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Maria's Sweet Italian Butter

From Miami County Locally Grown

<p>This is a really easy herbal butter recipe you can make in minutes. Great way to make garlic bread or to jazz up cooked vegetables. Try spreading the herb butter on steak before you grill and melt it to use on popcorn. We love it toasted on pita bread or tortillas as snack .</p>
Source: Karen Purke (Entered by Karen Purke)
Serves: Yields 1/2 cup

1 Tbs Maria's Italian Seasoning Mix
1/2 cup Unsalted Butter

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Mix 1 Tbs. Maria's Italian Seasoning Mix with 1/2 cup room temperature unsalted butter.
  2. Use a food processor or mixer to blend the mix into the butter.
  3. This butter spreads beautifully at room temperature Store in refrigerator until consumed or freeze for future use.