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Local Farms First:  The Market Is Open!!

Greetings local food lovers!

Place Your Orders Now

Garlic is available this week! There are a few different kinds to choose from. You can make a wonderful hummus, zesty pesto or have an Italian dinner with tomatoes that are also on the market this week! The summer crops are starting to ripen and become available on the market! What fresh items will you order this week?

Thank you for supporting local family farms,
Kristen Van Hoesen – a 501c3 non-profit
(970) 641-7682
click here to start shopping on the website:

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  News:Wilderness Family Naturals Group Buy this weekend

Hi Everyone,
Here is this week’s news.

Group Buy This Weekend:Wilderness Family Naturals

This weekend we will be taking pre-orders for organic pantry items from Wilderness Family Naturals. These items include healthy oils, nuts, spices, cacao, grains, rice, coconut products, natural sweeteners and skin care products.

Our buying club prices are significantly lower than their retail prices and include taxes, shipping and fees.

Only items that are in stock as of today will be listed. I expect the order to be available for pick up in 2 weeks. If you will be on vacation when it comes in, I can hold your items since these items are non-perishable. As with all our group buys, this is a prepaid preorder.

New Item: Pour Cap for Glass Milk Jars

“Don’t cry over spilled milk.” The person who coined this phrase obviously doesn’t buy milk from the co-op! In an effort to make the milk from glass Mason jars a little easier to pour I have found an ingenious product- mason jar pour caps from reCap Mason Jars. One would think that Mason jars have been around since 1858 that there would be plenty of products that would solve this problem but this is the only one I could find. It is made of BPA-free plastic and designed to coordinate with the charming vintage zinc caps.

Proudly made in the USA, spill-proof, top rack dishwasher safe and can be used on all wide mouth mason jars. “Shake, Pour, Store: – grains and cereals – maple syrup, honey, milk… – homemade dressing – household cleaners”. We were able to get bulk pricing and the caps are only $5.50 each and include shipping, taxes and fees.

Upcoming Group Buys

To help you plan and budget here is the tentative calendar of upcoming Group buys.

Wildness Family Naturals -(Organic Coconut oil, nuts and pantry items)July 12th

Green Pasture – (Fermented Cod/Skate Liver Oil/High Vitamin Butter Oil) July 19th

The market will open up tomorrow morning (Friday) for ordering and close at 5pm on Sunday.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Putney Farm and Friends:  News From Putney Farm and Welch and Son Farms

Greetings to all!
We hope that you enjoyed your first CSA Bag. This week’s bag will have even more bounty for you, and recipes to try out your veggies and berries.
We wanted to give you a few tips as well:
It is best to leave tomatoes out of the refrigerator. In this way you will enjoy a wonderful full flavor so unlike refrigerated tomatoes.
With the way the weather has been this season, hardly any tomatoes have yet ripened on the vine for anyone. But we would like to share the bounty with you. We have chosen for you tomatoes that will be able to ripen if you do not refrigerate them. If you receive a “green” tomato and you would prefer a ripe tomato, just allow it to sit on the counter or in a window and it will ripen. It is the heat that will ripen your tomato.

Basil: You will find a bag of gourmet mix basils. Some are lemon, Thai, lime, and Genovese. We have sent you enough basil to make a batch of your favorite pesto. If you happen to not want to make pesto, but still use your basil, you may pat it dry on paper towels, let it air dry, then either freeze it in ice cube trays with water or olive oil, or allow your basil to dry in a basket in the kitchen, or an open paper bag in an airy warm area of the house. I like to put my bags of herbs on top of the fridge where they get warmth and good air circulation. After it dries, crumble or use your coffee grinder to make your own basil (and other) herbs to sprinkle into your meals all year long. We will also send sage to each one of you, and this sage may be dried the same way.
We have sent you a recipe for stuffed Cucumbers. Use the big cukes for recipes like this; just scoop them out and fill with a sour cream or feta mix with herbs for seasoning, slice, and serve as an appetizer.
We have also included a “European” cucumber. These are more tender and no seeds. Great for slicing. To store, please wrap in plastic wrap to keep them crisp.
Believe it or not, we made a delicious soup with all the same things that we sent you today, including sliced cucumbers. With a little seasoning, and some noodles, we had a hearty, healthy meal that only took 20 minutes to cook. The cukes were very good in the soup! The orientals include cukes in their stir fry meals, too. Cucumber is one of the foods that are very healthy and refreshing. They are actually a melon and contain a lot of cooling water. Cukes help you to stay cool and hydrated in the heat. They are so very good in smoothies, too.
We are sure that you will enjoy your CSA. We are looking forward TO THE ENTIRE SEASON WITH YOU.
If you would like to receive a newsletter from our Upstate Locally Grown network, please go to and create an account. the newsletters are free to all who sign up, and contain plenty of valuable information about food, sustainable agriculture, recipes for seasonal cooking, and more. You can go to our sites and look up recipes, read past weblogs, or look over our online Farmers market, which feature local growers.
If you have questions or comments about your CSA bag, please text me at 864-353-6096 or email or
See you soon!
Donna, Lenard, and Bill.

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  Summer Highlights & Lots of Local Products

The Market is open Thursday 9am – Monday 9am. After that, ordering is disabled. Pick-up your order Tuesday 4:30-6:30PM at Rancho Alegre Farm at 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019. New to The Market? Learn about how it works here.

Action Required: Mother Earth Meats Order

To those of you who ordered Mother Earth Meats this month, we have a bit of a technical issue to share with you.

Previously, you were able to place MEM orders and pay upon arrival, but now, since the whole order will be shipped, MEM is requiring that members pay at the time of ordering.

Please contact Tracy at ASAP to pay for your order if you didn’t pay at checkout online. If you do not contact him, your order will be CANCELLED. Please let Tracy know you are part of the Rancho Alegre Farm order and that you need to pay for your order. We apologize for the inconvenience as we, too, get acquainted with how this new ordering system works. Thanks!

July 11th, 2013

Dear Market Customer,

This week we had the Meet & Greet with Johnston and Sandra’s farewell gathering. Needless to say, it was a busy day Tuesday! Thanks to all who came, we really appreciate your participation.

I made some mango passion fruit jam with very minimal amounts of organic sugar and a special natural pectin, and it almost sold out. Yum!

For this week, I only have a few gallons of yogurt left, feta cheese, plus plenty of goats milk.

Johnston has his cheese room available for rental. If you have ever thought about making cheese or other dairy products to sell, be sure to contact Johnston here to setup your rental.

And, of course, don’t forget to order a gallon or two (or three!) of Johnston’s raw cow’s milk!

(Labeled for pet consumption per Georgia state law.)

Just like last week, our inventory is full of fantastic local products, so be sure to get your regular buys but also try something new from our FRESH & LOCAL category. Here’s just a few of the items you will find this week. Click on any image to view that product.

One of our market customers tried the soap nuts last week and sent us this note:

"I have to say that the USDA Organic soap nuts from Bo and Lisa’s Lil Patch really work! I was amazed at how CLEAN my laundry was, smelled fresh, and lasted so long. I am hooked on this chemical-free laundry solution, love it!"

Try Bo and Lisa’s Lil Patch’s USDA Organic soap nuts here. Trial size available.

Final note – Like Us on Facebook

We are becoming very active on Facebook, sharing great content on nutrient-dense foods, eating well, farming, homesteading, sustainability, and more. So be sure to like us on Facebook and let’s keep the conversation going. See you there!


Fresh wishes,

Pilar Quintero
Market Host
Rancho Alegre Farm
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Rancho Alegre Farm is Where Fun Lives this Summer!
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Field Trips Summer Camp Family Events Birthday Parties

Fisher's Produce:  Season Finale

Hello Friends,

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be our last regular CSA/online market delivery of the season. We may set up our stand and do several more online market deliveries later in July/beginning of August as we should have plenty of peppers, eggplant, and okra if not tomatoes and cucumbers.

Chantée and I will be packing up to head to the Democratic Republic of the Congo on August 11. We will be volunteering at a Bible school there for 5 months and will be returning mid-January to start gearing up for next growing season.

This is our last week for sweet corn! If you want any to freeze, this is your last chance to get it. I have posted only several bushels for the online market. If they sell out, please call for availability.

Our last CSA delivery will likely include:

4-6 ears Sweet Corn
2 lb Tomatoes
egg plant or bell peppers
1 quart of Blackberries (Thanks to our friends at Cabin Creek Berries in Inola, OK!)
1 onion
1 lb cucumbers
severeral squash
1/2 lb+ okra or green beans

See you all tomorrow

Luke Fisher

Suncoast Co-op:  Order your fresh local chemical free food from, ordering online closes Thursday Noon

To Contact Us

How to contact us:
Our Website: Suncoast Co-op Ordering
On Facebook: Facebook Fanpage
Facebook Group: Facebook Group.
Suncoast Co-op Meet-up: Meet-up
Suncoast Co-op Youtube: Youtube Videos
Phone #: 727-271-2754 – Eric


Membership is Ownership

For $25 a year you can become a member as well as part owner of the Suncoast Co-op. We are a worker owned cooperative and will give special perks for our member/owners. Patronize from the market and reap the rewards years to come with a vibrant local food economy.

  • Receive 10% discount with no market surcharge.
  • Half off on any upcoming workshops or events our co-op may host.
  • Preferred Patron- If there are 5 apples on the market and 6 are sold, members get preference first on their order being fulfilled.
  • You own the business Democratic election of board of directors. Each member gets one vote.
  • Hiring Opportunity- we are worker owned cooperative we only hire from within. “With us, for us, we hire ourselves”

Become a member this week with a $25 investment!

Suncoast Co-op Market News

Azomite: Check out our commerical youtube for Azomite with this rock dust you can convert woody mulch into rich veggie gardens. Learn how one of our growers did it in Tarpon Springs Tarpon Springs Permaculture garden using Azomite

Great new Products

  • Tempeh – Fermented Soy Vegan protien source
  • Chaya
  • Okra
  • Raw Cheese: Montery Jack, Smocked Cheddar, Mozzarella
  • Sweet Potato Leaves
  • Black Bean: Burger, Meatloaf, Hummus
  • King Kang Greens
  • Pickled Beans
  • Purslane
  • Hand Soaps, Facial Cleansers, Multibalm
  • Cranberry Hibiscus
  • Amaranth
  • Moringa Leaf Powder
  • Grassfed Beef: Soup Bones, Stew Meat, T-bone steaks, Short Ribs
  • Jamaican Cherry
  • Cantaloupe
  • Red Brandy Wine tomatoes
  • Crimson Sweet Watermelon
  • Eggplant
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Lemon Basil
  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Gluten Free Baked goods
  • Almonds
  • Hummus
  • Essential Oils
  • Tomato plants
  • Tzatziki sauce
  • Bat Guano
  • Moringa Crackers
  • Pepper Plants
  • Onions
  • Sweet Potato slips
  • Parsley
  • Soaps
  • Honey
  • Milk and more!
Make sure you browse all the categories on the left hand side of the market to see all we have to offer from our over 45+ local growers. Please remember to get your orders placed by Thursday noon.

In the News

Latest Youtube
How to create a FREE Victory vegetable garden with community using a Permablitz

Check out the latest youtube about how to create your very own FREE Victory vegetable garden using the community with a Permablitz! Please subscribe to our youtube channel for future video about local food. Please share with your friends and family as well!

Check out the latest article about the Suncoast co-op from the Tampa bay times! Suncoast Co-op cultivates thriving organic business

Simply Fresh Customer Pick-up 1pm-1:30pm
Customers can now pick-up their orders from Simply Fresh 1pm-1:30pm in Tarpon Springs on Saturdays. Make sure you specify what customer pick up location you want to pick-up at on the second page when you place your order. Simply Fresh Produce & Peanuts is located at 1942 S. Pinellas Ave. Tarpon Springs, FL. Please add a Delivery Charge to your order of $3 located here: Delivery Charge

Now accepting all Major credit cards
We are now accepting all major credit cards for a 3.0% additional convenience fee we will use credit cards for your orders. We can use your credit card at pick-up.

Side of Beef

Would any of our customers be interested in a portion of a side of beef from a local farm? Please email any of your feedback so we may compile a list and research more Thanks!

Looking for Volunteers and Board of Directors
We are always looking for new help in growing the cooperative. For inquire into assisting the growth of the co-op and local food movement please email

In Search of Website assistance
We would like to update our website to have more information about our co-op, a place for the members to talk as well as our grower converse, and more information about what our mission is about. Would anyone be interested in volunteering with our board on setting up a wordpress that will link to the market and vice versa. What kind of web experience do you have? Please email

Coming Events

You can RSVP for these events either on our On Facebook: Facebook Fanpage or Suncoast Co-op Meet-up: Meet-up

Suncoast Cafe
Every Saturday join us for talks about local food movement. Conversations about growing our own food. 10am-2pm at the West Pasco Habitat for Humanity Restore 4131 Madison Street. We have a grower table full of fresh veggies and cottage industry goods. You can pick up your online order at Noon-2pm.

Tasty Tuesdays
New Port Richey Library 5939 Main street
Join the co-op every Tuesday at the New Port Richey Library 5939 Main street. We have a grower table set-up along with other vendors selling fresh veggies and products made from our local growers. Get your local food going on all week long.

Permablitz: Kinship Garden
July 13th 9am-2pm
Join the co-op in revamping the Kinship garden with a permablitz. Earn Time bank hours and learn how to garden while supporting a growing local food movement. Bring weed whackers, Rotor tillers, any tools /wheelbarrow if you want but the Habitat has lots available as well. We will have a table set up with free food for volunteers and water please bring your own chairs and dishes/drinks. If you would like to bring a pot-luck dish feel free to as well. If you come to 3 or more permablitzs your eligible for your own.

We are in need of volunteers and coordinators to help us set-up more future events. What events would you like to see? What can you help us set-up in the future that others would like to attend to increase awareness of local food? Please Email us if you would like to host events for the co-op.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Local Farms First:  Pick Up Reminder!!

Greetings local food lovers!

Don’t forget to pick up your order today between 4-6 PM!

Crested Butte: The CB Pick-Up Location is now at Montanya Distillery, 130 Elk Avenue.

Gunnison: Upstairs at the ORE Office (202 E. Georgia).

Thanks for supporting local family farms!

Kristen Van Hoesen
Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
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Homegrown Co-op:  Homegrown Market OPEN for Saturday! Homegrown Fundraiser Show on Monday 7/15!


2310 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 895-5559


Place your order today on our online market

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Order online Wednesday 3pm – Friday 9am for pickup or delivery Saturday afternoon.
Wednesday Market:
Order online Saturday 1pm – Tuesday 9am for pickup or delivery Wednesday afternoon.


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We would be very grateful if you would take a minute to fill out our very brief, three question survey to help us better serve the community. Click here to take the survey!


Remember to have your member card ready at checkout!

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Shop at the On-line Farmer’s Market

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Your order is FINAL once placed, and you are responsible for pick-up and payment.

Pickup is from 12pm-7pm on Saturday. Sorry, we cannot accommodate early pickups.

Don’t forget, orders for fresh bread from Olde Hearth Bread Company must be placed by 4:00pm Thursday to satisfy your order

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The Cumming Harvest:  Events In Our Area

JULY 13th
Culinary Class, From Paleo to Mediterranean, What’s on Your Diet?
At: Buckeye Creek Farm (Woodstock, GA)

Goji berry growing, with Joe Murphy.
At: Jasper Farmers Market (Jasper, GA)

Beginning Cheese Making
At: Smokey Hollow Farms (Cherrylog, GA)

JULY 20th
Canning Workshop
At: Green Market at Piedmont Park (Atlanta, GA)

Kids Cooking Class
At: Green Market at Piedmont Park (Atlanta, GA)

Cold Process Soap Class
At: Smokey Hollow Farms (Cherrylog, GA)

Green Fork Farmers Market:  Reminder

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market customers,

If you placed an order for this week’s market, don’t forget to pick it up at the market today from 4-7 pm in the Breezeway at Nightbird Books, 205 W. Dickson St. in Fayetteville.

If you weren’t able to place an order, you can still stop by the market today to get some great naturally grown food and artisan products. Production is steadily going up as the summer wears on, and our farmers will have plenty to choose from on their tables: tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, potatoes, squash, lettuce, cucumbers, eggs, honey, chicken, beef, pork, and vegetable seeds. ONYX Coffee Lab will be there with fresh locally roasted coffee beans and delicious iced coffee and lemonade to help you beat the heat. You can also grab a beer or glass of wine at Nightbird Books and have happy hour with us! Afterwards, you can head to Maxine’s Tap Room on Block St. to try a new cocktail featuring Green Fork Farm’s cucumbers—it’s called a Pimm’s Cup and it’s like a sweet tea with muddled cucumbers. Totally refreshing, and a great way to wind down the mid-week slump in mid-July. Then head home with your fresh veggies, eggs, meat and coffee from the market for a tasty homemade dinner. Perfect evening!

We hope to see you there—

Green Fork Farmers Market