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Fisher's Produce:  Oklahoma City Update

I made a few minor changes to the product listing for our Oklahoma City delivery. I added bundled purple asparagus, and our new crop of pak choi does not have hail damage.


Fisher's Produce:  Oklahoma City Delivery

We will be delivering to Oklahoma City tomorrow (Friday) morning.

We have ALOT of asparagus and are running a special. With the warm weather this week, it is all nice and tender, even the 2nds.

Please have orders in tonight, if possible, but no later than 8:30am Friday morning.

Pick-up will be in the Whole Foods Parking lot from 11:30-11:45. Please contact me if you need to come a few minutes earlier or later.

Luke Fisher

(918) 639-0244

Local Farms First:  The Market is Open! Cilantro for Salsa...

Greetings local food lovers!

The Market is Open!

If you’re craving some fresh, authentic Mexican pico de gallos, salsas and guacamole for Cinco de Mayo, spring for some cilantro from Abundant Life Organic Farms!

Sure, it will be a few days after the holiday, but maybe you’ll still be craving Mexican cuisine or inspired by a delicious dish you had!

Thanks for supporting local family farms,
Maya Silver – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website:

Cedar Grove Farm:  Reminder to send payments for CSA Balance

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Farmer Jay is putting on his Cedar Grove Farm Business Manager’s hat this morning and reminding everyone that it is time to send in your CSA payments if you have not done so already. Please check your balance in your account on the Sign In page. If you have any questions about your remaining dues just let me know.

As a reminder there are four (4) options this year:

  1. Full share, 30 weeks for $900
  2. Half share, 30 weeks for $600
  3. Full share, 22 weeks for $660
  4. Half share, 22 weeks for $440

When you send in your checks please add a note reminding me which option your are selecting.

Okay, now I can be Farmer Jay again with a report from the farm.

One of the most interesting and challenging aspects of farming that I am cogitating on every year is the always important “weather”. Since we started 8 years ago, we have seen it all – 100 year drought, warmest year on record, snows, hard freezes, wettest winter on record, hottest summer on record, etc., etc. Remember last year – very warm March, a bit of a break in April with 2 frosts around the end of the third week and then summer in May. I have been saying for months this year that I can never complain about rain – any rain. At this point, I’ll just say then that I would really appreciate a stretch of warm sunny days.

As a farmer you first have to be an optimist. Then, you adapt, and you find solutions. We grow a variety of crops – where one crop struggles, another thrives. Constantly working on the health of our soils rewards us with crops that are consistently more hardy – our young transplants survived several hard frosts in March this year and are now going strong although 2-3 weeks behind last seasons schedule. Y’all got the first strawberry harvest this past week and as Caitlyn reported, the quantities should increase dramatically in the coming weeks. We planted our potatoes earlier this year and the new plants are looking promising – so far. We have about 400 tomato plants in the ground that are stoically waiting for the warm summer days and the first plot of sweet corn just beginning to sprout. All in all, I am still optimistic. And, just in case, we have a 5000 gallon reservoir with a high volume pump set up for irrigation this summer.

I hope that you can all share my optimism this year and know that we are doing our best to earn it and to bring you the best harvest ever.

Best regards, Farmer (and occasionally Business Manager) Jay

Statesboro Market2Go:  If you placed an order this week...

Good Morning Statesboro Market2Go customers!

If you placed an order this week, please be sure to pick it up today between 4:30 and 6:30 at the location you selected.

Thank you for supporting local farmers!

Conyers Locally Grown:  Crop Mob on Sunday

This is just a reminder about our session with the crop mob on Sunday. I hope we get a bunch done. I wanted to extend another invitation to you all to come join us. We are going to have a fresh salad from the garden, potato salad, marshmallow salad and a home grown Boston butt. If you are interested in coming out to help I would greatly appreciate it. We have lot of weeding, planting, putting straw on tomatoes, hilling potatoes and setting up a rain catch off my work shop. It’s gonna be a tough task for the group so we need a few more. We hope to see you Sunday.

Thank you,

Atlanta Locally Grown:  Crop Mob on Sunday

This is just a reminder about our session with the crop mob on Sunday. I hope we get a bunch done. I wanted to extend another invitation to you all to come join us. We are going to have a fresh salad from the garden, potato salad, marshmallow salad and a home grown Boston butt. If you are interested in coming out to help I would greatly appreciate it. We have lot of weeding, planting, putting straw on tomatoes, hilling potatoes and setting up a rain catch off my work shop. It’s gonna be a tough task for the group so we need a few more. We hope to see you Sunday.

Thank you,

Rose Creek Farms Coop:  Sunday April 5th 2013

Rose Creek Farms Coop

How to contact us:
Ph# 940.427.2609 or 940.440.8321
Our Farm Website:
On Twitter: @RoseCreekFarms
On Facebook:
On Saturdays Fort Worth: Here’s a map.
On Wednesdays Denton: Here’s a map.
On Wednesdays Decatur: Here’s a map.
On Mondays On Farm: Here’s a map.

Market News

We are working very hard to make Rose Creek Farms Cooperative the most convenient way for you to put locally grown food on your tables. It’s amazing what transpires each week in such a limited space and time window.

TatSoi Broccoli Napa Cabbage

We are accepting credit cards now so anyone who wants to take advantage of that service please feel free. We do still accept checks for those who want to pay with a check.

WOW Freezes in May. This is really hard to get a summer garden to come up. We have covered the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant 8 or 9 times in the past 2-3 weeks to prevent them from getting frost or a freeze on them. Lost a few plants to the cooler weather. Some veggies won’t germinate with such cool weather. How ever we are getting there and we are excited about the summer veggies.

Note: If you buy the jars of jelly. We would like for you to save the jars and rings and not throw them away. Please bring them back to us and we can refund you $0.50 cents each for those that are returned back in great shape.

Note: If you buy eggs from us and would like to save the cartons for us that would be much appreciated. It helps with the environment and help us keep the cost down. Please only return the cartons that are in good shape.

Thanks so much for your support of Rose Creek Farms Locally Grown, all of our growers, local food, and our rights to eat it. You all are part of what makes North Texas such a great area in which to live.


Please, share your recipes with us on the website, on the Recipes tab. We’d all love to know how you use your Rose Creek Farms Locally Grown products, so we can try it too!

Radish and Sour Cream Salad

Radish and Sour Cream Salad

There are only so many green salads topped with these red globes that you can eat before you find yourself with more radishes than you can top a salad with.

So why not put them in the spotlight as the only vegetable in the salad? In this recipe the bite of radish is cooled with rich, creamy sour cream.


4 cups sliced radishes
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
5 tablespoons sour cream
2 heaping tablespoons minced chives
salt and pepper to taste


Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. Refrigerate for at least 20 minutes before serving. Excellent alongside spicy dishes like curries.

Source: Cultures for Health
Serves: 2-4

Upcoming Rose Creek Farms Events

  • The basics of Soft Cheeses, Butter and Yogurt: May 11th, 2013 10:00am-2:00pm. Location is 418 County Road 2788, Sunset, Texas 76270. This class covers the nutritional benefits of “Raw Dairy Products”. Includes a demonstration of how to make yogurt, yogurt cheese, kefir and raw milk cheeses. We will learn how to make clabbered butter and cheese, cultured butter, cultured yogurt and yogurt cheese, and a raw milk butter. Class cost $25.00 per person. Lunch provided. (Cultured yogurt and cheese is a pasteurized method of preparation for those not interested in raw dairy products). Class taught by Pamela Klein Johnson. Go to: for details to register.
  • Probiotics – The real connection: May 25th, 2013 10:00am-2:00pm. Friendly bacteria make up approximately 70% of our immune system. The most powerful part of the immune system takes place among the body’s probiotics. The human body can house more than 32 billion beneficial and harmful bacteria and fungi at one time. Join us in learning how to protect our immune system using traditional nutrient dense foods and drinks such as, yogurt, kefir, kombucha and fermented veggies. This is an informational class and not a cooking class. However we do cover basic methods of preparation. Class cost $25.00 per person. Couples $40.00. Lunch provided.
  • Nourishing Traditional Diets- The Key to Vibrant Health: June 15th, 2013, 10:00-2:00. Learn which foods heal and which foods cause disease. Learn how to prepare some of the most probiotic rich, nutrient dense foods our ancestors have eaten for thousands of years to keep them healthy. This is not a cooking class, demonstration only. Class is free. Please rsvp by phone or email to reserve your spot if attending.
  • Basics of Fermentation: June. 29th, 2013 10:00am-2:00pm. Come and learn the basics of fermentation. Fermented foods are higher in nutrients, retain flavor and color much better than the canned method of food preservation. Learn how to make old fashioned pickled veggies to sourdough bread starters for bread, rolls and pancakes. Class cost $25.00 per person. Couples $40.00. Lunch provided.

Other Area Farm Events

No current listings

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  MEM Deadline this Friday

The Market is open Thursday 9am – Monday 9am. After that, ordering is disabled. Pick-up your order Tuesday 4:30-6:30PM at Rancho Alegre Farm at 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019. New to The Market? Learn about how it works here.

May 2nd, 2013 – New Vendors, Great Offers!

Dear Market Customer,

It’s another great week here at The Market. The addition of 4 new vendors last week increased our inventory variety, including all natural emu oil products, local vegetables, live plants, and premium coffee.

Also, this week, be sure to stop by The Market during pick-up to ‘smell’ test and get the fresh bath salts and all-natural, homemade household products from From Mimi’s Mountain Home. Their rosemary-mint bath salts smell amazing; the perfect addition to a relaxing bath!

On another note, we’d like to excuse Johnston Family Farms for not being able to provide us with raw milk and cream this Tuesday. Russell’s mother is in the hospital and he was attending to her. We pray she recovers soon. Be sure to order Johnston’s dairy this week, we look forward to having him back on Tuesday with his fresh dairy!

Mother Earth Meats Deadline is this Friday

Placing an order is easy! Just review their website, complete this order form, and email it back to

As you probably already know, we only get to order Mother Earth Meats about every 6 weeks, so this is a great time to stock-up on your favorite meat cuts from a reliable meat source. I promise you, you will not find high quality meat at these prices anywhere else!

The deadline to order Mother Earth Meats is this Friday, May 3rd, so order now!

So many logistics come into play when we do a bulk buy of this kind. If at all possible, please don’t wait until the last minute to order and go ahead and fill out your order form now. It will greatly help us deliver the absolute best and timely service to you!

Mother Earth Meats provides pastured, grass-fed, hormone, antibiotic and cruelty-free:

  • beef
  • bison
  • elk

  • goat
  • lamb
  • chicken

  • turkey
  • duck
  • pork

They also offer other products like raw milk cheese, organ meats, bones for broth/stock and traditional cooking fats, all of excellent quality.

Here are some interesting facts about Mother Earth Meats:

  • There is NO sales tax or added delivery fee!
  • There are no nitrates or MSG in the uncooked sausages, fresh bacon or seasoned bacon.
  • Mother Earth Meats does not add any kind of salt or chemical washes to their meats, nor do they use gases to sterilize it.
  • Mother Earth Meats does not use any fertilizers at the farm, other than their own manure and homemade compost.
  • The chickens and turkeys are pastured/free-range and are given a limited amount of non-GMO feed which does include corn/soy.
  • Pork lard is already rendered and pork fat is not; the same is true for beef lard and fat (however, you can easily render it yourself in the oven).

How to Order Mother Earth Meats

Remember, the rules to order Mother Earth Meats are a little different. You would NOT order through The Market.

Instead, follow these easy instructions:

The Deadline to Order is this Friday, May 3rd; Order Now!

1) Go to the Mother Earth Meats website, browse around, and choose the products you want to order.

2) Download the Mother Earth Meats order form here and fill it out with the products you want to order.

3) Save your filled out order form on your computer and email it back to with subject line "MEM ORDER".

That’s it!

These are some of the best meats you can find; don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on top quality meats!

*Delivery date for Mother Earth Meats is May 18th*

If you run into any issues or have any questions about ordering Mother Earth Meats,
please fill out this short form or call 770-383-1284.

Our Facebook Contest is Up! Enter to Win a $100 Visa Card

If you’ve ever hosted a birthday party here at Rancho Alegre Farm, you can participate in our Photo Contest, submit your best birthday party photo, and enter to WIN a $100 Visa Card!

It’s easy: (1) Like our page, (2) Click Submit Photo (3) Click Share so all your friends can see your photo and vote! The photograph with the most votes wins a $100 Visa Card!


Fresh Wishes,

Pilar Quintero
Market Host
Rancho Alegre Farm
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Local Farms First:  Order Pick Up Reminder!

Greetings local food lovers!

Don’t forget to pick up your order today between 4-6 PM!

Crested Butte: The CB Pick-Up Location is now at Montanya Distillery, 130 Elk Avenue.

Gunnison: Upstairs at the ORE Office (202 E. Georgia).

Thanks for supporting local family farms!

Maya Silver
Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website