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McMinnville Locally Grown:  Sunny and Warm!

What a beautiful weekend! Enjoy the weather!

Have a great week! Click here for McMinnville Locally Grown Market Section

United States Virgin Islands:  VI locally grown week of 3/10

Good morning St. Croix!

Tomato season is in full gear! Get your ripe, delicious heirloom, slicing, and cherry tomatoes fresh from our vines! And check out all the new crafted products from our local artisans while you’re at it.

See you on Wednesday!

Green Fork Farmers Market:  Weekly Product List

Dear Green Fork Farmers Market Customers,

Congratulations to Tammy Graham, who won the drawing for our market bag of goodies at the Dig In! Food and Farming Festival. Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing, and welcome to our market! We also want to thank all of you who attended the festival and helped to make it such a success.

NEW this week—Black Sheep Ranch joins us with lamb, naturally grown and grass fed. No antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives. Several cuts are available this week, with more coming next week. You will love all they have to offer in delicious, healthy, pasture raised lamb.

It’s time to start planting the spring garden! This week Green Fork Farm offers for the first time a collection of popular garden seeds from Clear Creek Seeds in Tahlequah. These seeds are open pollinated, non-GMO, untreated, and grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. If you aren’t sure what to plant when, the Garden Planner Planting Guide will help you plan the whole season with planting and harvesting dates. Get started now!

This week we also have greens, honey, bath and body care products, baked goods, olives, olive oil, eggs, chicken, pork, and microgreens available for preorder. Place your order by clicking on the market link below. Click on the shopping cart next to each item you wish to order and fill up your basket. Submit your order by Monday at midnight, then pick up and pay on Wednesday from 4-7 pm in the Breezeway at Nightbird Books, 205 W. Dickson St. in Fayetteville. If you aren’t able to place an order, you can stop by the market on Wednesday to see what our farmers have available for sale from their tables.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Green Fork Farmers Market

Republican Valley Produce:  RVP-Market is Open, Sorry


I am sorry that opening the market just completely slipped my mind. Baby John is doing well.

Orders are due by 5 pm on Sunday.



Kerstens' Maple Hill Centennial Farm:  The Five Forward Farmers' Forum

*March 9, 2013

Greetings to our community of Locavores!*

What is a “locavore”? One who has an insatiable appetite for food right out of the dirt, and thinks farmers are cool!
How do you know if you are a “locavore”?

1. You love visiting farmers’ markets and roadside stands to smell the tomatoes and sweet corn.
2. You spend too much time poring over new recipes in country magazines for fresh produce concoctions.
3. Fresh new taste sensations really give you a kick, and you plan your meals around what is coming out of the garden now.
4. You would rather drink a freshly prepared smoothie than a soda.
5. You know what an anti-oxidant is, and you know it is not true that “eggs are eggs” and “apples are apples” no matter where they came from.

Now! Ruminate on that for awhile!!

Welcome to all of you! This is our kick-off newsletter for 2013. We are looking for an accurate head count of all who still receive this newsletter, so, would you return me an email with “Got it! Please keep me!” if you wish to keep getting our newsletters? Thanks!

We have our online ordering for local pick-up still in place, and in addition to this, we are including our CSA customers in this website for newsletter updates for them. We are trying to downsize on paperwork and be more efficient with our time…one newsletter for all!

Online ordering will be started sometime the end of April or beginning of May. Earliest produce/products will be maple syrup and fresh eggs, plus baby spring greens from the hoophouses! We will keep you updated.

If a CSA subscription is more to your liking, contact Ron Kersten and request an application. (Phone 715-460-1585 or Email We are working on drop-off/pick-up points and have five so far: Embarrass, Clintonville, Marion, Tigerton, and Waupaca. The CSA subscription runs for 20 weeks beginning June 13th and going to October 24th. We also have now included a winter subscription for 8 weeks in November/December.

Check our the Growers’ Tab, too. We are now FIVE farmers bringing you the BEST!

Spring Blessings!

Ron and Leanne Kersten
Bob and Kim Braun
Jacob Abrahamson
David and Emilie Schmude
Wayne and Jo Schmude

Middle Tennessee Locally Grown:  This Week's Market is Open!

I feel like spring has really arrived, even though the calendar says I’m rushing it a little. That’s what two days in a row in the greenhouse does to me, I guess! My son helped me pot up some new hanging baskets and lavender plants. What a good feeling!

This week, please welcome to the market Onderka Family Farm, currently offering fudge, dinner rolls & breads, eggs, and marmalade.

Dogwood Valley Greenhouse is offering daffodil bouquets for one last week.

Please check our market offerings and place your order by noon on Wednesday for delivery Thursday afternoon to Square Books Round Cookies, 113 East Main Street, Manchester. Thanks for your orders last week!


South Cumberland Food Hub:  Local Food!

To Contact Us

South Cumberland Food Hub
13912 Highway 41B
Tracy City, TN 37387
Risa Brown


Market News

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight! If you don’t, you’ll be late for church tomorrow :-) Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day, with sunshine and warm temperatures. I’m so glad it’s finally getting warmer. I planted peas, kale, lettuce and spinach out in the garden today. I should have planted at least a couple of weeks ago, but it was too cold and I chickened out. Luckily it was nice today or I may not have gotten a spring garden in at all this year.

Beginning in mid April thru May we will be having several varieties of leaf lettuce and Romaine, Cabbage, Collards, beets, squash, zucchini, green onions, peppers, tomatillos, spinach, kale, fresh cut herbs, eggplant, broccoli, and cauliflower available. We will also have 3 varieties of kale available and strawberries too.

So you can plan your menus accordingly. The spring bounty of food is just around the corner.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers!


Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Dothan, Alabama:  Spring Forward ...

Market at Dothan ordering…springs forward! You may now order online starting Saturday evenings! Ordering will stay open until Tuesday @ 5:00 pm as usual. We hope you find the additional ordering time helpful! As always, thank you for your support!
Mark your calendars for Spring Market: March 22nd – May 24th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm @ Dothan Nurseries.
The website will stay “open” so that you may continue to order online during Spring Market. We will have a “Market at Dothan” tent for quick, easy, one stop pickup.
Find us on
Spread the word and forward our email to your contacts…thanks!
Keep it fresh, local & lively!
Susan & Amanda

South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Time to order local food!

It’s time to order from the Cumberland Farmers’ Market
click here to go directly to the market page

To Contact Us

Cumberland Farmer’s Market


Lemony Pasta with Goat Cheese and Spinach

Thanks Martha Stewart for this quick and delicious pasta recipe. Click here to view the recipe at the source.


Salt and pepper
3/4 pound spaghettini or spaghetti
4 ounces fresh goat cheese
10 ounces baby spinach (10 cups)
3 cups fresh parsley, chopped
2 cups fresh cilantro, chopped
1 tablespoon grated lemon zest plus 1 tablespoon juice
1/2 cup toasted walnuts, chopped

In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook pasta according to package instructions. Reserve 2 cups pasta water, then drain.

In pot, stir together goat cheese and 1 cup pasta water over medium. Add pasta, spinach, parsley, cilantro, lemon zest and juice, and more pasta water if necessary to create a light sauce that coats pasta; season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with walnuts and serve.

Market News

Jess here… before I tell you all about what we have for sale this week, I want to recognize Andrea Sanders and Kir and Ron Strobel for the fantastic work they have all done managing the market over the last month. Market manager is a volunteer position at our market and the learning curve is significant. When you see Andrea, Kir or Ron in the coming weeks, please thank them. Using volunteers to the run the market only works when we have committed community members who are willing to work. They deserve our appreciation for making the market possible and keeping our overhead expenses low. They certainly have my appreciation for allowing me time at home with family and no other worries.

It’s March! Better yet, the rain has broken for a few days allowing some of our soil to dry enough for tilling. Yes, there will be vegetables this spring! It’s a lovely day for working in the garden.

If you are putting in your garden and need supplies, Mooney’s Market has gardening products for sale at their store across from the Sand Plant between Sewanee and Monteagle and sends the following message:

“We have an ever growing list of organic garden supplies coming in right now. Today we have on hand:

Organic Choice potting soil, mushroom compost, Black Cow composted cow manure, Rollins Farm composted poultry waste (very potent stuff), Neptune’s Harvest fish emulsion and fish/seaweed blend, 4 cubic foot bags of vermiculite, perlite and peat moss, planting trays, garden kneelers, Deer Stopper and water Scare Crows (these work well to deter deer).

We also have wild bird supplies including black oil sunflower seed (25 & 50 pound bags), nyjer thistle seed, suet cakes, hummingbird nectar and a selection of feeders."

We welcome a new grower this week: Lauren’s Homemade Dog Treats

Spinach is growing again thanks to the increase in day length and sunlight. Keep Produce Farm, In Town Organics, and Frontier Family Farm all have some available.

I know that Andrea mentioned the White Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream last week but I think I’ll mention it again…

For those of you that are interested in putting in your own gardens, the CFM also has a garden supply section on the website with rabbit manure, worm castings, and stakes and cane.

Daffodil bouquets are available from Dogwood Valley greenhouse.

Click here to browse the whole list for yourself.

Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Melody Lane Co-op:  March 8, 2013 - Mother Earth Meats

The Market is now open and fully stocked with meat from Mother Earth Meats!


Mother Earth Meats
Order deadline: Friday, March 15, 7:00pm
Delivery: Saturday, March 30 (exact time TBD)

All orders for the Roswell delivery MUST be submitted online through The Market. Call Sandra (770-841-3437) if you have problems placing your order.

Buying from Mother Earth Meats is a little bit different from most of our other group orders.
Please read and understand the following before placing your order:

  • The delivery is a Saturday instead of our usual Thursday. We will not find out the exact time until a day or two before. You must be here during the delivery or make arrangements to drop off a cooler before the scheduled delivery time. As a group we order an average of 800 lbs of meat and I have no way to store all that, which is why it is important for you to be here or at least drop off a cooler ahead of time. Your meat will sit out in my carport until you come to pick it up.
  • You pay the farmer directly. He only accepts cash or check at the time of delivery (no credit cards). Please do not select “Pay Now” when you submit your order online. You can drop off payment at my house ahead of time, along with your cooler, if you know you will not be here during the delivery.
  • Order by the pound. The price you see listed in The Market is the price per pound. Enter the total number of pounds you want of a certain item and then add to cart. During checkout you can add comments if you have specific instructions. For example, if you want 2 two-pound roasts then you would add a quantity of 4 to your cart and then during checkout add a comment that you want 2 roasts at 2 lbs each. If you do not specify how you want it divided the farmer will give you whatever size packages he has that will fill your order. If you order 10 lbs of ground beef you may end up with 10 one-pound packages or 5 two-pound packages or somewhere in between. (There are two exceptions – whole chickens and beef hearts. See the item descriptions for more details)
  • Your order total at checkout is just an estimate. This is real food. Real food is not all the same size and does not naturally come in 1 lb increments. The farmer will do his best to come close to the total amount of each item that you order. In the end you may have a little more or a little less than what you ordered. Occasionally he will run out of something altogether. The price you pay on delivery day will be based on the actual weight of the meat you receive. From the time you place your order until about a day before delivery, the farmer will be working to fill all of our orders. As soon as he is finished he will email me your actual total and I will forward it on to you.
  • Please place a separate order for your Mother Earth Meats items. Since this farm requires a different delivery day and limited payment options, it will really help me keep things straight if you place one order for Mother Earth Meats products and a separate order for everything else. Thank you!

Here is some more information about Mother Earth Meats:
Mother Earth Meats is located in Maryville, Tennessee. They provide pastured, grass-fed, hormone-, antibiotic- and cruelty-free beef, bison, elk, goat, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck and pork, as well as other products like Druck’s raw milk cheese, organ meats, bones for broth/stock and traditional cooking fats. Most of their products are just sold locally, but they do make special trips select areas in the southeast a few times a year. We take part in their Atlanta area buying club.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have about their products, but here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • There is NO sales tax or added delivery fee!

  • There are no nitrates or MSG in the uncooked sausages, fresh bacon or seasoned bacon.

  • Mother Earth Meats does not add any kind of salt or chemical washes to their meats, nor do they use gases to sterilize it.

  • Mother Earth Meats does not use any fertilizers at the farm, other than their own manure and homemade compost.

  • The chickens and turkeys are pastured/free-range and are given a limited amount of non-GMO feed which does include corn/soy.

  • Pork lard is already rendered and pork fat is not; the same is true for beef lard and fat (however, you can easily render it yourself in the oven).

  • In addition to my home in Roswell, the farmer will be delivering to a few other locations around Atlanta on the same day – see the list below. If you would like to pick up at a different location please email that coordinator for an order form. Please do not order through The Market for pick up at another location.

    Alpharetta/Johns Creek
    Phyllis Tatgenhorst
    (404) 271-8103
    Jenna Laughter
    (678) 294-9989

    Pilar Quintero
    (770) 339-3065

    Maryanne Vaeth
    (404) 432-4337

    Warner Robbins
    Dena Sue Watts
    (478) 365-8354


    Sandra Walker
    Melody Lane Co-op Coordinator

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