are launching the Certified Organic Produce Boxes! Maryanne has been communicating with some of you and so many of you responded you were interested. Well, we are ready to start those immediately.

Once we reach 20 boxes, we will place our first order, so if all of you who said you were interested place an order, we should place our order within the first week. Order your boxes here.

Here are some details:

* There are two sizes, a small and a large.

* We are going to start of bi-weekly and grow it to be a weekly service.

* There will be approximately 8 different veggies and 4 different fruits.

* Although our normal pick-up day for the market is Tuesday, pick-ups for the produce boxes will be Friday due to the logistics required to receive all orders and how orders need to be placed with the distributors. Eventually, we would like to move it to Tuesday, once demand picks up and we have a consistent number of boxes.

Click here for all the details.

Upcoming Event: Weston A. Price Foundation

If you haven’t seen our Facebook post yet, we are hosting another Weston A. Price conference in March. Click here to learn more about the Weston A. Price conference.

Last year they sold out, and this year they anticipate selling out even quicker. We do hope that the most of you who follow this way of eating, sign up quickly and take advantage of this wonderful event. Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring friends. More about the Weston A. Price conference here.

Never Miss a Beat!


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Statesboro Market2Go:  If you placed an order this week...

Good Morning! If you placed an order this week, please be sure to pick it up at the location you selected between 4:30 and 6:30 today!!

It’s the season for fresh, delicious lettuce, and our farmers have planted a great variety. Be sure to enjoy lettuce while it’s in season…my personal favorite is the red leaf! It’s also a great time for fresh carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, turnips, arugula, beets, and so many more winter veggies! Some of you have asked how we have tomatoes in the middle of winter, and our farmers are growing them for your enjoyment in their greenhouses and hoop houses!

See you at the pickup today!!

The Cumming Harvest:  What veggies and fruits would you like to see offered in 2013?

Some farmers have already started planting seeds, help them know what you want to buy this year by filling out this short survey.

Thank you,
The Cumming Harvest

Homegrown Co-op:  The Market is OPEN for Saturday!

Contact Us

2310 N Orange Ave, Orlando
(407) 895-5559

Online Market

Place your order today in our online market!

Saturday Market:
Order online Wednesday 5pm – Friday 9am for pickup or delivery Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday Market:
Order online Sunday 10am – Tuesday 9am for pickup or delivery Wednesday afternoon.

Farm Store

The Farm Store will be closed
Sunday February 17th for a staff retreat.


Monday – Sunday
10 am – 7 pm

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday January 22nd:

Healing Plants, Nourishing Foods with the Great Kosmic Kitchen

Friday February 8th:

Valentines Day Farmers Market

Featured Producer: Joe’s Oat Patties!

“JOE’S OAT PATTIES was founded in 2007 with the vision to bring clean organic food that is quick and easy as well as delicious and nutritious.

Joe’s Oat Patties is family-owned and operated in Central Florida. Since the company opened in 2007, we’ve prepared every recipe like we’re making them for our own family. We hand mix and hand package the finest ingredients along with earth-friendly packaging to bring you the best product possible!

Everyday we strive to become the best at what we do. Our mission is to always keep the integrity of our products by never choosing to use poor quality ingredients in order to mass produce. We will continue to use the best, most nutritious ingredients while remaining sustainable by hand-making and hand-packaging all Joe’s Oat Patties products.

All our products are made with LOVE! Please enjoy and let us know how we can help."

Available Now from Joe’s Oat Patties:

Taco Crumbles

Grilled Island Jerk Burgers

Grilled Maple Breakfast Patties

Joe’s Mix – Fresh Garden

Upcoming Member Monday Special!

This Monday, January 21st members only special is in! Members will receive 10% off any the recipe ingredients below:

Roasted Beets with Balsamic Glaze Recipe


2 pounds beets, medium sized, scrubbed clean,
green tops removed

Olive oil

Sea Salt

1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

2 teaspoons sugar

1 teaspoon grated orange zest

Freshly ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 400°F. Line a roasting pan with aluminum foil. Place the beets in the pan. Rub olive oil over the beets, and sprinkle with salt. Cover the beets with another sheet of aluminum foil. Roast for 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the beets and how old they are. After 1 hour, test every fifteen minutes by poking a beet with the tines of a fork. Once the fork tines go in easily, the beets are tender and cooked. Remove from the oven.

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Pickup is from 12-7pm on Saturday January 26th. Sorry, we cannot accommodate early pickups at this time.

Don’t forget, orders for the following items must be placed by 4:00pm Thursday to satisfy your order
Fresh bread orders from Olde Hearth Bread Company
Prepared foods from Venetian Gourmet

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Suncoast Co-op:  Make an order of your fresh local food today!

To Contact Us

How to contact us:
Our Website: Suncoast Co-op Ordering
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  • Receive 10% discount with no market surcharge.
  • Half off on any upcoming workshops or events our co-op may host.
  • Preferred Patron- If there are 5 apples on the market and 6 are sold, members get preference first on their order being fulfilled.
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  • You own the business Democratic election of board of directors. Each member gets one vote.
  • Hiring Opportunity- we are worker owned cooperative we only hire from within. “With us, for us, we hire ourselves”

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Suncoast Co-op Market News

Please remember to get your orders placed by Thursday noon.

Great new Products
Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised chicken, Kale, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Lettuce and so much more are on the market! Make sure you browse all the categories on the left hand side of the market to see all we have to offer from our over 45+ local growers.

Growing in Kinship Garden
Learn how to garden for FREE!
We are having frequent work days on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Kinship Garden behind the West Pasco Habitat for Humanity at 4131 Madison street. If you are apart of the Tampa bay Time Bank you can receive Time bank hours for your volunteering.

Partnership with Tampa Bay Time Bank
Starting in February we will be rolling out our partnership with the Tampa Bay Time bank where for every volunteer hour you give to the co-op you can get time bank hours back to trade/barter with others in the community using their website. We will have more information about this Time bank as the weeks go on ask us more in person or check out the website at

Now accepting all Major credit cards
We are now accepting all major credit cards for a 3.0% additional convenience fee we will use credit cards for your orders.

Please take our Survey
We appreciate you taking 5 minutes to fill out a Survey about the co-op, your feedback helps us do a better job: Survey for the Suncoast Co-op

Eat 10% Local
We are launching a campaign advertising our co-op and for local citizens to start shifting their food budget 10% local. We hope to encourage a food Renaissance and share this vision to people of the Suncoast area becoming an edible cornucopia. We hope to engage and educate people into the local food movement via movies, book studies, and Permablitzes social activities to enhance the development of the movement.

Looking for Volunteers and Board of Directors
We are always looking for new help in growing the cooperative. Becoming a board of director is taking on a leadership position and requires membership/ownership, while volunteering is for short term opportunities to assist the co-op and requires no membership. For inquire into assisting the growth of the co-op and local food movement please email the co-op with what your most interested in assisting the co-op with at Put Subject: Board of Director or Volunteer to receive more information

Coming Events

You can RSVP for these events either on our On Facebook: Facebook Fanpage or Suncoast Co-op Meet-up: Meet-up

Marketing Committee Meet-up
Saturday, Jan. 26 9:30am
West Pasco Habitat for Humanity 4131 Madison Street, New Port Richey.
Responsible to establish the Suncoast Co-op brand and identity and develop the communications and educational materials to support that. Come join us if you would like to discuss how to better market the Co-op and initiated our current marketing plan which is eat 10% Local and 20% off your first order. Help plan future marketing activities, get free coupons, cards and more to give out. We will offer FREE coffee to anyone willing to support volunteer with us.

Peace Hall Learning Garden Blitz
Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 8:30am
At Peace Hall at corner of Sims Lane and Grand blvd.

We will be adding vegetables and harvesting at Peace Hall Learning garden to get ready for the fall season. We are looking for a small group of organizers to also take lead on the garden and make sure its kept full of veggies. If you attend and spend 1 hour or more at the garden we will mark you as attending a Permablitz for future permablitz reciprocity. Join us with any tools you have, wheelbarrows, gloves, water, and your own breakfast or lunch. We will break around 11:30 for lunch. If you feel generous please bring extra food or water for others. Thanks!

Free Film Showing: Ingreedients
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 6:00pm
New Port Richey Public Library

Join us for a free film showing of Ingreedients. In the documentary film inGREEDients, registered nurse and filmmaker, David Burton, discovers an alarming connection between diet and illness while investigating trans fats and hydrogenated oils in America’s food supply. Do you know what a partially hydrogenated oil is? What does zero grams of trans fat per serving really mean? Find out in this compelling documentary that takes the audience on a time-line journey through the history of human food consumption from prehistoric times to the present, when heart disease is the number one killer of humans and despite recent changes in food labeling laws, pounds of trans fats are consumed everyday. This documentary features interviews with medical doctors, natural health doctors, scientists and researchers, politicians, and the lawyer that successfully stood up against two corporate food giants whose products are household names across America. The film also includes a brief look at heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, the three diseases most directly connected with our consumption of trans fats, chemical food additives, and processed food. With cutting edge animations rarely achieved in low-budget indie filmmaking, inGREEDients will entertain, inspire, and educate all audiences.

Free Film Showing: Edible City
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 6:00pm
New Port Richey Public Library

Join us for a free film showing of Edible City! Edible City: Grow the Revolution is a fun, fast-paced, feature-length documentary journey through the local Good Food movement that’s taking root in the San Francisco Bay Area, across the nation and around the world.

Documenting a broad spectrum of activists, organizations and inspired citizens, Edible City shows how everyone can get involved in transforming our food system.

Edible City introduces a diverse cast of extraordinary and eccentric characters who are challenging the paradigm of our broken food system. The movie digs deep into their unique perspectives and transformative work– from edible education to grassroots activism to building local economies— finding hopeful solutions to monumental problems.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Gallup, NM:  Local Vegetables this Week!

We have a limited market this week. Ordering is now open and will close Thursday at Midnight.

I got some of the Arugula last week and it was incredible – great work Kenworth at Garden. The large 7oz (gallon) bag peppered up salads, topped pizza, mixed into soup, and created a spicy pesto.

Support local agriculture and eat well.

(Gallup Locally Grown)