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Zucchini Cake

From Farm Where Life is Good

<p>Nothing like a little healthy fiber (and you get to use up that squash too!)</p>
Source: An amalgamation
Servings: 9x13" pan (you choose!)
Ingredient keywords: margarine, sugar, maple, zucchini, apple, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, salt, bran, flour, flour, soda, walnuts
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Zucchini Cakes (not like a sweet loaf)

From Tullahoma Locally Grown

<p>This is my all.time.favorite.summer.recipe. Great with sour cream or goat cheese on top. I usually dont measure anything and sometimes have less parmesan or less breadcrumbs than needed but it always turns out great!</p>
Source: From "Nourshing Traditions" by Sally Fallon
Servings: serves 4?
Ingredient keywords: zucchini, salt, eggs, onion, bread, cayenne, parmesan, butter, olive
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Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

From Old99Farm Market

<p>Great side dish or snack!</p> Vegetarian! Vegan!
Servings: 4
Ingredient keywords: oil, zucchini, cheese
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Zucchini Patties

From CSA Farmers Market

<p>This recipe came from one of our <span class="caps">CSA</span> members, and when zucchini came in we cooked it as a meal with all the interns that were here on White Pine Farm. It rated high on the taste bud scale.</p> Vegetarian!
Source: Layn Brown's grandpa-Joseph Dotson
Servings: 4 servings
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Zucchini Pie

From Champaign, OH

<p>Just wanted something different and came across this simple recipe on line.</p>
Source: Recipe
Servings: 6-8 slices
Ingredient keywords: zucchini, onion, cheese, grated, oil, parsley, salt, eggs, bisquick
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Zucchini Pie

From Shoestring Acres

<p>A yummy and different way to prepare zucchini. Use as a main dish for a meatless meal or as a side dish. Great with stewed tomatoes!<br /> after you try this experiment with other veggie and herb combinations<br /> Asparagus and tarragon ,broccoli</p>
Source: Helen, mgr
Servings: 4-6
Ingredient keywords: zucchini, range
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Zucchini Salad

From The Cumming Harvest

<p>What to do with all that squash and not heat up the kitchen.</p> Vegetarian!
Source: Summer Cordell
Servings: Serves 2
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Zucchini Soup

From CSA Farmers Market

<p>A friend gave me this recipe after discovering that her &#8220;picky eater&#8221; asked for seconds. I had a bumper crop of zucchini that year and anything containing it was all right by me.</p>
Source: Lynda Hill circa 1990
Servings: 10
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Zucchini Stir Fry

From Statesboro Market2Go

<p>From Anthony&#8217;s Roots Facebook page &#8211; It&#8217;s zucchini season! We love ours stir fried with onions, kosher salt &amp; black pepper. (Add a little brown sugar if you want sweet &amp; savory)</p> Vegetarian!
Source: Justin Anthony (modified)
Servings: 4
Ingredient keywords: zucchini, onion, honey, butter
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Zucchini Tomato Vegetable Packets

From Athens Locally Grown

<p>A simple way to prepare a delicious combination of vegetables with little effort and no dish to wash. The foil packets can even be made ahead of time (the night before!) and refrigerated. They can be cooked in the oven, but just as easily on the grill and in about half the time.</p> Vegan!
Source: A Reynolds Wrap ad back in 1999!
Servings: 4-6
Ingredient keywords: zucchini, onion, tomato, olive, oregano
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