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Homemade Mexican-style Salsa

From Conyers Locally Grown

<p>I found this recipe online by chance, tried it, and haven&#8217;t been able to eat store-bought since!! It&#8217;s healthy, all-natural, delicious, and easy to make!</p>
Source: Online Blog (Entered by Mellissa Takeuchi)
Serves: 5-6 cups

5-6 tomatoes (small to medium)
1 white onion (peeled)
1-3 jalapenos (depending on preferred heat)
2-4 cloves garlic
1/2-1 cup loosly-packed cilantro
1-2 Tbsp fresh lime juice
dash olive oil
1 tsp salt (to taste)

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Char tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, and garlic in fry pan (or on the grill). Let cool.
  2. Blend charred vegetables with rest of ingredients in food processor.
  3. Salsa is done. It's best to make this a day early to allow the ingredients to set.
  4. *I've found that the jalapenos really make this recipe: if they're too spicy your salsa will be overwhelming (although still delicious) and if they have little to no spice, the salsa loses a lot of flavor. The best jalapenos tend to be in season (as you'd expect).