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Champaign, OH:  Last call!

Put your rain boots down and get to your computer as we are running on our last call! T-minus 30 minutes! Last call!

Melody Lane Co-op:  April 16, 2013


Cinnamon Tingle       Moss Hill Farm

Good evening. I would usually be closing The Market right about now but I just noticed that Green Pasture has their Cinnamon Tingle flavored Butter Oil / Cod Liver Oil Blend back in stock. This is a popular flavor so I will keep The Market open a few more hours in case anyone wants to get a last minute order in. Green Pasture products are listed in The Market under the category GROUP BUYS. Payment is due by Thursday, April 18 and we expect delivery by Thursday, April 25. You can read all the details for this group order here.

I also noticed that no one bought the extra vegetable basket from Moss Hill Farm. It is listed in The Market under the category FRESH & LOCAL and I just reduced the price to $39. This is a great deal for fresh picked, organically grown vegetables. It’s hard to say exactly what all will be included but this is what we got last week, so it should be similar:

  • 2 varieties of lettuce
  • 1 head choi
  • 1 head mustard greens
  • 1 kohlrabi with greens
  • 1 bunch spring onions
  • 1 bunch swiss chard
  • 1 bunch radishes
If you would like to get fresh veggies all summer you can reserve your spot in the Moss Hill Farm CSA and save even more per week, read more details here.

See you on Thursday :)



Sandra Walker
Melody Lane Co-op Coordinator


Russellville Community Market:  Market Reminder

Only a few more hours of ordering time for the market! Be sure to get your orders in by 10:00 p.m. tonight!

Don’t forget we have new pick up times available from 4:00pm to 6:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you at the Market on Thursday at All Saints Episcopal Church!

You can now follow RCM on Facebook! Check out our new page for great info on local foods issues and upcoming events. RCM Facebook
Be sure to click on the “Like” button at the top of the Facebook page to get automatic updates. Thanks!

Russellville Community Market

Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  Volunteers

Volunteers for this week’s market are Karen Schuman and Huey Grandstaff. Thank you!!

Volunteers are still needed for May 3 and 17. If you can help, please visit:

If you have any questions or prefer to contact me directly, my email is


-Karen Harbut
Volunteer Coordinator

Tullahoma Locally Grown:  Organically grown greens are here!

The long awaited salad greens from Zion Gardens are finally here! (I’ve been waiting for them since February even if no one else has) I grow them in a high tunnel on my farm with compost and liquid seaweed and/or liquid fish emulsion for fertilizer. They are baby size, fresh, delicious and ready for your salads. They would also be great juiced. Check them out under “misc. greens”.

Tullahoma Locally Grown Market

Seeya Thursday!

CLG:  Tuesday Reminder

Dear Conway Locally Grown Community,

This is a reminder that the market closes tonight. There’s still time to place orders and if you forgot something Sunday or Monday, just place another order.

Gabe Levin

ALFN Local Food Club:  Weblog Entry

It’s the peak of planting season. With only a few hours left to order from the market, are you sure you have enough heritage, native and GMO free starts to keep your garden going all year? As you take one last look at the vast selection offered by ABC Nursery and our other fantastic farmers, consider this: Can you ever have too many varieties of tomatoes? Is an over-abundance of herbs a problem or a blessing? Is this the year to garden-outside-the-box and finally commit to the mini-orchard of citrus trees you’ve always secretly wanted?

Speaking of our great growers, don’t miss out on Barnhill Orchard’s farm visit and fish fry!

So much is happening right now, but rest assured our Bake Sale preparations are well under way. Our best bakers are contributing so many different cookies, cakes, brownies and breads you won’t be able to choose. Get there early and you won’t have to!

Don’t you just love the taste of spring?

-Rebecca Wild

Farmer At Your Door:  Place Your Order Until 7:00 pm Tonight!

Place your order today and have fresh, local food delivered to your door! The parsnips from Plymouth Rock Farm are sweet as candy! Order until 7:00 pm tonight, delivery is on Thursdays. Your support of local food not only benefits your health, but also your community.

Fisher's Produce Tulsa:  Ordering open

Sorry for getting this out a day late. We will leave ordering open until noon on Tuesday.

This week’s csa share will likely include two pounds of asparagus, spring salad mix, kale, a head of leaf lettuce, Easter egg radishes, and a green onion or two.

I hope you all like salad alot. Don’t worry, it won’t last forever. Soon we will have beets, carrots, cabbage, onions, potatatoes, and the like.

See you on Wednesday.


Spa City Local Farm Market Co-op:  Just a reminder -

The market will be open for one more day, until 9 pm Tuesday. Be sure to place your order for our fresh and fabulous offerings from our loyal local vendors.