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McMinnville Locally Grown:  We're Back!

J.B. has some of the prettiest Bibb he’s ever grown-only $2.00 this week.

Superior Seasons:  Weblog Entry

Good Day!

Reminder! Ordering is still open, CLICK HERE, until Monday at 5pm for Wednesday’s pickup! After 5 we update to start the next order cycle for Saturday!

Work in the Fields
Farmers are still busy finishing harvesting carrots, kale, and other frost tolerant crops. Minding the storage of potatoes, squash, etc to supply to markets for the winter. Preparing fields for next spring by lightly working or plowing the land or making raised beds to help get planting done in our short spring. Finally finishing a myriad of projects that abandoned during the chaos of summer weeding and harvests. Planning for next year!

Good Growing

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ALFN Local Food Club:  Pecans!

Hey ya’ll,
We’ve got pecans! Courtesy of Hardin Farms, you can get them whole or cracked! It’s been a long wait since we last had pecans! Laughing Stock Farms has also uploaded their Mei Qing Choi (can’t pronounce it, but it’s a delicious cousin of Bok Choy) and pepper sauce! And ABC Nature Greenhouse and Herb Farm has huckleberry plants and fig trees!

Rivervalley.locallygrown:  Market Open Reminder

Just a reminder to let you know that the market is open for your ordering pleasure.

Tampa Bay :  Order by Tuesday 11pm - Two New Farms & only 5 boxes left!

Working to build into a transparent, democratically managed, sovereign Food Cooperative that makes more affordable & available nutrient dense, fresh, local/regional foods

Market News

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday for the Art Day! What a great success and great opportunity to reach out to new members and seminole heights foodies. Some really great art was produced – pictures to come soon!

We only have 6 more boxes available this week and dozens of items available.. and there will be some extra produce at the co-op available for purchase wed-friday.

Check out some of the new items online!

Get your holiday pumpkins at the co-op this week too – We still have some Calabaza Pumpkins 2lbs – 7lbs.

This weeks all local seasonal box pick:

Bok Choi
Yard Long Beans
Mushrooms &

We are grateful to all the members and customers – make sure you buy your membership today to avoid being charged more for your purchase!

Get the specials along with reduced costs to all the cool events coming up this Fall! Remember the first 100 get 1/2 off lifetime membership when that is established. We only have @ ’pre’memberships 60 left!

Ok so here’s the deal with the order system:

1. All Orders placed bewteen Monday morning & Tuesday night by 11pm

2. Pick up Wednesday between 2pm & 7pm at the new co-op

If we don’t have enough product that week to fill your order, we will put you down for the following week

If you have questions, please contact Ryan @

Check out one of our new farms – *Crones Cradle

Crones Cradle Conserve is a 756 acre, privately-owned, ecological preserve and education center located in Marion County, thirty-five miles southeast of Gainesville, an area of increasing sprawl and development. Sustainability is the underlying theme of all the Conserve’s endeavors. The Conserve seeks to retain as much as possible the existing flora and fauna in its natural state within Conserve boundaries. Less than 100 acres are being used for human purposes. The ultimate priority of the Conserve is protecting and appreciating the earth before carrying out any of its “people-related” ventures. This approach is the only way to achieve sustainability for farming, for the local community and for the planet, emphasizes Jeri Baldwin, co-founder with Deborah Light of Sag Harbor, New York of the Conserve

We are starting to ramp up business as the growing season slowly picks up from the wet summer and fall that delayed planting for farmers.

So keep your eyes peeled for new items popping up on the website!

We are all right now volunteering for the buying club – no one is on salary currently and everyone is pulling together to make purchases because of the desire to build a food system we can trust and because of a common belief that healthy food is right!

So if you have time and or professional skills, ideas, please don’t hesitate to join in.

Just email a resume and interest to

Come out and check out the new space across the street from Ella’s Folk Art Cafe!

Upcoming Local Food Events

Farm to Fork Dinner
Ella’s Folk Art Americana Restaurant
Nov 12th
Details to come


Ryan Iacovacci
Buying Club Market Manager

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Mid-Georgia:  Heron Bay Farmers' Market


Fall is in the air. The James Family Farm will be at Cannongate Parking lot tomorrow between 2 and 6 pm.

They will have:

and their usual baked and can goods.

Fall greens should be coming in shortly.

Have a great day and “eat your zip code”!


CAFE:  Available products

Some of you are having problems ordering. Here is a list of available products in case you want to email me what you want.

Sorry for the trouble. We should have it fixed for next week.


CLG:  Fall Bounty and Community Fund Update

Good Morning CLG Community-

The selection still abounds and Bluebird Hill Berry Farm is back online after taking a short trip for rejuvination.

Is the Food Movement for real?
Here is a link to a Michael Pollan article in the NYT that seeks to explore that question
He thinks “California’s Proposition 37, which would require that genetically modified (G.M.) foods carry a label, has the potential to do just that — to change the politics of food not just in California but nationally too.”

Building Community Around Food
This week we raised $45 for the Conway Locally Grown Community Fund, a micro lending program that will fund sustainable and community oriented projects. So far we have raised $1625.40 for our next round of Community Fund investments. We plan to start taking applications for the next round of funding in December. To read more about how the CLG Community Fund works, visit our and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Food Pantry Donations
This week CLG Members raised $75 for the food pantry! This year we have raised $1817.35 for the Saint Peter’s Food Pantry.

The market is open for ordering. To place an order, visit Please make sure to hit the checkout button. You will receive a conformation email once you place your order.

Have a great day!

We Are One Farmers Market:  Pre-Order Open - Spinach, Hakurei, Mocha Gourmet, SPANAKOPITA

Random Hills Farm, Work Song Farm and Lavalley Farms have added a massive amount of vegetables, creating a diverse selection of certified organic, certified natural and conventional vegetables. Amazing choices for everyone. Plus Michelle’s Garden brings a lovely array of vegetables grown using organic practices. I purchased her Shampoo Bar last week and it is a wonderful tool for healthy vibrant hair.

Also new items on pre-order include Chocolate Mocha Truffles and Pecan Pie Bars from Rose Petal Bakery. Stop in and meet Betty. Mike’s Greek Gold offered their Baklava last week which was heavenly, come and meet Marijane. She also brought Spanakopita!!!

Chef Ashley is preparing Maple Balsamic Potatoes, one of my favorites from last year.

Also Lavalley Farms/NH Ciderworks is still pressing fresh NH Cider, get it while its teeming with vitamins!

The winter market this year is HUGE… to see a pic of the size of our market, take a look at our fan page. Please support the We Are One so we can continue to bring you the best local foods and products that our region has to offer.

I’m on vacation this week, hope you all will visit this wonderful food resource while I’m away. Have a great week.



Monday Update 10/22/12


With the season’s final outdoor market day and halloween FAST approaching I have been fantasizing about the various possibilities that pumpkins offer for orange-and-purple-wear. What could be more decidedly orange and more in season right now!!?? But local availability is more difficult!!! Because of the large market created for Halloween pumpkins must be grown in large, monocultural plantings. Most of those in supermarkets and even many sold in fresh markets will have been imported from out of our region.

Keep in mind, HOWEVER, that the jack o’lantern tradition began in Ireland with Celtic staples such as beets and turnips. Pumpkins are a post-Columbian modern crop which do not thrive in Ireland’s short, cool growing season. If loka-lantern is defined as the festive adornment of ANY locally grown autumn fruit we may consider a number of other (albeit non-orange) possibilities.

So, if you can’t find a local pumpkin consider carving and displaying something else grown locally this year. Try (in decreasing size) another type of squash or gourd; a turnip or rutabaga; a sweet potato (also orange); maybe even a cabbage; an eggshell; or even (at the pixie-scale) a hazelnut shell! If you require (like I probably will) more of a spectacle, consider introducing other “characters” along with your traditional jackolantern.

Bring your experiments to the final City of Clemson Farmers Market in Patrick Square this Friday afternoon(10/26, 3:30-6:30) where they can be appreciated and photographed alongside the dazzling displays of purple and orange tailgate platters we will be receiving.

If you haven’t yet ordered this week, there is still time to shop until noon today (Monday, 10/22). The entire system was transformed before the market opened Friday so you may notice some differences on the Market page. If you have any difficulty ordering please contact us for assistance.

Eat well to stay well! Lance