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Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  The market is open!

We are having some beautiful weather which means we are having some beautiful crops come in!
Look through the market offerings to plan your menu this week – and try something new if you are feeling adventurous.

Amestoy Farm is providing most of the vegetables, Ben will be updating items this evening so check back.

Joyful Noise Acres Farm has beets, herbs and of course wonderful pasture raised chicken and eggs.

Four Mile Farm has lamb and beef – all pasture raised and finished. So good and so good for you.

We have many delivery options for you including pick-up on the farm.

Mary Beth Sellars



Please help us get the word out about our markets!

We really need to get more people out to the Evans Towne Farmers Market on Thursdays and the Veggie Truck Farmers Market on Tuesdays

They are both beautiful venues! We’d love more people to know about them.

Here is a Top 5 List of ways you can help:

1) “Like” us on all three of our Facebook pages: Augusta Locally Grown, Evans Towne Farmers Market and The Veggie Truck

2) Keep a stack of our promotional cards in your office, church or fitness club.

3) Get us listed in your HOA bulletin on a regular bsais.

4) Ask your company to sponsor the market.

5) Bring your colleagues, neighbors and friends to the market for a fun outing together.

See ya’ll at the markets on Tuesday and/or Thursday!


Conway, AR:  CLG Pickup TODAY 4-6pm. Bring egg cartons, please.

Good Morning,

This is a pickup reminder for those of you who ordered this week. Thank you for your order. You can pick up your order from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. today at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church at 925 Mitchell Street in Conway.

Remember to bring your glass jars for recycling, egg cartons, and bags for ordered items. Reduce, reuse, recycle! See you this afternoon. Have a great day!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is OPEN!

The market is now open for ordering!

We take orders Friday to Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Jbo Locally Grown:  6/22 notes & featured farmers

Summer is here! More and more produce is coming in – and we always have lots of good meats to choose from for your grill. Plan a patio party and shop at the farmers market to get what you need to make it outstanding!

And where else can you watch the dancing babies and chat with friends while you get the freshest food in town?!

Music tomorrow: Ed Snodderly, starting at 9am

This week in the rotating craft/specialty booth:

  • “All Nature Sings,” natural soaps, also Ginny Walls artwork
  • “Sheek Treats,” baked treats for pets

Market Tshirts Now Available!

  • Organic cotton, made in USA
  • Adult sizes small to xxl
  • Kids sizes S-M-L
  • $15 at info booth while they last!

    This week’s featured farmers:

    Emily Peters and Patrick Linkous of Stoney Slope Farm
    Read all about them & see this week’s featured recipe here:

See you tomorrow!
Courthouse Square

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market News:New Growers and other exciting news

Hi Everyone,
There is so much going on this week at the market- new growers, system improvements and lots of grower news! I have 3 new potential growers lined up after my farm visits next week! This is an unusually long email so please bear with me.

Raw Dairy News

I am very excited to announce that Sam Jones from Cedar Rock Dairy will be listing his milk on our market in Suwanee as well as on the Lilburn Locally Grown market. Maryanne, the market manager for Lilburn wrote up an excellent introduction about Sam, his farm and the advantages of A2 milk. A link to the full document is below.

Sam was born in Tennessee and his father was a Dairyman. He is familiar with Weston A Price diet guidelines, leaky gut issues, Celiac disease. His cows roam on certified organic *pastures of a 1200 acre organic farm. He has a closed herd, which means he has whole families of cows and knows the genealogy as well as the genetics of each individual. He feeds a *GMO- Free grain at milking time and the amount of grain each cow receives depends on their body condition at milking. The feed does contain a nominal amount of non-gmo soy. Sam explained that the need for cows to have some grain has been bred into cows. If they are suddenly prohibited from having any grain at all, they will starve themselves to death – mostly they survive on grasses, but man introduced grains to increase milk production. (another fine mess we have created!)

In an effort to correct this unfortunate reality, Sam is working with Dairymen in New Zealand where there exist closed herds that have never been fed any grains. Since he inseminates his cows, he is able to purchase semen from New Zealand in an effort to achieve the goal of having a herd that does not need grain to survive, but will in fact, thrive on a diet of pasture grasses. At the present time, Sam has bred 3 or 4 generations toward this optimum objective.

Sam does have his cows tested and all but one have the A2 gene and are “*A2 cows*”! Sam is a consultant for Farmers in Georgia and the surrounding states for purchase of Dairy cows, the breeding of Dairy cows and pasture management. His “hobby” is cow genetics! It is his passion and when we went to visit the Farm, we were blown away by the depth of Sam’s knowledge and expertise!

Sam does not vaccinate, he has his cows tested regularly, has his milk tested regularly and has a reputation with the Dept of Ag for having exceptionally excellent results. He does not use antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary and the milk is not incorporated with the batch until it tests negative.

Link to explanation of the advantages of A2 milk

He will be offering his raw milk under the Georgia pet milk license in half gallon plastic containers and half gallon glass jars. This first week only plastic will be available. In plastic it will be $4.40/half gallon and in glass is $3.30/half gallon. There is a savings to buying it in glass but there is also an initial investment.

Explanation of Milk System Using
Half Gallon Mason Jars

If you are choosing to receive your raw milk from Cedar Rock Dairy in a glass container, here is information on getting started and your ongoing responsibilities.

Because this is system for milk delivery is ‘new’, I am going to walk you through the initial process step-by-step.

Explanation of System

The first few weeks will be a little confusing, so bear with me! For the first week, we will all receive our milk in plastic containers. When Sam comes to drop off the milk this Tuesday, he will pick up 3 sets of jars for each person who wishes to receive their future milk orders in glass jars.

Here are some examples:

I get 1 gallon of milk per week. Sam packages milk in ½ gallon Mason jars. I will need 2 jars for my 1 gallon of milk – that is ONE set. I must have 3 sets so I need 6 half gallon Ball Mason jars.

Mary gets 2 gallons of milk per week. Sam packages in 1/2gallon Mason jars. Mary will need 4 jars for her 2 gallons of milk – that is One set. Mary must have 3 sets, so she will need 12 half gallon Ball Mason jars.

Betsy get ½ gallon of milk per week. Sam packages in ½ gallons Mason jars. Betsy will need 1 jar for her ½ gallon of milk – that is ONE set. Betsy must have 3 sets, so she will need 3 half gallon Ball Mason jars.

Why do we need 3 sets?

Initially, Sam will have all of our sets of jars. He will fill one set for each of us and deliver them. We will use the milk and return the *CLEAN DRY *jars the next time we pick up milk. Sam will have already delivered our milk for the week before you drop off your washed set. So, if we do not have a third set, he would not have any jars to put milk in on the 3rd week. With 3 sets of jars the rotation will work smoothly and there are plenty of jars.

Where can I buy the jars? How much are the jars?

You have a choice.

1. We can provide the jars and the plastic lids for $3.00 each. This is a little more than you would pay if you shop around; however, it does include the lid and label.

2. You can purchase the jars yourself (usually Ace Hardware has them) and Walmart has the plastic lids)
The jars are only sold by the case and there are 6 to a case. Depending on where you can find them, they will range anywhere from $11.25/case to $13.99/case. The plastic lids run around $3.00 for 8 at WalMart and can be up to $5.99 at some Ace Hardware stores.

If you choose to get your own jars:

1. All jars must be ½ gallon Ball Mason Jars

2. All jars must have a metal lid and a plastic lid

3. All jars and metal lids will be labeled by us

4. All plastic lids will have the Farmer’s Raw Milk label on the top (as mandated by Georgia Law)

5. All jars must be washed and dried. Do not dry these jars in your dishwasher or in the oven!
The type of glass that is used for ½ jars will be weakened unless they are air dried! (I know this from experience! The bottoms will get weak and one day you will pick up a jar and the bottom will fall out!)

6. All jars and metal lids will be labeled when you bring them to the pickup location. We will use a unique colored label to differentiate our jars from other locally grown markets.

7. Email me and let know you have your own jars so I can get them from you to label prior to Sam picking up on Tuesday.

Can I just get my milk in a plastic container? How much will it be?

Yes! The cost of a half gallon of milk in a plastic container is $4.40 (or $8.80 per gallon)

How much is my milk if I get it in jars?

The cost of a half gallon of milk in a glass jar is $3.30 (or $6.60 per gallon)

Although you have an initial investment in the jars, they are yours and should you move, or drop from the Market for any reason, the jars are YOURS and will be returned to you. In the long run, you will save money by getting your milk in glass jars.

New Grower: BeeBerry Farms

I am very happy to welcome Kevin Toth of BeeBerry Farms to our family of growers! BeeBerry Farms is family community Urban Farm and is a Certified Naturally Grown (CNG)farm.

They will be listing seasonal fruits and veggies, eggs and all natural soaps. Look for their delicious and nutritious blackberries and blueberries on tomorrow’s market!! All grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers!

Market Website Improvement

Eric, our amazing developer and creator of the Locally Grown Network has made some improvements that will hopefully making ordering easier for you!

He has made the “Order History” box on The Market page much more useful. You could always see your last ten orders, and add items you had ordered before to your cart. It only ordered one, though, so if you habitually ordered four dozen eggs, you had to click the button four times. Now it will add the same number to your account that you had ordered before. Even better, there’s a link to duplicate the entire order (what’s available this week, anyway) with one click. We can’t really have standing orders, since the availability changes so much from week to week, but this is the next best thing. Make one order with the things you order every week, and next week (and each week thereafter) just duplicate it and check out. It doesn’t matter how many orders you place — we’ll add everything up together on Tuesday, but each order is still a separate thing in the records, so you can just have one with your staples that you repeat, and then other orders with things you just want this week. Take a look — you may not use it at all, but for some people this will really come in handy.

Upcoming LocalEvents

Small Classes at Deerfield Co-op in Alpharetta
In conjunction with the Deerfield Co-Op and Buying Club, they will be offering small classes throughout the month. The first class date will be on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 from 7:00 PM to around 9:00 PM. If more than 5 RSVP, they will have a class on Wednesday June 26, 2013 from 7:00 PM to around 9:00 PM. Come learn how to make ricotta cheese ravioli from scratch! This small group class will allow for hands-on experience in turning whole milk to ricotta cheese, making pasta dough, rolling the dough, and filling it. While you make some to take home for lunch the next day, we will have light refreshments and a sampling of products from their vendors. If you would like to buy any of the tools used in class, they will have an order form available. Each class will be between 4-5 people, however special arrangements may be made if you would like to have a group event. You can make reservations “Event Reservations” at the Deerfield Co-Op and Buying Club ( or here Suwanee Whole Life Co-Op ( This will be held in a private residence that also houses a cat. He will be put away, but this should be taken under consideration if you have allergies!
If you have any questions please contact Brandon directly at

Upcoming Group Buys

To help you plan and budget here is the tentative calendar of upcoming Group buys.

Vital Choice Seafood (Wild Caught Salmon and Seafood) – NEXT WEEK! June 28th

Wildness Family Naturals -(Organic Coconut oil, nuts and pantry items)July 12th

NEW-Muddy Pond -(Sorghum syrup and pops) July 12th

Green Pasture – (Fermented Cod/Skate Liver Oil/High Vitamin Butter Oil) July 19th

The market will open up tomorrow morning (Friday) for ordering and close at 5pm on Sunday.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Champaign, OH:  Market link...

It didn’t attach earlier so I’m sending this again…

Champaign, OH:  Another start to a great market...

The market is open and awaits you! Thanks to the great helpers tonight and to our wonderful customers! We can’t do this without all of you! Check out some new items from Swisher Hill Herbs who I will feature later! Happy Thursday and have a great weekend!

Champaign, OH:  Another start to a great market...

The market is open and awaits you! Thanks to the great helpers tonight and to our wonderful customers! We can’t do this without all of you! Check out some new items from Swisher Hill Herbs who I will feature later! Happy Thursday and have a great weekend!

Dothan, Alabama:  HEIRLOOM Tomatoes...

Market At Dothan will have Heirloom Tomatoes for sale tomorrow from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. No pre-order necessary. Varieties available include: Spears Tennessee Green, Big Rainbow, Italian Tree, Marizol Gold, Japanese Black Trifele, Lollipop, Tennessee Sweet, Costolo Genovese…see pics @
These jewels are worth a trip to the Market!!! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed :) See you tomorrow!
Eating Locally, Year Round….
Susan & Amanda