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South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Price Comparisons

Claire Reishman has volunteered to do price comparisons from time to time with other markets in the area. So, while you may be able to eat cheaper (overall), are you eating better? Part of this is comparing definitions: What does cage-free mean to commercial egg producers? What does free-range mean? We’ll get to some of those things in another report. This is Claire’s first report (and observations):

One dozen large brown organic eggs (from cage-free hens):
Walmart – $2.97 for Walmart brand;
Kroger – $3.19 or $3.49 for cage free hens’ eggs, and organic eggs were $4.59
Piggly Wiggly – Not available
Cumberland Farmers Market – $3.50

Sweet Potatoes:
Walmart – $0.98 each
Kroger – $0.99/pound
Piggly Wiggly – $0.99 each
Cumberland Farmers Market – $1.25-$3.25/pound, depending on size

Whole chicken (no antibiotics, cage free):
Walmart: $1.67/pound
Kroger: $1.19/pound (Perdue chicken)
Piggly Wiggly: $1.79/pound (advertised as vegetable fed, but not cage free)
Cumberland Farmers Market – about $4.00/pound, depending on size

Ground beef (regular, not lean):
Walmart – $3.38/pound
Kroger – $3.19/pound
Piggly Wiggly – $3.49/pound
Cumberland Farmers Market – $6.80-7.50/pound

My observation was that though prices vary from week to week, but in this week’s comparison, only our Cumberland Farmers Market prices on eggs are really competitive. To me the real advantage to shopping at the Cumberland Farmers Market is the availability of products that we want, and the recognition that they are actually as described, so the flavor is different – chickens bought from CFM taste different and have more “body” than chickens that are listed as cage free sold by Walmart. After eating locally sold eggs and chickens and ground beef for months, even my reluctant and hard-to-convert husband agrees that the difference in taste is worth the sometimes higher prices. It is hard to find products that are organic or freshly packaged in many stores, and it is impossible to find foods which are as fresh and delicious as those sold in CFM.

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  Thanks, thanks and more thanks

Let’s give a grateful shout-out to Market Manager Julie Alexander and her beau Cal for doing the gravel work in the back entrance to keep mud off the store room floor. We laid down concrete pads and gravel, which should contain the problem for now.

Yeah Cal and Julie!


Busy,busy, busy … getting ready for big things this month!!!

See you all at the markets!!

Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  JNA Farm market is open for ordering

Happy Friday!

I am so excited about the market. More and more people are looking for good food sources and taking a more active roll in their long term health. Look for information on classes to be offered on homesteading, food preservation, and food preparation.

The Cumming Harvest and Smokey Hollow Farms in Ellijay will be offering classes on cooking and cheese making so be sure to watch for more information.

The Big Canoe Living Well Health Expo is coming up on March 22 from 8:00am to 12:00 pm. It will feature vendors from all areas of health and wellness along with complimentary and low cost medical testing. If you are in the area, please stop in. This will be a great opportunity to find out what is available in the North Georgia area to enhance your health and wellness journey. (Not to mention some great door prizes)

Saturday, March 29th will be Spring Farm Day at Joyful Noise Acres Farm. We will have farm tours, petting area, a duck herding demonstration from Four Mile Farm, and market vendors. It will be from 9-1. There is no charge for the event.

Off to the market; This week our family will actually be on vacation! but we are leaving the market in the hands of Kristin Farmer. She will be here from 10-12 to receive orders and 12-4 for you to pick up your orders. There will be no after hours pick-ups this week.
Since she is new to this, make sure you check your orders before you leave and note any discrepancies.

Good Shepherd Herbals has a new tea blend. It is Stomach Tonic to aid in digestion. It contains organic herbs of: hyssop, nettle, lemon balm, fennel seed, stevia leaf, gentian root, anise seed, and orange peel. It is $8.50/4oz.

Burr Stone Milling Company has stocked us with corn meal, corn flour and grits. Cheese grits with scrambled sausage are a favorite around here.

Honey is arriving tomorrow and will be available for pick-up on Wednesday. Your orders will be marked with your name. Please check your name off the list when you pick up your order.

Enjoy your week!
Mary Beth


Tullahoma Locally Grown:  check us out

Hello TLG friends!
Happy day-light savings to you and you and you. Daffodils means Spring has definitely sprung.

Watercress is now available from deep-set farm.

a Note From Dogwood Valley Greenhouse:
They are HERE! The long-awaited, much-anticipated daffodils began to bloom this week at Dogwood Valley Greenhouse! I can’t tell you how many times I hung over those fat buds, searching for the first yellow petals to emerge. And I can’t tell you how many times I prayed and watched as the temperature dropped and ice coated those same buds. Apparently the ice jacket protected them, because they are all fine, and ready to brighten your desk or table. They will only be available for 2-3 weeks, so get yours soon!

Check out our beautiful succulent planters. Smaller planters include 4 or 5 assorted succulents, and larger ones include 6 assorted plants. They will tolerate our dry home conditions and lower light levels with enthusiasm till May, then would love to be on a shady porch all summer. Get yours soon; only one of each of these custom planters is available.

and a note from Fountain Springs Farm(who has already sold out of one lb packages of chicken liver on the market now!):


Due to our rising concern and our customers’ concern for livestock being fed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and soy feed, we have found a reliable source of NON-GMO and soy-free feed that we are now feeding to all of our meat chickens, laying hens, turkeys, and pigs. Now, ALL our meat here at Fountain Springs Farm is not only always pasture raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, it’s now fed 100% NON-GMO and SOY-FREE feed. This feed does cost a considerable amount more than our previous feed. Unfortunately, this means the prices for our chicken and eggs will have to go up a bit to cover the additional cost of the feed. We will also have pork available in the coming weeks. We here at Fountain Springs Farm thank all our customers for their business in the past, and we look forward to providing you in the future with the cleanest, safest, and healthiest meat available. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcomed to email or call us at: or 931-212-2103.

Start your order here: Tullahoma Locally Grown Market

Have you checked out our facebook?

See you all Thursday

Heirloom Living Market Lilburn:  Lilburn Market is Open!

The Lilburn Market is OPEN for ordering!

New ordering hours are:
Friday 9:00am thru Monday 6:00pm

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your inbox in the morning!

Gluten Free Products Available from
“Bakery on Brooks”
Marie Wheeler is now making Gluten Free products! Her items are NOW listed on the Market!

Be sure and get your orders in before Market closes MONDAY at 6:00pm! Order now – you are just a click away!

Take me to the Market.

Joyful thoughts and Bountiful Blessings!


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Take me to the Market.

Heirloom Living Market Hamilton Mill:  Hamilton Mill Market is Open!

The Hamilton Mill Market Is now Open…Happy Shopping!

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your Mailboxes tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday!
Take me to the Market.
Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings,


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Heirloom Living Market Lawrenceville :  Market is Open!

The Market Is now Open…Happy Shopping!

Heirloom Living Market ~ Crossfit O-Zone is now open!

Pickup Location: Crossfit Ozone
519 Hurricane Shoals Rd., Suite J
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your Mailboxes tomorrow! Have a great Friday!

Take me to the Market.

Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings,


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Take me to the Market.

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is open!

Good Morning!

The market is now open for ordering

If you are planning to pay using Dwolla please make sure your deposit includes the 25 cents fee. For example, if your order total is $22.50 make your deposit for $22.75.

If you do NOT receive a confirmation email immediately after you placed your order, then your items are still in your cart and your order is not complete. All orders must be place by 5pm on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Heritage Farm :  The time to buy is NOW.......

Attention all CSA subscribers…… It looks like we will be starting the meat CSA drops at the end of March and the produce and egg CSA’s the second week of April. We have had to delay planting a few of the spring produce items due to the lingering cold weather. You will still get 13 weeks of deliveries. We will be sending out a confirmation e-mail shortly with more details. Please feel free to call us at 770-377-5380 if you have questions.

This week we have an awesome pork offering as well as additional items for you to choose from for your locally sourced meat products. We also have eggs, milk, cheeses, honey, produce,homemade soap,baked goods and more!!! Come on in and let us know how we can help you meet your quality local food needs.

Come on in….. Heritage Farm Locally Grown

If you need to contact us please e-mail at or call 770-377-5380

Farmer Greg, Lainya, and the Hutchins Family