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Local Farms First:  Last Chance to Order Local!

Greetings local food lovers!

Last chance to order local!!

There’s still plenty of produce on the market! Grab up potatoes, carrots, greens, chickens and more while you can.

Thanks for supporting local family farms!

Maya Silver – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website:

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm Week of Dec 2, 2012

For orders, go to Bring egg cartons PULEEZZ@!!

We had a successful event with Nicole Foss last sunday; over 60 people attended, 2/3 stayed through to the end of the discussion and were still asking questions after 5o’clock. Her conclusions:

  • prepare for a very different world
  • there will be a major initial shock, (maybe financial, maybe energy related) followed by a long (decades) period of adjustment
  • no more business as usual
  • embrace a simpler future
  • contrast expectations of entitlement with reality of limits

She was emphatically supportive of permaculture design approaches to local food security. I will have another post summarizing the many points she made in her 2 hour lecture.

For now, suffice it to say that indeed you can jump in and learn what your options are with permaculture design of your home or small farm, this weekend. This was not planned, but my permaculture mentor, Peter Bane, is travelling to the Buffalo area and has agreed to come for a visit and workshop. Sunday Dec 9, 1pm to 5pm, cost is $100 for one to three people. So round up a couple of friends and come to the farm (or Copetown Community Centre, depending on response). Register here online or via email but advance registration is required.

Nicole was quite positive about what permaculture can contribute to building family resilience to shocks and surprises, financial, energy, etc. in coming years.

Peter will speak on “Designing Resilient Communities: How our Towns and Suburbs can Incubate the new Eco-Agriculture and Launch a Food Security Revolution”, building on his handbook. This is for people/families with a quarter-acre lot or a small farm, in the city, suburbs, or beyond.

The Permaculture Handbook will be available for sale, price C$45. If you want one, let me know in advance so Peter can bring enough with him. I think this book offers a clear and comprehensive picture of what low-impact, high-satisfaction living can look like in the post-petroleum age. It shows how to reduce dependence on money, on fossil fuels, and on distant supplies of critical resources. The book answers such vital questions as: how much food will the family need; what kinds of crops are most important and valuable to grow; where can we invest our scarce financial resources for the biggest return; how can the farm enhance local ecosystems and communities; what tools and machines are really needed to take care of the land; and a thousand others. More importantly, it teaches the reader how to make complex decisions about land and livelihood consistent with new and emerging economic and ecological realities.


Porterdale, GA:  Available for pickup December 8

Hello everyone!
Just a quick message tonight-

Your orders are due by 9 pm Wednesday and pickup is from 10-11 at the depot in Porterdale on Saturday.
Thanks for being a part of this market!

CAFE:  Another - yawn - holiday party?


Another Holiday Party?

Knowing how my schedule is I feel I need to justify asking you to crowd another occasion into your shrinking 2012 calendar. Last year we had our holiday party during and after the market pickup time for the sake of calendar efficiency, but those of us involved with the market operations felt our attentions too compromised to give the event the attention it deserves.

We offer this party as an opportunity to celebrate CAFÉ’s existence not only as a market but as an “exchange” in every sense of the word. The acronym CAFÉ was meant to suggest a gathering place for community to form around food needs and supply. We deserve to take the time to stop and simply appreciate one another, so here we are providing such an opportunity.

In the spirit of exchange it is a potluck for several reasons: Not only does it spread the cost and labor, it also allows us to continue what we started at the last Upstate Locavores potluck – sharing local, in-season culinary experiments as well as traditional treats. We encourage you to be local and creative!

The best reason to come to this event may well be for the live musical entertainment:

CAFÉ member, volunteer, and locally-grown musician Scott Chapman will share the stage with Evan Dehner for an “acoustic duo”

Other attractions include, but are by no means limited to:

Holiday Punch by Dana Howard

Door prizes donated by CAFÉ growers and members

Miscellaneous party favors

Ad hoc awards and prizes

Alcoholic beverages will be allowed

So please, if you can swing by after the end of your working Friday, or at the beginning of your busy Friday evening, share some moments with us celebrating the food community we have co-created at The Arts Center between 7 and 9 PM!

PS: Beggars allowed. Don’t let lack of prep time keep you away. Just eat lightly. There is plenty of food around this year.

Eat well, shop well (open til Mon noon), and stay well! Lance

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown:  Locally Grown - Availability for December , 2012

Hey Local Food Lovers,

I hate to rob you of a well thought out message to get your taste buds tingling, but I’m exhausted and a homemade pizza just came out of the oven, so this week is gonna be as brief as they come.

One other reason we’re distracted this week is we have multiple farm get-togethers this week, Locally Grown having their farmer potluck tomorrow, Clarkesville Farmers Market meeting on Tuesday night and Simply Homegrown meeting on Thursday night. Whew! Busy.

We’ll be plotting out some interesting new ideas for 2013 at our meeting so stay tuned for that.

And those of you who love the Split Creek goat cheeses we’ll be bringing those back for next week’s order so get ready to stock up.

Until then remember to EAT WELL,

Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun

Cedar Grove Farm:  Cedar Grove Farm Availablility for December 3

Hey Folks!
Farmer Sara here. This week we’ve got some delicious wintery treats for you. Sweet potatoes are still going strong, and our winter greens are picking up speed in the hoop houses. A new radish is on the scene this week — a spicy delight called Shunkyo. The butterhead lettuce is fattening up and we’re offering baby heads this week. Green tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are all finally done and won’t return until next summer. In the meantime, we’ve got a great recipe for you for all those sweet potatoes and greens — check our recipe page for Indonesian Sweet Potato and Greens Soup! It’s a personal favorite of mine.

IMPORTANT — this week, pickups move to THURSDAYS. Still at Lindsey’s, from 4-6pm. Winter time is slowing down work-wise and we’re trying to condense our deliveries. Thanks for making the shift with us.

And, as you see, the CSA continues. We’ll be taking payment week to week, or up front, your choice, from now until next Spring. So please continue to order from us through these Winter months. We appreciate your business!

Farmer Sara

Madison GA:  The Market is Open!!!!

Market is open,see everyone Wed! Thanks,Kevin.

Champaign, OH:  Open early

As I am taking in a performance of A Christmas Carol and won’t be able to open the market promptly at 8, I am opening the market a bit early tonight. Don’t forget to see what is new and consider local goods for holiday gifting! Happy eating and thank you for being such super customers!

Champaign, OH:  Open early

As I am taking in a performance of A Christmas Carol and won’t be able to open the market promptly at 8, I am opening the market a bit early tonight. Don’t forget to see what is new and consider local goods for holiday gifting! Happy eating and thank you for being such super customers!

Conway, AR:  Opening Bell

Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

It’s December 2nd, and close to seventy degrees outside – kinda scary, but at least the growing season isn’t quite over yet! Get fresh green things while you can though; our luck is bound to run out on the weather.
I hope you’re as happy as I am to hear that the Faulkner County Urban Farming Project reached its fundraising goal of $5,000 to build a rain water collection system for the garden site at Faulkner County Library! Many thanks to all of you who contributed. Public support for projects such as this can only be seen as a sign of the growing inertia behind the local food movement.

From Armstead Farm:
Dear Members and Volunteers,
We have made our last delivery for the 2012 Season and are already planning for a 2013 return. We thank you so much for your support of both our farm and the Conway Locally Grown buying club. We truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to the local, sustainable agricultural movement.Let us remind you to always feel free to make comments, suggestions or critique our products.We value the feedback. It helps us to provide high quality,very fresh produce. Again, thank you so much. We wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday and healthy New Year,
Sue and Rusty Nuffer/Armstead Mountain Farm

From Cedar Rock Ridge:
Check out some of our exotic and inexpensive gifts this week.
German Extra Hardy garlic plant: $1
Beaverfork Blend cooking/grilling spice: $2.50 (Great for mailing to out of town friends & family.)
Purple Sage plnt (perennial): $2.50
Egyptian Walking Onion plants (perennial): $2.50
Elephant Garlic plant: $3
Candied Jalapenos: $4
Email me with any questions, and have a great week! Steve:

The market is now open. Go to to place your order. Remember to hit the checkout button when you are finished, and you will receive a confirmation email when your order has been placed.
Invest in your community!

Have a great day,
Gabe Levin
Market Director