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How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs

From South Cumberland Farmer's Market

<p>Folks say that fresh eggs do not hard boil well&#8230; actually, they boil fine, the problem is peeling the shell off without tearing up the white. Here is the secret to hard boiling fresh eggs&#8230;</p>
Source: Three Oaks Farm & Guest House (Entered by Stephen Eichler)
Serves: 12 per dozen eggs

12 eggs eggs in the shell

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Hard Boiling Fresh Eggs - Folks say it is impossible to peel a hard-boiled fresh egg without tearing up the white. Older eggs will separate from the shell more easily due to shrinkage and the formation of gas between the inner shell membrane and the white. For hard-boiled eggs, keep a dozen (or two) fresh eggs specifically for boiling in the fridge for about 2 weeks to “age.” Let the eggs come to room temperature. Bring water to a good boil and use a spoon to gently place eggs into the water. Turn heat down to low, boil eggs for no more than 12 minutes, run under cold water and refrigerate for a couple of hours. To peel, tap each end to break the shell, then roll the egg on the counter to pulverize the shell all around before peeling. Enjoy!