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Grumpy Goat:  No bread orders for Friday or Saturday Please

I’ve opened the market so you can order now through Thursday for this coming Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday pick ups. Please don’t order bread for Friday or Saturday this week. We have some good friends traveling from Vermont to pick up some goat kids and I’m not sure I’ll have time to bake. If you really want something leave a note in the comments and if I have time I will try to make your bread! Thanks for understanding. I did leave the bread on so you can order for Tuesdays pick up.

Other than that we have garlic scapes coming on right now!!!! Wooohooo. Only the Chinese purple are scraping right now but we should have more in the next couple weeks. So come in the store to grab them!

Miami County Locally Grown:  We're open!

Shop here

We have a new honey vendor – Mary’s Blessed Bees! Mary Toal lives with her husband on a chemical-free 20 acre homestead just outside of Sidney, Ohio.

Her bees forage from native forests and frequent her hay pasture with lots of clover. Having many Linden, or Basswood, trees in her woods provides an abundant, wonderfully-flavored light-colored honey in the late spring.

She offers her honey in one, two, and six pound containers. Mary feels it’s a blessing to be able to share her honey with friends and neighbors, and now with MCLG’s loyal customers!

Connie's Cornucopia:  Only 3 half gallons of goat milk left

Just wanted to let you know that the goat milk is down to 3 half gallons. If in your cart make sure you check out to get your order completed.


Conway, AR:  Tuesday REMINDER: cabbage, zucchini, squash !

Hi everyone!

Don’t forget to put in your orders for the week!

Click here to start shopping: *

Old99Farm Market:  Old99 Farm week of June 5 2022

Welcome to the best season for local vegetables. We’ve started our second or third plantings of some greens, like arugula, and have the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in the ground.
Here’s our offering this week:
Black Currant Leaf, fresh
Green Chard, small leaf,
Kale, Frilly green
Kale, Russian Red
Kale, Nero di Toscano, baby
Lettuce, Buttercrunch
Lettuce, Grand Rapids
Lettuce, Rouge d’Hiver
Mesclun Salad Mix
Mustard, Tokyo Bekana
Onions, Green Bunching
Parsley, Curly Leaf
Rhubarb stalks
Tong Ho

We have a special on beef: roasts of the shoulder: eye of round, top round, bottom round, sirloin tip, all 25% off, that’s $5.95/lb. Sized about 3 to 4 lb.

The summer harvest basket starts next week, for 20 weeks at $31.95 a week, or biweekly; select either option with a comment in the order form. Support us with your commitment to a regular basket of freshpicked organic vegetables each week. We have a flexible plan with options and substitutes. We’ll even deliver. Here’s a testamonial: “I’ve been visiting Old 99 Farm regularly for over a year to pick up fresh organic fruits and vegetables, eggs and meat. There are lots of options and they vary throughout the year. Highly recommended!” (David)

Surf to the online store here to place your order. Store pick up Thurs 4 to 6 or by arrangement.
Please click here for brochure on Harvest Basket.

Here’s Dawn D’s ‘Old 99 Salad’ with Tong Ho greens and flower, Romaine, Arugula, and Mizuna.

Berea Gardens:  Oops!


I get tired this time of year. Going strong for 6 days a week to get all this farming done takes a toll, and sometimes I lose track of time. Such was the case yesterday morning. I closed ordering for the market a full 24 hours early! I apologize.

So, for any of you that did not get your orders in I am reopening ordering until noon today, Tuesday.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Champaign, OH:  Tuesday Reminder!

Hello, lovelies!

The market closes, for the week, at 8am…will you be part of the Market Love Circle, this week?

Cosmic Pam

Statesboro Market2Go:  Order Before 10pm Tuesday!

Don’t miss your chance to get yourself some juicy red tomatoes this week on Market2Go!

You can use these versatile veggies to make:

  • Salsa that features a rainbow of vegetables like corn, jalapeños, and bell peppers
  • Cozy Tomato Soup with basil, garlic, and oregano that’s perfect for a rainy day
  • Easy Crockpot Jambalaya with peppers, sausage, shrimp, tomatoes, and parsley
  • Nutrient-packed vegan “Meatballs” that utilize 6 different kinds of vegetables
  • Or buy them now and Freeze them for later use!

Be sure to check out our ever-expanding recipe section for some suggestions on how to use the fresh, local produce that’s on Market2Go.

Welcome to our new vendor Caruca Farms offering fresh produce from Emanuel County!

Click to order at Market2Go!

Heritage Farm :  Farm Truck Runs Saturday!!! New Beef Prices and Inventory

Hi Everybody,

Beef looks great…can’t wait to see ya’ll this week. Get your orders in. We have revised the yield pricing as there were a couple of mistakes and we added a 25 pound ground beef family pack. Hope to see you soon!

Greg Hutchins
Heritage Farm

The Store

Fayetteville Farmers' Market:  ONLINE ORDERS OPEN UNTIL WED 6 AM

Online Orders are OPEN now and close at 6am on Wed morning. (Apologies for the broken link in previous email).

PICKUP TIME THURSDAY June 9 is 4:30-5:30. Note: if you know that you cannot make it by 5:30 pm, but you want to order this week, just reply to this email or text 479-935-5111 and we will work with you on a plan.

Produce so far this week includes: green onions, green garlic, red and green leaf lettuce, turnips, parsley, kale.

Special dietary needs? Check out our gluten free bakery goods (11 products this week), as well as items from our local seitan maker. We can speak from personal experience that all of these items are delicious and probably would please anyone no matter what their dietary needs are.

Local eggs available. Good selection of meats (including lamb, beefalo, pork and chicken) and local cheeses. Honey and local salsas, too. And don’t forget locally roasted coffee and local kombucha as well as mushrooms and mushroom products.

All of our bakers have GREAT variety right now—including sweet treats, cookies, pastries, breads and other goodies. Handmade caramel apples are back too.

And don’t forget about our craft folks who sell online. Cards, art prints, wooden crafts, soaps, personal care items, sewn crafts and more.

BUYING TIP: If you see items that you want but not much available, order and pay and then log back in and continue shopping. Your orders will be combined and you will only be charged once.


SNAP CUSTOMERS ONLY: you may choose pay at pickup and bring your EBT card on Thursday. We will swipe and match your card amount. NOTE: we CANNOT accept tokens or match cards during pickup at the online market.

New customers and orders always welcome—no minimum order required, no weekly order required.


1) Sellers sometimes add more products later in the ordering period, so be sure to check back. The product list changes each week, even from the same seller, so it’s worth exploring the categories you are interested in.

2) Multiple orders from you at different times will be combined into one order before pickup and you will only be charged once.

The OUTDOOR parking area at the south end of the new part of the Fayetteville Public Library.

Thank you for your continued support of the online market.

Reply to this email if you have questions