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Crustless Quiche

From Porterdale, GA

<p>Quiche is such a great way to enjoy eggs while using up bits of cheeses and veggies from the fridge &#8211; and leftover quiche makes a great packable lunch for tomorrow.</p>
Source: Williams Family Farm Quiche (Entered by Linda Woodworth)
Serves: 6

8 eggs from the Williams Family Farm, preferably!
1 - 2 cups dairy: can be milk, half-and-half, whipping cream...
1 cup grated or crumbled cheese of any kind - I like feta or goat but swiss is good too!
1/2 cup green veggie - could be spinach, maybe, or brocolli?
1/2 cup another veggie - maybe mushrooms or thinly sliced onions
1/2 cup surprise! some chopped tomato? any sliced olives in the fridge? maybe slice off the corn from a leftover cooked ear?
dash salt and pepper as desired
1 tsp oregano or basil - from the garden, or dried.
1/2 tsp olive oil or other oil or butter

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. break eggs into a bowl, and stir together with the milk. (oops did some shell get in the bowl? Easiest way to remove a bit of shell is with a piece of shell!)
  3. spray or butter the bottom of a deep dish pie plate. I like glass so I can see how it's cooking, but it doesn't matter.
  4. layer on the veggies and cheese, distributing as evenly as you can.
  5. pour in the egg mixture to cover the veggies and cheese. If it doesn't cover you can always add a little more milk or a mix of eggs and milk.
  6. Bake uncovered until uniformly done - it will get poofy and cook on the outer edges and then the middle. Check it at 30 minutes - your oven and which fillings you used will vary the time. It will fall some when it cools - no worries! Serve hot or cool.