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Champaign, OH:  Tick, tock!

T-minus thirty minutes! Get shakin’ folks if you need to put an order in tonight. That is all…thank you!

ALFN Local Food Club:  Markt Closes Tomorrow!

The sun is shining…
But The Market is closing tomorrow morning, @ 7:30am sharp! Get your order in!

Conway, AR:  Market Reminder

Greetings Conway Locally Grown Community,

This is a reminder that the market closes tonight at 10pm. Have a great day.

Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm week of Feb 4 2013

Had an inspiring time at the Guelph Organic Conference last weekend, including a wonderful day workshop with Michael Phillips from Vermont on Holistic Orchards. I can hardly wait to get out there and try his ideas.
Also attended short sessions all day Sat and Sunday on pastured pigs, wild pollinators, farm-centric community agriculture, electomagnetic influences (the wild side) on plants, and parsing the farm culture ideology (get big or get out, consumers are dumb, Big Ag is on our side, government is the problem, etc.) Check out for more of the alternative view of what it takes for food security these days.

Lots of eggs, meat and potatoes. Not much greens. Carrots are very tasty sweet.

I’m going for a bacon run to Gourmet Meats and can pick up a 10lb bulk order for you. I’m just the delivery man on this. Let me know if you want it by Wed am.

The Milk! documentary was on a CBC cable station so I didn’t get to see it.

Healthy eating to you all,

Champaign, OH:  Looking for love!

Hey locavores! Just wanted to point out that if you have yet to place your order this week, please show us some love! Now that we have a few extra days to order, we didn’t want you to forget about us! So, show us some love and we’ll send it back your way on Thursday when you pick up the freshest, best items! Love you all!

McColloms Market:  Feb. FFFN Order

Hi All:

The February Order is now closed. Pick up will be this Wed., Feb. 6th at 103 Helen St. in Saranac Lake. from 5 – 7 pm.

Look forward to seeing you then. Call me on my cell phone at 518-418-9236 if you run into any problems.

All the best,



If enough of you order to cover the transportation cost and keep it green, we will keep this schedule.
I am keeping the market open till 2:30 so that you may squeeze your orders in for this week; because I know that a lot of you who order on Sunday eves were a little tied up maybe with sports on TV, Ha, Ha!
Other news: At Putney Farm, we have switched from so many chickens to more veggies this season, meaning that we will have fewer eggs to offer, but USLG and CLG members get first option.
This week-end, we sold all the hens in our large barn, but kept the younger flocks. We don’t yet know how much of a difference that will make in production. Sometimes hens do much better in smaller flocks.
I actually broke down crying as the truck full of hens pulled away from the house. Yes, we had 400 hens, but I loved them all, and felt like we were taking steps that we might later regret. I regret it already, and didn’t want to let go of “my” hens, however, feed prices are skyrocketing, and we hung on as long as we could. Whern we started out, feed was $6.00 a bag. Today it is anywhere from $12.00 to 18.00 and up. A hen only lays one egg every 25 hours at her very finest peak, and then they go into a natural molt and lay off for several weeks. Also, in the winter-time, due to less day-light and cooler weather, they cut way back on production. Summer-time with its heat always affects hens, too, so, unless you can grow a lot of your own feed, it is very rough to make ends meet.
Lenard still works full-time, however, he doesn’t care to work just to feed the chickens, Ha, ha.
All local growers who offer grain to their flocks/herds are experiencing high production costs; not just us.
We still love our hens, and we love providing you with eggs. We are just cutting back to a more reasonable number of hens. You may not see our eggs at stores and farmer’s markets, but we will still offer you the finest, freshest, most nutritious eggs available anywhere, and still AWA, still from Heritqage and rare-breed hens.
And we will still offer you fresh sustainably raised heirloom veggies fresh from the garden.
If you have special veggies or melons, fruit, that you would like for us to grow, please email me
Order from

Hope to see you on Tuesday fron 4:30-5:30! Look for the big white veggie van!

Cedar Grove Farm:  Signing up if you are already a member

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

There are a couple items to clarify for moving into the new season. If you are a returning Cedar Grove Farm CSA member, you do not have to create a new account. You are already signed up. Once we have your payment or the first installment for the new season, we will adjust your balance, reset the expiration date to 10/30/13 and you are ready to go. We, also, are waving the annual $15 signup fee for returning members. As Farmer Sara mentioned in her earlier message, your new balance can be used for your orders through the next two months even before the official start of the Spring/Summer season on April 10, 2013. You won’t have to write a check every time you take a delivery now.

And, don’t forget, if your orders are over the average $30 or $20 a week for a full share and a half share respectively, it is not a problem. After the CSA membership fees are collected, we are completely flexible as the Home Page describes. If your balance gets low you can pay additional funds. If you miss a week, there is no charge – we will carry your balance. The only caveat with large orders is that available supply of specific items from time to time may prohibit the Farm from meeting demand. On these rare occasions we try to share at least one item unit for each member that places an order and then fill multiple unit orders in the sequence in which they were made.

The other good news is that we already have planted twice as much garlic, onions and strawberries as last year, 1000s of transplants of all of the spring favorites are scheduled to arrive by the end of February and the seeds for a delicious menu of summer fruits and vegetables and flowers have arrived or are on order. It is going to be a fantastic year.

I hope this is all clear. If you have any questions, just let me know, and thank you again for your support.

Regards, Farmer Jay

CAFE:  Want to grow for CAFE?

Monday Update 2/4/13

Want to Grow for CAFÉ?

If you want to learn to grow food fit to feed yourself and others but have little experience, you can learn a great deal about it at the Organic Growers School Annual Spring Conference, a weekend conference at UNC Asheville March 9 and 10, 2013.

“The first Organic Growers School Spring Conference was held in 1993, with just over 100 participants. Since then, the event has grown exponentially. In 2012, 1906 farmers, gardeners, educators, students, consumers, and chefs gathered from over 18 states and Canada, making the OGS Spring Conference the largest event of its type in the Southeast.”

This year the conference offers over 100 workshops, including a special track for beginners called “DIGGING IN,” which begins with:

1A: Anyone Can Garden, Anywhere Joel Tippens, Fair Share Urban Growers

Henry Kissinger once said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.” Are you ready to gain control of yourself and your family, but not sure where to start? Not enough space? No yard? Joel will cover the basics of getting started on the extremely small scale, and growing what you need with limited resources to begin building your own food supply. Urban dwellers and owners of small spaces will benefit from this class, as we will cover unlikely and unique options for getting things going.

If you register before 2/18 the conference is only $45/day with Children’s programs for $30/day (best value you will find for this quality of engagement). The workshops are short but good introductions to the topics ranging from very beginning (above) to the cutting edge (Making Biochar on the Farm). The instructors, who include Shawn Jadrnicek from the Student Organic Farm, and Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain, come with the best of qualifications.

There are also interesting vendors, a seed-swap table, great food, and mainly lots of energetic people willing to share. I always come home from the Organic Growers School with a head full of ideas and a heart full of enthusiasm for the new growing season.

Once you get your thumb greened and learn some sanitation practices, go to our Growers Page and fill out an application.

Grow well, eat well, stay well. Lance

CAFÉ Market closes at noon today.

Melody Lane Co-op:  February 4, 2013 - Produce Boxes, Bio-Kult, and Upcoming Events

Visit The Market any time between now and 7:00pm Tuesday evening to place your order.

Pick up is every Thursday, 3:00pm – 7:00pm, at Sandra’s home in Roswell.


Don’t forget to order your produce boxes today!
Produce Box orders must be submitted by Monday evening – instead of the usual Tuesday for everything else.

There are three box types (vegetable, fruit, or mixed) and three sizes of each. They are listed in The Market under FRESH & LOCAL > Destiny Organics.

We are still in our trial period for Destiny Organics. I am going to wait a couple more weeks to decide for sure if we will continue ordering from them. I was happy with the quality and selection but, so far, not enough people have shown an interest to make it worth my time. We need to get up to 20 boxes to qualify for free delivery. In the mean time I have to drive down to the State Farmers’ Market in Forest Park to pick up or pay a delivery fee. The prices listed in The Market include that delivery fee. As more people order, the price will go down since we are splitting the delivery fee.


No new group buys this week. There are still a few pantry staples listed in the GROUP BUYS category, left over from previous orders.

In the past we have done group orders of Bio-Kult probiotics. This is the probiotic formulated my Dr. Natahsa Campbell-McBride to go along with her GAPS protocol. I just came across single packages of Bio-Kult on for $31.79 with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. This price is lower than we ever got as a group. I will not go through the trouble of posting it in The Market (and therefore having to mark it up to pay our website fees) but if you click on that link above and order through Amazon, the co-op will get a small kick-back :)

If you follow that link and the price is higher than $31.79 please let me know. Sometimes Amazon does strange things, charging different prices to different people based on their spending habits. And if, for some reason, you are not able to order from Amazon I will consider buying a case again and posting them in The Market but I will have to mark it up to cover my costs.


The Bone Broth workshop last week went great! I enjoyed meeting new people and sharing my information with them. I am looking forward to our next workshop on February 21 – Making Kombucha Tea. Hope to see you there!

I have a couple of other ideas I want to throw out. From our last Mother Earth Meats order I got 10 lbs of beef fat and 10 lbs of pork fat. I am planning on rendering them into lard. If anyone is interested in learning how to do this please let me know. If there is enough interest, I might just make that another workshop.

Also, once the beef fat is rendered I want to make soap and lotion with it. I don’t have a lot of experience with soap making so if any of you out there would like to lead a workshop and show us I will be happy to host that at my house as well.


East West Farm

My friends over at East West Farm in Marietta have some fun events coming up that you might be interested in. They are a small family farm, working hard to be sustainable and produce the cleanest, most nutrient-dense food possible. I enjoy going over there whenever I can and will be attending these events:

Mar 9, 2013 – Biodaynamic Compost Workshop
Mar 23, 2013 – Spring Fling Farm Tour and Easter Egg Hunt
Apr 6, 2013 – Chicken Processing Class

Read more about the farm and register for events at their website

They are also taking orders for their upcoming chicken CSA. The chickens are raised on pasture and given only organic, soy-free feed. Here are all the details. I have already signed up for the CSA so I will be going over there to pick up my own chicken once a month. I encourage you to go see the farm for yourself but, if you decide to do the CSA too, I will be happy to pick up your chicken and bring it back to my house in Roswell. Once you have signed up just email me to let me know.


Sandra Walker
Melody Lane Co-op Coordinator