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Savory Squash Soup

From ALFN Local Food Club

<p>A great, reliable recipe for yellow, Zephyr, and patty pan squash. This recipe comes from the more Central and South American approach to squash, adding hot peppers and cilantro.</p>
Source: Sam Hedges (Entered by Arkansas Local Food Network)
Serves: 4-6

5 Squash: Yellow, Zephyr, or Patty Pan
4 Hot Peppers: Poblano, Japaleno, Chile, etc.
2 Sweet Onions
2 Leeks
4 Garlic Cloves
1 Quart Chicken or Veggie Stock
1 Bunch of Summer Savory
1 Big Bunch of Cilantro

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Set the oven to 450 degrees. Slice the squash THIN and toss it with your sliced sweet onions in olive oil and salt. Set on a roasting pan so that the squash are spread out and have room to roast. When the oven is preheated, set the squash in the oven and roast until a little browning is occurring. Remember: the key to this recipe is pulling moisture out of the squash, so you want your squash to be nice and toasty when they come out, caramelized and near the edge of burning.
  2. Sauté finely chopped leeks and garlic in olive oil in a pot over medium heat. Once they're translucent, add chopped peppers (no seeds) and sauté until a little brown.
  3. Add chicken stock and roasted squash and onions and bring to a boil. Add finely chopped summer savory and simmer for 30 minutes to an hour. In the meantime, chop our cilantro nice and fine.
  4. When you're ready to eat your soup, grab a hand blender or food processor and purée until smooth. Add chopped cilantro and serve!
  5. Final thought: this recipe would probably do well with shredded chicken or a spicy sausage. If so, add in the sauté phase.