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Champaign, OH:  Moving In Stereo

Life’s the same, I’m moving in stereo…
Life’s the same, except for my shoes…
Life’s the same, you’re shakin’ like tremolo…
Life’s the same, it’s all inside you…
(The Cars – Moving In Stereo)

Well, you know there’s nothing I love more than a good memory song. I don’t think the backdrop of teenage life, in the late 70s, could have been complete without the beat of The Cars.

Driving cool cars, while listening to The Cars, doing cool things. Some of my deepest friendships and bonds were made back in those days. It’s fun to think back to a carefree time when you were first getting a taste of freedom, forming the teen friendships that, unknowing then, would form some of the strongest friendships you would carry with you.

After high school, my whole core friendship circle, plus my West End gang, well, we all went in different directions, different colleges, different choices in life, different paths to walk. Who knew that later in life, we would all be able to rekindle and reconnect via a little thing like Facebook.

I still meet up with so many of them, some are far some are near, but when we are all together, it just takes one beat of a song, an opening lyric, a familiar tune to make us all look at each other, flash a smile, and then just know…just remember. We don’t even need words. The song just moves us in stereo. The backdrop to our friendships.

The same with this little local market of love…it has been the backdrop to so many paths. It has become an umbrella to all things local in our community. It has become our friend, and our step to a better way of eating, of keeping it local, of forming the bonds between vendors and customers. The process has been very moving to watch.

We just keep right on rocking and rolling with the market. We keep forming those local bonds. We just keep moving in stereo…from one week to the next, we make the path an easy and fun one. Give us a try or continue with us, as you have been…life is never the same once you become part of our little local market of love…

We open the market, tonight, and urge you to take advantage of some items that will be leaving, quickly, due to the seasonal changes, weather, and temperatures. Look at new items, look at old favorites…think about what you want or need to stock your pantry with. We can do it all for you…we can move you in stereo…

Peace and Love,
Cosmic Pam

Local Farms First:  The Market is Open, and Thanksgiving Planning Tips

Greetings Local Farms First Food Lovers,

The market is open – happy shopping!

November is upon us, which means its almost time to start thinking about the most delicious holiday: Thanksgiving! Want some tips for how to make your Thanksgiving a bit more local this year? Check out the ideas on this website.

Local Farms First will be delivering weekly for the first 3 weeks in November, with the last delivery of the month on November 19. Monthly deliveries will follow in December, January, and February – specific dates to come!

Thanks for supporting local family farms,
Erin Griffin – Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website:

CSA Farmers Market :  PUMPKIN Fairies

We all love to visit the local pumpkin patches in the fall and amble through them to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. Sometimes those pumpkin patch farms have crop failures and have no or very few pumpkins; like every farmer this is usually the result of weather or disease.

Over the last month or so I have been driving past one such pumpkin patch. The frost hit, the vines died and normally when the vines are gone pumpkins can be seen, but there were almost no pumpkins in the patch, a week later a pumpkin fairy must have visited in the night and there were pumpkins neatly growing in a predictable fashion with one small, one medium and one large pumpkin spaced every 5 feet apart.

Another day I drove by and I was amazed that on the side of a hill there were many huge mega size pumpkins, I had to shake my head and rub my eyes as I was in shock that they managed to grow such huge pumpkins. I did not remember seeing them there before, although I suspect the pumpkin fairy that visited them must have been a professional weight lifter pumpkin fairy in order to be able to carry such huge pumpkins.

This year we (White Pine Farm) had an almost total squash/pumpkin failure and the visions of these pumpkins must have been stuck in my brain for as I slept I dreamt of cresting over one of our hills and seeing five foot tall vines with huge squash and pumpkins growing gloriously everywhere. Maybe the dream will become reality next year, farmers are always hoping the next year will be better.

CSA Farmers Market does not have any fairies for pumpkins or squash, we have to rely on someone in the group to have a successful year with those crops; fortunately this year Law Family Farm and Ulrich Farms have been blessed with a reasonable harvest of squash and they did it without the help of a pumpkin fairy.

Until Next Time
Marian Listwak

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  The Market is open for ordering!

The Market is open Thursday at 9 – Monday at noon After that, ordering is disabled until Thursday morning. Pick up your order Tuesday from 4:00-7:00 p.m. only at Rancho Alegre Farm at 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019. New to The Market? Learn about how it works here.


Highlighted Grower of the Week!

Johnston Family Farm

Johnston Family Farm is a producer of all natural farm fresh raw milk from grass fed pastured cows. The Johnston family has owned and operated the farm since 1940. We produce all of the milk, cheese, and cream here on our farm and we encourage you to come see how we do what we do. Our cows are pastured and have access to fresh grass except for the few hours they are brought up to the barn to be milked. We milk Jerseys, Jersey-Holstein, and Jersey- Holstein-Swedish Red cross breeds and the sires have been picked from bulls that have been genetically tested for the A2 protein. In fact, most of our bulls are dominant A2/A2 carriers so after breeding these bulls for the last 8 years the majority of our cows are A2 carriers.
And his products taste great!

Each week, I want to remind you who our Grower’s are and why they are so special!

We also have Wilderness Family Naturals Coconut Sugar, Flour and Organic Popcorn in the Market for sale! When you come to pick up your order, check them out! They are also now online!

Remember we have Kombucha available! If you are not familiar with it, Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea with natural probiotics! It has been around for centuries originating in Asia. It is said to have healing properties and because it is naturally fermented, is a great support for the digestive system. When your here, ask me for a sample! I’d love your feedback!

If there is something you’d like to see in the Market, please let me know! I would love your imput!

The Market is extending their hours! The Market will now be open from 4:00 to 7:00pm!
Having said that, if you place an order with us, PLEASE remember to pick it up on Tuesday. As I am so grateful for your orders, I also have a family at home waiting on me too! We cannot hold orders, especially cold items due to limited refrigeration space, so please be courteous and come for your order.

CLICK HERE NOW to Shop Gwinnett Locally Grown!

My best to all -

Shop often and eat well!

Cheryl Gelatt
Market Manager

Fresh Wishes,
Pilar Quintero
Market Host
Rancho Alegre Farm

Please email for questions pertaining to Market or Raw Milk. It is very difficult to return phone calls. If you are interested in Goat’s Milk, contact Nic The Goat Guy at 404-542-0981. We generally have some goat’s milk available during market hours, whether you have placed a market order or not. Please contact him first though to confirm. Remember to interact with us on Facebook and follow us on Meetup to get notification on all our wonderful events and news.

Local Farms First:  Orders are Ready!

Don’t forget to pick up your order today between 4-6 PM

Crested Butte: The CB Pick-Up Location is The Daily Dose juice bar right next to Clark’s Grocery Store

Gunnison: The Local Market on 111 N. Main St.

Coming soon: the Local Farms First winter schedule! Our deliveries will be decreasing to once a month after Thanksgiving – keep your eyes our for that schedule.

Thanks for supporting local family farms,
Erin Griffin – Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website:

Trust Local Foods:  Produce Week Oct 26 - Nov 1

 photo barnproduce4_zpsa91eec9a.jpg"

Trust Local Foods

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Facebook:
Monday – Saturday: Here’s a map.

Market News

At the Trust Local Foods retail warehouse, we are offering a larger variety of produce for our customers. Our produce is offered seasonally, as we only get food that is grown locally. Stock up on these veggies while they last! Most of our produce is also grown organically, which means you are getting the highest quality foods around with the lowest environmental impact. “Putting Culture Back Into Agriculture”

This Week:
Early Gold Apples
Paula Red Apples
Orange Carrots
Pea Shoots
Sunflower Shoots
Blue Adirondack Potatoes
German Butterball Potatoes
Red Norland Potatoes
Cipollini Onion (Red/Yellow)
Ambition Shallots
Yellow Onions
Red Onions
Heirloom Garlic
Salad Mix
Mixed Kale
Curly Kale
Lacinato Kale
Organic Pears
China Rose Heirloom Radishes
Watermelon Heirloom Radishes
Black Spanish Heirloom Radishes
Shiitake Mushrooms
Acorn Squash
Carnival Squash
Buttercup Squash
Ambercup Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Gem Squash

South Cumberland Food Hub:  Time to Order Local Food!

Good Morning from the South Cumberland Food Hub. The weather is definitely telling us fall is here, and our first heavy frost is coming quickly. This means we will say goodbye to most of summer’s bounty and look forward to the cold “sweetening up” our fall greens and cabbages.

Keel Produce Farm has collard greens in abundance- this is a very nutritional green, high in folate. He also has white turnips that are very nicely flavored with a bit of sweetness to them. I had a piece of raw turnip yesterday from a white turnip about the size of a softball and was surprised at how delicate and flavorful it was. They obviously taste great even when they’re big.

Check out the rest of our produce including garlic and herbs such as cilantro. This is an excellent time to get fresh herbs that like cool weather- they are at their best now.

Click here to go directly to the Rootedhere Locally Grown Market Page

We’re open till noon. Have a great weekend :)


Manchester Locally Grown:  Just a Few Hours Left to Order!

Please remember to place your market order very soon. This week’s market will close for ordering at 10 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday), for delivery fresh from local farms on Thursday.

What good eating, so easily available on our online market! Don’t forget all our eggs, summer fruits & vegetables, local honey and jams! Please note that we have bread from two new bakeries, also including jam from one of them, and lots of new pork products!

We also have a great selection of perennial plants & hanging baskets, herbal & handmade products. Now is a great time to plant perennial plants for spring color.

Pickup will be at Square Books, 113 E. Main St, Manchester, from 3:00-4:30 on Thursday. Please e-mail me at, or call (931) 273-9708 if you would prefer to pick up on Friday morning between 10 am and 1 pm.

Thanks for your orders last week! Please encourage your local friends and family to shop with us and support local farmers!

Here is the complete list for this week. See you on Thursday!

~ Linda

How to contact us:
On Facebook
By e-mail
By phone: (931) 273-9708
On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Champaign, OH:  Last Call!

Time got away from me!

So, you have until 10:15!! Go, hurry, just do it!

See you after the market closes!

Peace and Love,
Cosmic Pam

The Cumming Harvest:  Newsletter - October 29, 2014

Market News

Welcome Back
Please welcome Heirloom Gardens to our market. Paula Guilbeau has been a vendor with The Cumming Harvest since we opened in 2010. She sells at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market and the Dunwoody Market during market season, then with us November through April. Heirloom Gardens is located in the beautiful historic town of Dahlonega,known as the “heart” of the North Georgia Mountains. She produces naturally grown food year round using mainly unheated hoop houses. She grows a large variety of heirloom tomatoes and vegetables, salad greens and premium cut flowers without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. During the spring months we also offer over 25 varieties of potted heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and a large assortment of perennials. Our heirloom tomatoes and premium cut flowers are directly marketed to local restaurants and Wholesale Florist-and we welcome flower orders for special events on a pre-order basis.

I’m sure you’ll be able to meet Paula at our market this winter.

This past Friday was “National Food Day” and I had the pleasure of organizing a local food sampling at Coal Mountain Elem. To celebrate the day I decided it would be nice to bring in a local farmer. I called Lynn Pugh of Cane Creek Farm and she agreed to visit as our Farmer of the Day and to harvest sweet potatoes for the school. I picked up the harvest, delivered them to the school and the school prepared sweet potato fries for the kids to sample. Lynn spoke to the kids and told them about herself, the farm and about the sweet potatoes. When asked how they liked them, the kids gave an enthusiastic cheer! The spirit was very positive.

When placing an order online there are two places to leave a comment. To comment to the Grower, add a comment to the small box next to each of your items in the cart. There is also a larger comment box at the end of your orders which shows up on our final packing sheet seen by me. Of course, you may also email either myself or the grower if you have any questions.

Building 106, Colony Park Dr. in the Basement of Suite 100, Cumming, GA 30040.
Google Map

Saturday from 10-12pm.
106 Colony Park Drive, Suite 100 Cumming, GA 30040
Please contact me if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. EMAIL ME

FACEBOOK: You are missing out on many great recipes, articles and ways to connect with your farmers if you’re not connected to our facebook page. Please check us out.

To view the harvest today and tomorrow till 8pm, visit “The Market” page on our website, The Cumming Harvest

Community News

Coal Mountain Elementary School Garden If you are a master gardener and conveniently live near Coal Mountain ES we (I) could use your help with our school garden, please contact me at 404-702-2601 if you are interested.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!