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Stone County, AR:  Market's Closed!

Hi, Everyone!

The Market’s closed until Sunday.

Come back and see us!

Champaign, OH:  Spinach

A late change…spinach is here! If interested, dial some up!

Conway, AR:  Market Reminder

The market closes tonight at 10 P.M. To place an order, visit Please make sure to hit the checkout button. You will receive a conformation email once you place your order.

Russellville Community Market:  Market Reminder

Once again we are at the end of the ordering period for this weeks Market. The Russellville Community Market will close tonight at 10:00pm for ordering, so get your orders in soon!

Don’t forget we have new pick up times available from 4:00pm to 6:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you at the Market on Thursday at All Saints Episcopal Church!

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Russellville Community Market

Homegrown Co-op:  Online Market open for Sat. pickup or delivery!

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In our 3rd annual December fund drive, we seek YOUR donation of just $30!

We are recruiting 300 people to each donate $30 in the next 30 days to meet our fundraising goal, which will fund improvements to the Co-op that allow us to better serve our members and our farmers.

This year, supportive local businesses have teamed up with Homegrown to create a Match Fund, where each community contribution will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, to help us reach our $18,000 goal!

Michael Pollen: Twinkie Vs. Carrot

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Pickup is from 12-7pm on Saturday December 1st. Sorry, we cannot accommodate early pickups at this time.

Don’t forget, orders for the following items must be placed by 4:00pm Thursday to satisfy your order
Fresh bread orders from Olde Hearth Bread Company
Prepared foods from Venetian Gourmet and Purely Raw

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Champaign, OH:  Give local...

As we head into the last few hours of the market this week I wanted to offer up a reminder to consider our wonderful vendors when selecting gifts for your loved ones for the holidays. From local maple syrup, honey or garlic, to baked goods like homemade noodles, spices, herbs, and breads, we have many items that family or friends would be happy to receive. Many items are shelf-stable and could be wrapped and placed under the tree or in a stocking too. While we can’t possibly name them all, please remember that local dollars spent on local items stays mostly local! And if it cannot be placed under the tree, start a new tradition of gifting it into their refridgerater or freezer! Blame it on the elves and deposit that roast or sausage right into their freezer! What a surprise it would be! Taking a road trip? Order extra cookies or a loaf of Cosmic bread for the ride! The options are endless!

Let’s work hard to make your cyber Monday really virtual Tuesday and support your local food providers!

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  Volunteers

Volunteers for this week’s pick-up day are DocJody and Phyllis Kincannon. Thank you!

There are some open shifts for upcoming markets, so check out our calendar on VolunteerSpot and sign up:

Remember, for EVERY shift volunteered, whether a full 1:00-5:30 slot or a 1:00-3:30 slot, each volunteer will receive TWO FREE MONTHS of co-op membership.

In addition, for every 1:00-5:30 shift completed, each volunteer will receive a $5 Walmart gift/gas card!

If you have any problems or prefer to contact me directly, my email is


-Karen Harbut
Volunteer Coordinator

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  One more market before Christmas!

Just a reminder that the Co-op market will close tomorrow night, and that there is only one more market before Christmas. Our vendors offer lots of goodies that would make great gifts and stocking stuffers, and buying from them keeps your holiday dollars local.

On another note, be sure that if you need to contact someone regarding volunteering, that should go to our awesome volunteer coordinator Karen Harbut, not Karen Holcomb. Karen Harbut’s email is

Enjoy the holiday season, and thanks for your support of Spa City Co-op.

ALFN Local Food Club:  Market Closes Tomorrow!

The market closes tomorrow! Get your order in! There’s a fable about the boy who forgot to order before the market closed, but I can’t remember it. Just let it be known, he met a grim fate!
Sam Hedges

Plattsburgh Online Ordering:  The season shifts

The last few years we have been able to harvest from the field right up to Thanksgiving. Then winter gets serious, and we rely on what is in our hoophouses. The hardy greens – arugula, kale, asian greens, can be harvested if they are not frozen. Since the hoophouses warm up nicely with a little sunshine, we usually have a day a week all winter that we can harvest them.

We took down the Route 9 hoophouse over Thanksgiving and re-assembled it over salad greens growing up by the old hoophouse, but we don’t have the plastic and end walls on yet. The forecast is not for open air thawing, so I don’t know if we will have arugula and salad mix this week. I do have spinach in the old hoophouse, and a good supply of kale and chard available for greens.I think I’ll have a good supply of the lettuces.

I am hoping for a 40s and sunny day because there is a lot of good salad mix and arugula still where the Route 9 hoophouse was and where I had a bed protected by row cover (which I took up before the row cover froze to the ground).

At least I am getting the garage cleaned out, organizing my market supplies, etc. But it is amazing the difference sunshine makes. Monday morning was just miserable nasty brrrrrrr, but as soon as the sun came out it was pleasant outside, or in the garage with the door open. We moved the pallet of cover crop seed out to the feed trailer (which is not as full of feed this time of year), took wax off some bee frames and stored them away, etc. More sorting and organizing to do before we bring the golf cart inside for winter (blocking access to shelves to sort), and Sunday afternoon I dug a lot more carrots which need to have the tops snapped off and be washed. It seems a little pointless – I am sure I have more carrots harvested than we will sell, but … And I did get more of the nice white and red carrots that we were short of.

Have a great week.