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Swainsboro, GA:  MARKET IS OPEN

The market is open. Look below to see what the farmers have to offer this week

Plattsburgh Online Ordering:  Fill your fridge/freezer with Rehoboth Homestead and Asgaard Farm products

Good chilly evening. The “in-between” markets online ordering is now open until late Wednesday. The spinach and salad mix are harvestable, if the weather is sunny enough to get the hoophouses well above freezing (it was great a couple days last week). I am hoping for Thursday harvest, but Monday looks good too. If you quickly order by mid-day Monday, I will harvest for you so you are sure to have fresh greens. Otherwise, I’ll wait for Thursday.

New in the list is duck eggs! The ducks are responding to the longer days by laying eggs. They are wonderful with huge yolks.

You may either pick up your order at Rehoboth Homestead Friday or Saturday, or I will deliver to your home or worksite on Friday. Please give delivery/pickup instructions in the comments box when you order.

Thank you.

Madison GA:  The market is open!!!

See everyone Wed and we will have Lori’s world famous (well sort of) crab cakes!

CLG:  Opening Bell

Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

It’s spring cleaning time at Falling Sky Farm. We’re clearing falling limbs out of pasture edges, burning brush piles, cleaning up overgrown fencerows, putting in new fencing….in other words, frantically getting ready for the growing season….which may be upon us already. The grass is looking greener and thicker every week, the cows are mooing anxiously, longing for fresh greens after months of eating dry, dusty hay. Soon we’ll be fastening tarps back on to our fleet of chicken coops, preparing them for another 9 months of production after their lonely winter fallowing. Honestly I’m itching for springtime. I miss the colors – white and pink blossoms bathed in fresh green. I miss the smells – wet clover in the morning, honeysuckle on the breeze, even the pungent chicken poop. Most of all I miss working comfortably in a t-shirt and straw hat instead of coveralls and a wool cap. I guess I should keep in mind that one of these frosts will be the last one, and then it’s work work work sweat sweat sweat all the way to November. I got interested in farming because I wanted a slow, peaceful lifestyle. Ha! Real farmers spend most of their time trying to catch up.

From Cedar Rock Ridge:
Thanks for all who sampled our new recipe for Spicy Asian Cabbage on Friday. Your comments were much appreciated! Most did not get a chance to pick up their own jar since it sold out so quickly, but have no fear. This week’s batch produced 4 pints for only $4, and 5 half-pints for $2.50. Get yours, and enjoy

The market is now open. Go to to place your order. Click the checkout button once when you’re finished and you will receive a confirmation email when your order has been received. Thanks and have a wonderful week.

Gabe Levin
CLG Market Director

GFM :  Computer or human error?

Not really sure if I messed up and didn’t get the list out for all our customers to see. So, just to be on the safe side, I’m sending the list out and leaving the market open until 5 pm tomorrow, Monday Feb 18.

I do apologize for any inconvience or confusion this may cause. I promise, I WILL get the hang of this program yet!

Michelle Steiner
Asst. Market Manager

Citrus County Locally Grown:  It's COLD out there!

Good afternoon all on this fine, clear, BRISK day! We are experiencing what many of our growers hope is winter’s last Hoorah with freezing or near freezing temperatures last night, tonight, and possibly the next night as well. Tonight is supposed to be colder than last night so if you have plants out doors that are not cold hardy best to get them covered or moved inside ASAP! We’ll cross our fingers for everyone’s crops/plants.

The market is open! Please be sure to check the many various category tabs to see what’s available this week as it does change week by week and you don’t want to miss what’s new this week!

Blessings, Healthy Eating, and Happy Gardening you’all!

The CCLG Team

Jonesborough Locally Grown:  Market open for Feb. 20th pick up

Time to shop JBF for your locally produced goods!
Farmers deliver between 4:30 and 5:15
Customer pick up 5:30 to 6:00
Order lots and don’t forget to come get it.

see you there
The Market managers

United States Virgin Islands:  VI Locally Grown market 2/17/13

Good morning!
After waking up to a refreshing rain shower in the rainforest, Ridge to Reef farm is here at Agri Fest, along with many of the other market growers. Stop by and say hello! We hope to see you at the ag grounds, and at Polly’s on Wednesday!

Champaign, OH:  Happy day!

Just a reminder the market is open and ready for you! Come support your many wonderful vendors just waiting to serve you!

Stone County, AR:  It's Market Time!

Hi, Everyone!

Welcome back to The Market!

In these weeks leading up to the beginning of the market season, it’s valuable to reflect on why it’s so important to eat local. Among other things, we thought we’d engage in a bit of reflection with you when we send our Market Open announcement each week.

At a farmers’ market, most local produce has been picked inside of 24 hours. It comes to you ripe, fresh, and with its full flavor, unlike supermarket food that may have been picked weeks or months before. Close-to-home foods can also be bred for taste, rather than withstanding the abuse of shipping or industrial harvesting. Many of the foods sourced locally will be the best you ever taste.

When we shop and eat locally, we’re giving back to our local economy. A recent British study tracked how much of the money spent at a local food business stayed in the local economy, and how many times it was reinvested. The total value was almost twice the contribution of a dollar spent at a supermarket chain!

We’ll soon be listing many more fruits, veggies and value-added food products! Yes, it may be a little more inconvenient to shop online and at a farmers market. However, if we truly want our community to be as sustainable and healthy as it can be, we’ll support our local growers whenever we can. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Stone County became as well-known for its food as it is for its music and crafts? We can do that. But, it will take ALL of us.

Please be sure to make Stone County Locally Grown Online and Stone County Farmers Market your first stop in grocery shopping! It’s simply the smart and healthy thing to do.

Come on in!