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Pak Choi / Bok Choy with Ginger and Garlic

From Porterdale, GA

<p>Nice and light stir-fried vegetarian side.</p>
Source: Ranger (Entered by Ranger Cliatt)
Serves: 3-4

1 bunch Pak Choi / Bok Choy
2 cloves Garlic
1/2 inch Ginger
1 tlb Sesame oil / Olive oil

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Grate Ginger Peel and chop Garlic fine Cut tops off Greens and rough chop Cut the very bottom off stalks and discard Chop the stalks finely
  2. Heat oil to almost smoking add Garlic and Ginger about 30 seconds, careful don't let it burn add the finely cut stalks Cover, cook two minutes or until soft Uncover and add Greens mix to combine Cook another minute uncovered Serve immediately