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sweet hawiian BBQ deer

From The Cumming Harvest - Closed

<p>I have never eaten or cooked a Deer. My friend had given me rib parts .leg and a bunch bone parts. I don&#8217;t even know what it all was but stuff they didn&#8217;t want and thought I would like it for the dogs. so my friend had brought home some lillians sweet hawaiian glaze. didn&#8217;t know what to use it with so I said lets experiment. I put a dry rub on the leg set it over night boiled and cut piece for jerky let it set in the glaze dehydrated the pieces and omg. what the best jerky I ever had. if it wasn&#8217;t for the glaze I don&#8217;t think I wld had tried it. then I did it on the ribs amazing and pulled the roast and added it tho the pulled deer and made me some grand biskets . just rolled them and filled them with the <span class="caps">BBQ</span> deer and baked till golden brown amazing. love love loved it. thanks Lillian.</p>
Source: sweet glaze lisa (Entered by Debbie Grzonka)
Serves: as many as u want to make depends on the meat amount

1 leg deer raost
hand full garlic powder or fresh
hand full oinion powder or fresh
hand full lemon peper grinder kind
hand full oregano dry or fresh
1 cup olive oil
1 cup liliians sweet hawiian glaze

Step by Step Instructions
  1. 1 . rub the roast with the olive oil 2 . mix all ingredients and rub the roast 3 . set it in the fridge over night cook 350 in the oven or on the grill till tender and falls away from the bone. cool and pull meat off add the glaze mix well open the grand bisket rolls and roll them out flat stuff and fold over seal edges 4 bake per directions if u want to brush them with a olive oil and bread seasoning for extra flavors go ahead and enjoy them .