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Melody Lane Co-op:  April 22, 2013 - Coffee, Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, and more!

The Market is open every week from Saturday morning until Tuesday evening.
Place your order by 7:00pm Tuesday for pick up the following Thursday.


There are so many new things to share with you this week I don’t even know where to start! We have several new growers/producers in The Market. They are listed below in the FRESH & LOCAL section of this email. You will notice we now have goat milk, coffee, and more fresh veggies. I have one extra share of Moss Hill Farm veggies for $40, order now before it’s gone.

Our GROUP BUY this week is Wilderness Family Naturals. They are my personal favorite source for nuts, but unfortunately, most of their nuts are out of stock at the moment. Another thing I like to get from them is coconut oil. Their coconut oil is amazing! Scroll down to the bottom of this email to get all the details. They now have red palm oil back in stock as well and I know a lot of you will be happy about that.

Please note, the order deadline for Wilderness Family Naturals products is tomorrow so go do your shopping now before it’s too late!

Have a great week,

Sandra Walker
Melody Lane Co-op Coordinator


FRESH & LOCAL items are grown or produced locally and are generally available every week. Order by 7:00pm Tuesday and you can pick up between 3:00pm and 7:00pm on Thursday.

CARLTON FARM ~ ~ Rockmart, GA
raw cow’s milk for pets, pasture raised meats, eggs, and more

We have a group tour scheduled for Friday, May 10th. More details will be available soon.

raw goat’s milk for pets

Their milk is $8 per half gallon, delivered in a half gallon glass jar. An additional $2 jar deposit is required or you can bring back your jar from a previous order.

all natural bath bombs, bath salts, glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, laundry soap, and fabric softener

This week’s special: Mimi is giving everyone a chance to try her laundry soap, fabric softener, and laundry booster. If you haven’t tried it yet, buy now! This is the lowest price we will be selling it for. You can’t even buy generic laundry soap and fabric softener this cheap. No excuses to not try a 100% natural laundry supplies now! Includes 40 loads of laundry soap, 40 loads of fabric softener, and 16-32 loads of laundry booster. Let us know what scent you prefer in the comments at checkout. Rosemary Mint, Lavender, Citrus, or Unscented. Limit 1 per customer, we will remove double orders or orders of same kit in different scents. Safe for HE Washers!

Even when it’s not a weekly special it’s a fabulous deal. From Mimi’s Mountain Home laundry soap is 100% natural and in 32 fluid ounces, you get 40 loads of laundry. That’s only 14 cents per load! If you add their non-flammable fabric softener to that, you will spend 28 cents a load. The laundry detergent that comes in a big orange bottle in the grocery stores costs 29 cents a load (only if it’s on sale), and if you add the bear’s flammable fabric softener for 25 cents a load, you will spend 53 cents a load.

herbal liniments and salves, goat milk soap, loose leaf tea, etc.

NEW! JAVA GENESIS ~ ~ Alpharetta, GA
small batch craft roaster of specialty coffee

JavaGenesis can custom grind your coffee beans. Do you have a Keurig, French press or espresso machine? If so, JavaGenesis will be glad to custom grind your coffee order to brew in your coffee maker. It’s easy…place your order then email Juanice at and let her know what you need. She will grind reorders the same way so you only have to email your grind request on the first order. Have questions about the coffees offered? Give Juanice a call at 678-773-0932.

organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs

Moss Hill Farm sells their produce through a prepaid CSA program. Read all the CSA details here

This week we have one extra share of vegetables availabe in The Market for $40. If you want it, you’d better order now before it sells out! You can pay with a credit card online during checkout or with cash or check in person when you come to pick up. Pick up during normal co-op hours.

raw goats milk for pets – $11 per gallon

NEW! THE KALE PATCH ~ Alpharetta, GA
organically grown veggies

Available this week: Kale and Collards


GROUP BUYS change from week to week. These are orders that we place as a group so that we can get a better price. Payment is due the week you place the order but these items may not be available for pick up until a week or two later.

This week we are ordering from:

pantry staples including coconut products, cacao, salad dressings, condiments, salt, beauty products and more

- Order deadline is April 25th
Place your order online through The Market. Wilderness Family Naturals products are listed under the category GROUP BUYS. The Market website is open for ordering each week from Saturday morning until Tuesday evening. Orders must be submitted online and cannot be placed via email or in person.

- Payment must be received by April 27th
You can pay online with a credit card when you place your order or drop off cash/check at Sandra’s home by 7:00pm on April 27. Make checks payable to Sandra Walker. If she is not home when you stop by there is a lock box on the wall next to the refrigerator. Orders that have not been paid for by April 27 are subject to cancellation.

- Estimated Delivery Date is May 2nd
Pick up from Sandra’s home in Roswell. We expect to have our Wilderness Family Naturals products available for pick up on Thursday, May 2nd during normal co-op hours (3:00pm – 7:00pm). You will be notified via email with more info as soon as our order ships. If you cannot pick up during co-op hours, contact Sandra to make arrangements to pick up at a different time.

Wilderness Family Naturals is a great source for coconut oil. They offer three different grades in several different sizes. All are certified organic. Deciding which one to buy can get a little confusing so I have listed a brief description of each below. You can also visit their website for more detailed information.

Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil
Smooth with a light coconut flavor that is a true delicacy. It will readily melt in your mouth and this is a favorite coconut oil for those who eat it right off the spoon. Made from freshly pressed coconut milk, chilled and separated by centrifugal force, this coconut oil remains raw. It is an absolutely pure and fabulous organic coconut oil.

- 16oz glass – $16.96 ($1.06/oz)
- 32oz glass – $22.96 ($0.72/oz)
- 64oz glass – $41.95 ($0.66/oz)
- 1 gal plastic – $64.95 ($0.51/oz)

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Made from fresh, low temperature dried coconut flakes, this coconut oil has a stronger coconut flavor and minute traces of the soluble constituents extracted from the dried coconut meat. Like our Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil, this Cold Pressed oil remains raw throughout the process. This oil comes from a family farm on a small island in the Philippines where it is barged to a larger island with an international port. Because the recovery of coconut oil made with this method is better, the costs are slightly less. This is why cold pressed virgin coconut oil is priced lower than centrifuged virgin coconut oil.

- 16oz glass – $9.95 ($0.62/oz)
- 32oz glass – $16.95 ($0.53/oz)
- 64oz glass – $31.20 ($0.49/oz)
- 1 gal plastic – $46.00 ($0.36/oz)

Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil
Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil as an economical choice for cooking. This oil is mechanically expressed without the use of solvents or chemicals of any kind. It is an excellent quality food-grade coconut oil that is not hydrogenated and contains no trans fatty acids. This ultra-clean coconut oil has a neutral flavor yet contains the same medium-chain fatty acids as virgin coconut oil. The one gallon, food-grade plastic bucket is resistant to leaking or leaching and seals well. This is the most economical size for the average family that uses coconut oil for most of their cooking needs.

- 16oz glass – $8.95 ($.56/oz)
- 32oz glass – $14.50 ($0.43/oz)
- 64oz glass – not available
- 1 gal plastic – $38.00 ($0.30/oz)


Canning Workshop
May 2, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
So you want to grow lots of great vegetables and fruits during the summer months or buy in bulk from local farmers…how are you going to preserve all that for the winter months?? This hands-on workshop will teach you how preserve food using both water bath canning and pressure canning. Fellow co-op member and owner of From Mimi’s Mountain Home, Brandon Follett, will help me lead the workshop. We will discuss the tools needed and the proper way to handle food to ensure a long shelf life. During the class we will can green beans, grape juice, and meatloaf. Each participant will take home some of the jars of food we preserved. Read all the details and RSVP Here

Strawberry picking
Coming Soon (exact date TBD)

Carlton Farm Tour
May 10, morning/mid-day

Workshop: Essential Oils
May 16, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

If you know of any other farms to tour or have an idea for a workshop please let me know.


Sandra Walker
Melody Lane Co-op Coordinator


Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  Ordering open

The Lettuce has arrived! We have an assortment of very nice head lettuces available this week. The green and red leaf lettuces are huge! but the butterheads are nice as well. We also have a new crop of pak choi in as well as plenty of asparagus.

This week’s CSA shares will likely include spinach, pak choi, asparagus, kohlrabi, head of butter or leaf lettuce, and probably some radishes.

Other crop updates: our broccoli is starting to form heads, and our first tomatoes have set fruit in the high-tunnel. We will also be harvesting basil within a week or two from our high-tunnel.

We got 4.5 inches of rain last Wednesday! We suffered some cosmetic hail and wind damage to some of our crops, but our ready-for-harvest lettuces were covered and are looking really nice. We are praising God for the much needed rain!


Martin's Farmstand:  Talk at Willow Tree Garden Center

On Tuesday, April 30 at 6:30 pm I will be giving a talk on some of the things I have learned about tillage, weed control, cover crops, soil fertility and insect control. You are invited to come. Willow Tree is on the west side of Potsdam on route 11.

We will be opening Martins Farmstand in 2 weeks. The asparagus should be ready by then
We have sunshine now and the cold wind has stopped. Today I intend to get ground ready to plant onions along with things like lettuce etc. In the greenhouse the tomatoes are blooming. Daniel

South Cumberland Food Hub:  Time To Order Local Food!

Good Morning!
The South Cumberland Food Hub is open for orders till noon today. Have a wonderful day!

Click here to go directly to the Rootedhere Locally Grown Market Page


Superior Seasons:  Earth Day Edition

Good (Earth) Day

Ordering Reminders! We are still offering HOME DELIVERY to Individual customers on Wednesdays! CLICK HERE, until Monday at 4:30 pm for Wednesday options. Deliveries occur normally between 12 and 2pm, but let us know if that doesn’t work for you and we’ll try to accommodate.

Earth Day
Hopefully earth day makes you think of food! With so many great local options showing up on our store, at the Country Market, or at True North Community Co-op – you have great choices already this season to support local agriculture.

Caribou Restaurant is also having a Earth Day theme tonight by offering mostly local specials! Check it out HERE. I think there’s still lots of space available AND each diner gets a $10 coupon for Belluz Farms Garden Centre and a package of heirloom/organic garden seeds!

One of the media themes lately has been the idea that we need to produce more and more food for a growing middle class around the world. In reality, we waste close to 50% of the food farmers produce due to the distribution systems involved and the desire to have everything available everywhere whenever anyone might decide they want it. Maybe instead of just growing more, we can do more with what we grow already?

In the Garden
The first greens are coming out of greenhouses now, the farm animals are having their babies, the soil is loose and ready…(okay 2 out of 3 isn’t bad). While this weather seems daunting, it hasn’t impacted the growing season yet. With a frost free date still far away in early June, there’s only a few things that you could really plant soon anyways. Check our our seed starting pamphlet for more info – it’s free to download and there’s some great seeds available online too.

Good Growing

Click to Read the Superior Seasons Weekly!

CAFE:  Leah Lake: A Labyrinth of Lettuces?


Leah Lake lettuce: More variety than my seed catalog!

Dear CAFÉ-vores. As I was scrolling alphabetically through the lettuces tonight I (so make sure you keep the bag closed). I looked forward to a time (soon I hope) when I can enlist your help in choosing. For as I looked at picture after picture of luscious and lusciouser-looking lettuces I felt lost! How does one choose; every one I’ve tried has been tender and delicious!

Recently I have been making labyrinths. The first was made in my garden last Fall and lined with lettuce. Every time I walk it I have a bird’s-eye view of lettuce plants, giving me an iconic association of lettuce with labyrinth – the plants themselves are labyrinthine. But beautiful as mine are, I have only two varieties. The CAFÉ pages present a lovlier labyrinth of lettuces!

For the time being, let us know your favorites via email. Your feedback makes CAFÉ better.

Now, take a deep breath and join me in returning to the Leah Lake Labyrinth of Lettuces.

Market open until noon Monday. Choose well and eat well. Lance

DeForest, WI:  Market will open April 28

DeForest Locally Grown is gearing up for another season of providing fresh local veggies to surrounding communities. We plan to open for the season next week, with Sunday’s announcement of the availability and Friday’s opening, May 3, for the first pick up from 4-6pm. The Market is currently displaying most of the items that were offered during last season to give you an idea of what you can expect from this market. Most of the vegetables provided at this market are grown by Forest Run Farm. Sweet corn in season is provided by Ripp-N-Good Sweetcorn. Deforest Locally Grown is a net work of small farms that combine their products together in one market with a common pick up site. They are looking for more growers or producers to provide to this market; if you know anyone that would be interested in selling meat, cheese or bread, please let them know about this opportunity or have them contact

This years pick up location will again be hosted by Forest Run Farm, 3757 Mueller Rd., DeForest. Due to the complexity of this market, we ask customers to be punctual and arrive before 6 o’clock. Ordering via this on-line market does require customers to set up a free account. With an account, you will receive weekly emails that announce the offerings of the week. Ordering begins Sunday and closes each Tues evening so that growers can pick and pack the orders by Friday. Customers can order as often as they wish depending on their needs. Farmers often have additional quantities of produce available at pick up for additional purchases or for walk-up customers.

Payment is to be made at pick up by cash, check, prepaid credit or Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers (for Forest Run Farm produce only). Forest Run Farm offers a Farm Stand CSA which provides you with credit to use to purchase the items from the on-line market that you want each week. If you are signed up for the Farm Stand CSA, watch your mailbox, as we are sending out your punch cards. Remember that you must bring these to market as your payment!

If you wish to be removed from this mailing, please go to your account and change your profile to not receive mail or respond to this mail with REMOVE in the subject line.

Athens Locally Grown:  Market Open for April 25

Athens Locally Grown

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Twitter: @athlocallygrown
On Facebook:
On Thursdays: Here’s a map.

Market News

I’m well behind in my garden, the remnants of Boann’s Banks farm, but today I managed to get a bit done in preparation for planting all the tomato plants I bought through ALG last week. All 52 tomato plants. It was down to the upper thirties at night a few days ago, and it’ll be down near 40 for the next few nights, but I’m hoping right after that it’ll be safe for me to get them all in the ground. In the meantime, I’ll be browsing through all the live plants offered again this week, both for any tomato varieties I may have missed, but also for herbs and other vegetables I want to plant alongside them.

This coming Saturday is our second Farmer for a Day event, being held at Blue Moon Farms in Madison County. See the information below, and then reserve your free spot by adding reservations to your order for the week. Just look in the “Event Reservations” category!

Looking through the event listings, I see one very rare thing: for maybe the first time ever, there is a surplus of eggs. This will not last long, so if you go through a lot of eggs, you may want to stock up now. These fresh eggs can easily last a couple months in your refrigerator (I only today opened a carton I bought right before Easter), so don’t be afraid to buy several weeks’ worth now while the surplus is here. I know I’ll be taking advantage of the savings, and might get several extra dozen just to pickle for eating later in the summer when the weather gets hot and the hens just don’t feel like laying.

Thanks so much for your support of Athens Locally Grown, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. You all are part of what makes Athens such a great area in which to live. We’ll see you on Thursday at Ben’s Bikes at the corner of Pope and Broad Streets from 4:30 to 8pm!

Upcoming Local Food Events

April 27th: Be a Farmer For A Day at Blue Moon Farms This is the second event in our 2013 series of 5 Farmer for a Day Tours, to be held Saturday, April 27 from 10-2 in Madison County. Each event will offer you a chance to experience real work on the farm, so come prepared to work! The work session will last for two hours. You may want to bring your own work gloves, weeding or digging tools, pruners or lopping shears, etc. if you have them. Be sure to prepare for the weather appropriately and dress for getting dirty or muddy. You will be in an agricultural setting and can expect sun, rain, bugs, wildlife, dogs, electric fences, pets, and farm animals to be part of the experience. Do not bring your dog with you for a day in the country. Please plan to closely supervise your children during all activities. Water will be provided during the work session and lunch is provided. Farmers may have products available for purchase at the event, so you may want to bring cash/checks and a cooler with you. If you have special dietary needs, plan accordingly to bring those with you. To save resources, bring your own water bottle and dishes with you. Blue Moon Farms is Certified Naturally Grown and includes 60 acres where the family lives plus two 40 acre pine forests. They maintain natural habitats to support native wildlife. We will be doing a variety of chores including weeding and mulching blueberries, weeding and thinning onions, removing and replacing drip tape, and relocating mushroom logs. If time allows we will prepare seed beds. It is a family friendly event. The event will last from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM What you can expect: 9:30 AM check in, meet and greet 10:00-12:00 work session 12:00-12:45 lunch 12:45-2:00 Guided tour of the farm We are reserving 20 spots for the event. Don’t be left out! I will be taking names for a waiting list once all spots are claimed. Please note that you do not need to be a member of Athens Locally Grown to purchase an event ticket. Sign up for this free tour by adding reservations to your order (look in the “Event Reservations” category). For more information, contact Cathy Payne at

Other Area Farmers Markets

The Athens Farmers Market on Saturday has opened for the season on Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons (see their website for info). The Watkinsville market has opened as well. The Washington-Wilkes Farmer’s Market in Washington is open every Saturday 9-12 behind the Washington Courthouse, and several ALG vendors also sell there. Most of the other area markets are preparing to open back up as well very soon!

All of these other markets are separate from ALG (even the Athens Farmers Market) but many growers sell at multiple markets. Please support your local farmers and food producers, where ever you’re able to do so!

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Atlanta Locally Grown:  Available for Saturday April 27

Available for Friday April 26
I hope this finds you all doing well.

What a weekend. The weather was just perfect after those Friday rains. We were able to get in thoses cherry tomatoes last week. We have one more tray and lots of peppers to plant. Come by this week if you can, we could use your help hilling potatoes.

Our spring garden in Danielsville looks tremendous. This week we will have lots of baby kale, baby turnip greens, baby beet greens, radishes, baby mustard, baby chard, and lots of lettuce. We hope to have a load of shiitake and mabey a few oyster mushrooms. This spring is looking real good. I hope it keeps it up.

We are going to feature one of our pigs in the “this is market” event on May 2.

We have a few more heritage hogs available.

We are also looking to offer a few small whole hogs for whole hog dinner. They are going to be in the 40 – 50 lb range. Contact me directly for more information.

Remember you have at least 21 meals to plan for this week, 28+ if you include your snacks. We hope some of your selections come from our efforts.

We enjoy being your farmers.

Thank you for all your support. Please remember to have your orders placed by 8PM on Wednesday. Pick ups are on Saturday from 9 to 10:00 am at the Piedmont Green Market (Double B Farm booth), Sandy Springs Green Market (Taylorganic booth) We will try not make a run to Brookhaven this week, the Brookhaven market opens May 4th.

Thank you,
Brady Bala
Market Manager

Conyers Locally Grown:  Available for Friday April 26

I hope this finds you all doing well.

What a weekend. The weather was just perfect after those Friday rains. We were able to get in thoses cherry tomatoes last week. We have one more tray and lots of peppers to plant. Come by this week if you can, we could use your help hilling potatoes.

Our spring garden in Danielsville looks tremendous. This week we will have lots of baby kale, baby turnip greens, baby beet greens, radishes, baby mustard, baby chard, and lots of lettuce. We hope to have a load of shiitake and mabey a few oyster mushrooms. This spring is looking real good. I hope it keeps it up.

A few weeks back we had a grower quietly list their raw goat milk. I totally missed it. SweetLand Farm is in Social Circle. They have it available in 1/2 gallons along with wonderful goat milk soap.

We have a few more heritage hogs available.

We are also looking to offer a few small whole hogs for whole hog dinner. They are going to be in the 40 – 50 lb range. Contact me directly for more information.

Remember you have at least 21 meals to plan for this week, 28+ if you include your snacks. We hope some of your selections come from our efforts.

We enjoy being your farmers.

Thank you for all your support. Please remember to have your orders placed by 8PM on Tuesday. We will see you on Friday between 5PM and 7PM at Copy Central (1264 Parker Road, Conyers) and don’t forget to share us with a friend.

Thank you,
Brady Bala
Market Manager