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Shrimp Addie

From Statesboro Market2Go

<p>A delicious recipe that uses wild caught shrimp, locally raised pork, and seasonal vegetables. Serve with rice or grits. Please consider leaving a picture or comment if you decide to try this recipe!</p>
Source: (Entered by Ariana Giddens)
Serves: 4

6 slices Bacon
2 to 2 1/4 cups Cooked tomatoes
2 Green bell peppers (cut into strips)
2 cloves Garlic
2 cups Boiled and peeled shrimp
Rice for serving
Or grits for serving

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Cook bacon in a skillet until it is crisp, then remove it from the skillet and set it aside.
  2. Add the tomatoes, peppers, and garlic to the skillet. Simmer for about 40 minutes.
  3. Add the shrimp to the skillet and cook for 5 more minutes. Serve hot with either rice or grits.