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Russellville Community Market:  RCM Referral Program--You'll Want to Read This One!!

Hello to all RCM customers!

Here at RCM, we’ve decided to implement a referral program, simply named:

Introduce a Friend to Your Farmers!
(…And you could win a $20 Russellville Community Market (RCM) Gift Card!)

So, I’m betting you want to know the way this thing works.. well look no further:

Here’s how it works:

1. Ask for an RCM business card when you pick up your next order.

2. Print your name on the card, give it to a friend who doesn’t currently shop at RCM and ask them to turn it in when they pick up their first order.

3. When your friend comes to the Market, we’ll invite them to deposit the card with your name in a little green garden basket on the Market’s check-out table.

4. On the last Market day of the month in May, June and July we’ll draw one card from the basket. The winner receives $20 in credit applied to their RCM account. (And you have given your friend year ‘round access to nutritious and delicious local produce, meat, and other products grown by area farmers.)

Got it?! Ok, great! Be sure to be on the lookout for our RCM business cards at the market this week. We’ll do our best to make sure you have cards for all the friend referrals you can handle :)

Thanks everyone! And as always, if you have any further questions you can email your market managers, or give me a call at 913-636-8193.

Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  CSA Delivery Tomorrow

Good morning folks,

CSA delivery is tomorrow. Our delivery times and locations will be the same as last week.

CSA shares this week will likely include: 2 pounds of asparagus, 1 gallon of salad mix, radishes and salad turnips, along with spinach or another green.

We are leaving the website open today for those that want to add any asparagus to their order.


Republican Valley Produce:  RVP- Bad Farmer I am, keeping you updated I am not.

As I was finishing up school work tonight, after a trip to Kansas City for a planned doctors appointment for one of the girls, it occurred to me that I haven’t let everyone know why I haven’t opened the market.

Well we are out of everything, almost. We still have some carrots, but I am sold out. We have been planting, seeding, transplanting and working very hard for the last several weeks. In my mind I let everyone know, but it never happened in reality!

We finally transplanted over 300 tomatoes last Friday, only lost 2. Now we get to contend with cold weather and possibly snow on this Wednesday! This is later than usual, but the weather and baby has made it tough! Our onions and carrots planted and seeded back in Late January and February are looking good. We also have all our potatoes in and the Garlic is looking great! We have transplanted one whole moveable building with Chard, Kale, Napa cabbage and Bok Choy. The other one is going to be planted soon too. One 45 foot bed of lettuce and cilantro is transplanted and the next one hopefully will be transplanted this weekend. Round 3 is planted and round 4 is going to be started next Sunday. I am cutting back on some of our spring plantings, just to make sure I don’t over-extend myself. However, I am planning to go all out this summer, fall and winter.

We have direct seeded radishes, turnips and more Yellow, Red, Purple and Orange carrots too. I am also starting little cucumbers and Zucchini this week. I hope this weather straightens up or we are going to be over-run with plants!

Until late April, I am going to keep the Market closed. I am hoping things will explode and start growing, but I am still waiting for that day.

Thank you for your support. We are working hard to bring you the freshest local produce, but it does take time!


Plattsburgh Online Ordering:  Online ordering open

In preparation for our last winter market of the year, online ordering is now open. If you want Parker Family Maple Products, order online and Pat will deliver to market Saturday. They are understandably too busy to stay at a market table though.

The garlic has held up amazingly. The hens are enjoying bits of green grass. Really nice salad greens. Meats. And really a good list for the tail end of winter. Hope to see you Saturday.

Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  Asparagus has arrived! update

Hello Friends,

I just noted that I need to make some udpates to the delivery information listed on the order reciept emails. For those of you who have already ordered, please note accordingly. Thanks!


Picking Up Orders

Brookside Market: 8am-12pm at Brookside Farmers Market, Wednesdays at Food Pyramid Parking Lot, 41st and Peoria. May-July only.

During the month of April, Brookside members can pick up at 1800 S. Boston in the Sprit Tower Parking lot from 12:00-12:45pm, Wednesdays

Downtown: 320 S. Boston, Wednesdays from 1:00-1:30pm. Call for parking or office delivery details.

Sprit Event Center at Regal Plaza: Wednesdays 2:00 to 2:30pm

Kellyville Delivery is to John Christner Trucking at 12:30pm on Wednesdays for the month of April and thereafter at 6:30am on Wednesday mornings.

Okmulgee: Seventh-day Adventist Church Parking lot at 2:30-3:00 pm every Wednesday

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, Week of Apr 7th 2013

Orders on line at I still need egg cartons and plastic egg crates. Last week I offered eggs buy three, get one free and will continue this week.

I have some raspberry canes for sale since I’m digging up the beds and moving them to make room for the woodshed/cold cellar rebuild. I have two summer-bearing varieties. Boyne produces medium size, tender, juicy dark red berries, aromatic, medium sweet. Excellent for jams. Very productive heavy strong summerbearing canes 5ft tall, easy to pick, adapted for home gardens, Upick (early midseason). Nova produces medium fruit, dark red, with mild flavours, nearly thornless, resistant to most diseases, Bears early in season. Both developed in Canada, Boyne in the 60s and NOve in the 80s. $4/pot.

Greenhouse plants are really liking this weather giving good growth, but alas, the brassica family (kale, mizuna, arugula, etc) are showing flower heads. These are good eating by the way, like loose small broccoli heads. I stir-fry them or steam them.

Remember that news last week about the dilbit (tar sand oil derived) spill in Arkansas? Well Exxon had reported that there was officially no oil in the pipeline when it sprung a leak; that’s because they have to pay 8cents a barrel of crude being transported in pipelines. The money goes to a cleanup superfund in case of large expensive environmental disasters. Well to save their 8 cents Exxon claims dilbit is not technically oil. Go tell that to the 2000 inhabitants of Mayflower AK.

Went to the barn this morning as per usual and voila, the stork delivered a lovely heifer calf to Bella… That’s two on the ground, three more to go.

Newmarket is home to an intrepid investigative journalist Stephen Leahy, who finances his work by public donation. Read this latest post and consider if you can support his efforts to get the real news out.

Healthy happy eating.

Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  Asparagus has arrived!

We have finally started asparagus harvest. This will be our first week with extra available for ordering.

We are saving our other veggies for CSA members still, so I am only posting asparagus today. If we end up with a surplus of anything else after harvesting, I may do a short notice posting on Tuesday evening.

See you all on Wednesday!


Cedar Grove Farm:  Important Information about your Cedar Grove Farm CSA

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I realized that there was some additional information that y’all needed to hear about as we started the new full season CSA.

First, remember it’s opening day of the Downtown Athens Farmers Market this Wednesday. I had changed all pickups to Lindsey’s Culinary Market this winter; so, if you prefer, please go into you account and change the pickup back to the downtown market. Also, remember, we are switching back to the Wednesday pickups to coincide with the farmers market – no more Thursday pickups.

Second, there are a number of you that we haven’t heard from, and if you were looking to sign up or to check your account, you may have seen that your account had expired. This was an automatic setting to enable us to track active memberships. To allow continued opportunity to join again this year or if you had signed up but we haven’t received your payment, I have adjusted your accounts to be active for another month.

Third, it appears that the expansion of the full season from 22 weeks to 30 weeks, to include the months that were a separate CSA Fall season last year, may not be desirable for some of you. If you prefer a shorter season, that will run from May 1 to September 25, just let us know your preference, either when you send in your payment or with an email. This will be a 22 week season at $440 for a half share and $660 for the full share. There are still plenty of open spots.

And, finally, as always, the Cedar Grove Farm CSA allows you to be flexible in ordering what you want every week and how you spend your balance. If you want more or less one week or even if you are out of town on vacation, we will keep track of your balance.

As you can see on “The Market” page the season is starting off slow this year. Last year’s mild weather appears to be arriving 2-3 weeks later. The good news is that the transplants are responding, and the majority of our planting has survived. The market offerings will be increasing steadily now in both number and quantities. The strawberries are flowering and setting fruit. The salads, lettuces, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, onions and garlic will soon be available. And, don’t be shocked if you see some asparagus listed next week. If you haven’t had it before, you won’t believe how good fresh asparagus tastes.

Okay, let me get out of the way and let you find something good to eat.

Hope to see you there.

Regards, Farmer Jay

Cedar Grove Farm:  CSA Begins this Week!

Hey Folks!
Welcome to the first CSA week of our main growing seasons here at Cedar Grove Farm! We’re excited to be back with you this season, and we’ve got some delicious Spring treats for you to choose from. Crunchy carrots, juicy beets, delicate spring onions, sweet kale, and more!

Get your orders in between now and Tuesday night. We’ll be picking your veggies Wednesday morning, bright and early, and will bring them to town for you later that day. Some of you will be picking up at the Downtown Athens Farmers Market — the first of the season! — and some at Lindsey’s Culinary Market. The Downtown AFM runs from 4-7pm and pickups at Lindsey’s are 3:30-6pm. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

The market is open. Hope you find something you like!
Farmer Sara and the Cedar Grove Farm Team :)