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Spinach and Mushroom Fritatta

From Stones River Market

<p>I am trying to cut back on my meat intake, so I created this spinach dish without meat and with very little oil. My family thought it very tasty.</p> <p>You could substitute onion for shallot, and another leafy green for spinach.</p>
Source: Kathy Ferris (Entered by Kathleen and Ken Ferris)
Serves: 4

1 Tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
1 large shallot
1 bunch fresh organic spinach, chopped
8 Baby Bella mushrooms, sliced
8 eggs, whisked
pinch salt and black pepper, to taste
1 Tbsp Cajun green pepper sauce
1/2 cup grated Romano (or other) cheese

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Heat olive oil in 10 inch cast iron skillet at medium heat.
  2. Cook minced shallot until it begins to soften.
  3. Add sliced mushrooms and cook until they begin to soften,
  4. Add chopped spinach and cook until wilted. Season with a little salt.
  5. Turn on oven broiler, high.
  6. Whisk together eggs, pinch salt & black pepper, and green sauce.
  7. Stir egg mixture into spinach mixture and cook over low heat, without really stirring, until eggs begin to set at bottom. Make openings in eggs so that uncooked part can seep down to bottom.
  8. Remove skillet from heat and place in middle of oven under broiler for about 5 minutes, or until top begins to get firm.
  9. Sprinkle grated cheese over top of frittata and broil just until cheese is melted.
  10. Serve with organic bread, toasted, and more hot sauce if desired.